Today, children have more access to smartphones, computers, and tablets. While these devices allow kids to grow as people, find ways of entertaining themselves and even create new bonds, the internet is not entirely good for kids.You may not be aware of who your kids are talking to online, what games they are playing, or their browsing habits. This is where parental controls step in to aid you in keeping your kids protected and safe.One thing for sure is that not everything online is harmful, but a kid browsing will finally come across something that is dangerous if they are unprotected. You kid can be exposed to violent media, sexual predators, pornographic content, cyber bullying, and information thieves.Parents are constantly on the lookout trying to find a safe way for their kids to navigate through the Internet. Due to COVID-19, screentime on devices is rising worldwide and parental control apps can be a simple solution to better monitor and restrict what your children absorb online. It is a convenient way for them to enjoy a safe online environment and for parents to avoid stressing out. published a helpful resource on the best parental control apps, please scroll through if you would like to research different options that can help monitor your children's internet activity.There are also benefits of allowing your children access to the internet. From infinite resources and knowledge, entertainment options e.g. music and movies and educational games, there is a lot that is gained by letting your kids access the internet.

How to keep your kids safe

There are about three key ways to make sure you kids are safe online. Here are the examples:

Activate kid safety applications

In case you kid has his or her own mobile phone, download and activate applications which are hard to get rid of so as to protection kids from unauthorized content. You can also use application that allows you monitor their online activities to make sure they are safe. Moreover, install applications that are not intrusive.

Use the Android inbuilt systems

Use Android built-in systems such as the screen pinning that deny your kids access to the forbidden parts of your phone. Also, activate user profiles which have limiting features. You can also set time limits for young kids.

How to enable parental controls in Google Play Store

  • Launch Google Play Store
  • Go to the Settings
  • Scroll down until your find the Parental control options
  • Hit it and activate new controls. Create a password or PIN that you easily remember.

How to set up screen pinning option

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Security on the Personal tab.
  • Scroll down to Screen Pinning.
  • Now the only way a kid can access a pinned up is by typing your password or pin.
  • Enable it and select if you want your handset to lock when an application is unpinned.
Best apps for kids

Educate children internet safety strategies.

Educate your kids on dangers of the internet. This method is quite effective for older kids. Teach them safe strategies when using social media so that they can be able to protect their identity. Educate them the hazards of cyberbullying and its consequences.
Source: PCWorld

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Keep your kids safe online by using Android Parental Controls

Keep your kids safe online by using Android Parental Controls

Keep your kids safe online by using Android Parental Controls

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