We've seen quite a lot of leaks and rumors about the Galaxy S20 and Z Flip - especially during the last month or so. But, now we've got the real deal.

Samsung's Unpacked event was hosted just a few hours ago in which they officially revealed the Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Flip! So, without any further ado, let's check them out!

The Galaxy S20 Series

So, we mentioned above, this year, we're looking at 3 different S20 models:

  1. Galaxy S20
  2. S20+
  3. S20 Ultra
Galaxy S20

Just as we saw in the rumors, all of the S20 variants come with the Infinity-O display. But, this time, it resides right at the middle-top part of the screen instead of the top-right corner.

The camera setup also looks more or less the same as what the rumors and leaks suggested with the sole exception being the S20 Ultra.

Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra Specs

All these devices share a lot of similarities. So, let's start with those:

  1. Same chipset: Snapdragon 865 for the USA variants and the Exynos 990 for the global ones. Identically, the US models come with the Adreno 650 while the global ones use Mali-G77 MP11 GPUs
  2. Same resolution with a 120Hz display (If you're willing to limit the resolution to FHD)
  3. 5G variants - depending on where you live
  4. The same Super AMOLED displays that we all know and love
  5. A triple camera setup (With the Plus and Super variants bringing a couple of extra features)
  6. A single selfie camera (S20 Super's is at 40MP instead of 10, though)
  7. microSD card support with a shared SIM slot
  8. And an under-display fingerprint scanner (Ultrasonic)
Galaxy S20

Other than that, the very thin bezels are rather impressive and make the phones look beautiful with a premium feel to them. As for their differences in terms of specs:

  1. The S20 is the smallest at 6.2 inches while the S20 Ultra is the largest at 6.9!
  2. Both the Galaxy S20 and S20+ come with 128 gigs of storage and 8GB of RAM, but the S20 Super can go as high as 512GB of storage and 16GB of RAM
  3. The S20 Ultra's camera setup is on a whole different level - but more on that later
  4. The S20 comes with a 4,000 mAh battery, S20+ is at 4,500, and the S20 Ultra uses a 5,000 mAh monster
Galaxy S20

S20 Ultra's Camera Setup

The Galaxy S20 ultra is as overkill as you can get in 2020. This is what the S20 and S20+ use:

  • S20: Triple setup - Main, Telephoto, Ultrawide at 12+64+12MP
  • S20+: Same, but also uses an additional TOF sensor

And that's pretty decent - until you look at the S20 Ultra which shares the same triple (Quad if you count TOF in) setup, but instead of 12MP wide lens, it uses Samsung's 108MP camera! This, in combination with the 48MP telephoto lens, allows you to use hybrid zoom up to 100x!

Galaxy S20

Samsung calls it "Space Zoom" and this is the first time we ever see this on a smartphone. Whether it's actually usable or not remains to be seen, though. The first results don't look too promising. But, hey, this is still the first phone to allow 100x zooming!

We believe that this is the same camera that Xiaomi used on their 108MP camera phone. And speaking of which, this raises the question about the overall quality of night photography.

Samsung says that night shots should actually be better thanks to pixel binning technology which merges 9 pixels into one. But, take their word with a grain of salt for now.

Pricing and Availability

The Galaxy S20 starts at $999 for the smallest variant and can go as high as $1,499 for their most premium offering. Pre-orders start from February 21 while it's expected to become available at March 6.

Though, it goes without saying that those of us who are not living in the markets that take priority will have to wait for a few more weeks after that.

What we Like

  • S20 Ultra is downright the most powerful smartphone you can get at the moment. It has the whole package
  • Having options to choose from is always nice
  • microSD card slot is a welcome addition
  • Great cameras in general
  • Huge batteries
  • Solid build-quality with thin bezels
  • The notch is small enough to get used to
  • 8K video recording is totally unnecessary - but you can use it for flexing which is pretty cool

What we Don't Like

  • Even the cheapest option is rather expensive
  • No headphone jack
  • The camera housing is a bit thick
  • The S20 Ultra is almost 200 grams - which is rather heavy for a phone

So, with that out of the way, let us check out the Galaxy Z Flip as well!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - A Foldable Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is Samsung's first foldable device. But, truth be told, it felt more like a foldable tablet rather than a foldable phone. Now that's about to change with the Galaxy Z Flip!

It comes at 6.7 inches when opened and about half of that while folded. You can't really use it while folded like with the Galaxy Fold - but there is a tiny display at the back which you can use to look at notifications.

The only downside is that the bezels are rather thick and that it costs about as much as the S20 Ultra - but without offering the super crazy specs. To be more precise, it comes with 8 gigs of RAM, 256 gigs of storage, and the Snapdragon 855+!

Don't get us wrong. That's still crazy powerful. Just not nearly as powerful as the S20 Ultra that asks for the same money.

Other than that, we're looking at a 10MP selfie camera, a dual-camera setup at the rear with a 12MP wide sensor and another 12MP ultra-wide one - along with some kind of dedicated sensor for OIS and PDAF.

The battery is a bit underwhelming at 3,300 mAh. But, we suppose that's a necessary evil for the foldable form factor.

If you're living in South Korea or in the US, you can grab the Z Flip starting from February 14. Just keep in mind that it'll only be available in limited quantities and we've yet to see anything about pre-orders just yet.

Wrapping Up

Regarding the Galaxy Z Flip:

What we Like

  • Having a foldable phone is always cool and saves a bit of space in your pocket (If it's thick)
  • You can unfold it halfway through to use the other half as a stand for video-chatting or taking selfies
  • Specs are pretty decent
  • The small display at the back is a nice touch

What we Don't Like

  • Very expensive without offering anything remotely close to the similarly priced Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Thick bezels
  • Relatively small battery

That's all for now. Feel like we forgot to mention something important? Got anything wrong? Then let us and everyone else know about it in the comments section down below!

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