Google's new flagship is here - almost. It's currently available for pre-ordering and Google has announced more or less all there is to know about it. This is the first Pixel phone to come with a secondary camera and a bunch of new interesting features as well.

With all of that being said, let's take a closer look at it, shall we?

A new Pixel Design? Or an iPhone Copycat?

Up till now, Google kept the overall design of the Pixel phones rather simple. As you can see, that's about to change with the Pixel 4.

Google's new flagship comes with a rather flashy, square, dual-camera setup which highly resembles that of the iPhone 11. Could it be a coincidence? Or is one side copying the other? Let us know about your opinion in the comments section down below!

Other than that, there's nothing much to say about the design. Except, this time, there is no notch of any kind. We assume that Google decided to omit it in order to add Motion Sense. But, at this point, this is nothing but pure speculation. And we'll talk about Motion Sense later - no need to worry about that.

The bad news is that once again, there's no 3.5mm jack. At this pace, the headphone jack is going to become completely extinct in less than a decade. And with it, maybe we'll end up seeing more wireless options or USB Type-C headphones.


The Google Pixel series has long been known for having some of the best cameras that you can find on a mobile device and it looks like the Pixel 4 isn't going to be an exception. The phone's camera isn't just an improvement in every single way, but it also has a secondary telephoto lens which is being used for zooming in up to 2X without losing detail.

Other than that, we're also looking at a bunch of new features that most likely rely on software. One of the most fascinating ones is the exposure mode which allows us to adjust the overall exposure in different parts of the image.

Most phones don't fare too well in cases where the object is sitting right in front of the sun. So, that's definitely going to be a huge step forward for those who like taking shots in these scenarios.

The Night Mode has also been improved and that may be thanks to the slightly larger aperture. Google has mentioned that the second camera improves the overall depth of field (DOF effect). But, since it's actually a telephoto lens, we can't see how that's possible. Maybe it somehow doubles as a depth sensor.

Last, but not least, there's a feature which is called "Frequent Faces". What it does is that it recognizes people that you frequently capture and takes the best possible picture of them where they are not blinking or are out of focus in crowds.

Specs and Features

In terms of specs, not much has changed. We now have the slightly more powerful Snapdragon 855 which uses the 7nm manufacturing process. And other than that, there's also 6 gigs of RAM instead of 4. But, that's about it.

In terms of features, however, there is quite a lot to talk about.

Apart from all the camera features that we've mentioned above, Motion Sense is definitely something to look out for. What it basically does is that it uses a sensor at the top bezels that detects your hand movements from a distance and allows you to control the phone in various ways without even touching it.

This can be very useful in situations where maybe your hands are oily or you're just blasting music with the phone put aside and don't feel like making precision movements to change the track. Not to mention morning alarms.

We assume that this is why Google decided to get rid of the notch this time around. But, again, this is pure speculation. In any case, this is something that will definitely please the notch-haters.

The Google Assistant has also seen a few improvements. It can now quickly find and share photos while it also integrates with other apps for more control and information.

One feature that has surprisingly been removed is the fingerprint scanner. Instead, we now get improved facial recognition in its place and that's largely thanks to the Motion Sense's sensor. Whether that's a bad or a good thing is up to you to decide.

The automatic crash detection is most certainly something very useful as well. In case you haven't heard about it before, this feature has the ability to detect when you experience a car crash and call 911 on its own in case that you can't.

Anything Else?

Apart from the Pixel 4, Google has also announced the Pixel 4 XL which is practically the same phone in every single way. Except, it's just bigger. The base model comes in at 5.7 inches while the bigger variant is at 6.3.

Again, do keep in mind that there is no notch and the top bezels are rather large. So, the XL variant is probably going to feel a bit larger compared to other phones of the same size that have small bezels and/or a notch.

Both phones are expected to be released on the 24th of October. However, pre-orders are already open. According to our sources, it seems like it won't become officially available in India. You can probably still get an unlocked model and use it as you wish, though.

One thing that we haven't mentioned so far is that both phones come with a 90Hz screen. That may not be a big deal for most people. But, we can assure you that gamers will immediately tell the difference in smoothness.

Hopefully, there will be an option to switch between 60 and 90Hz. Because, after all, a higher refresh rate should technically result in higher battery consumption.

Last, but not least, there is also the question of whether we'll see some of these features coming to other Pixel phones. If they do, we'll make sure to let you know about it on our firmware news roundup that's being published every Friday!

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL: Wrapping Up

That's all we got for now. If you feel like we forgot to mention something important or that we got anything wrong, then let us and everyone else know about it in the comments section down below!

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