If you think pocket dialing is a problem of the past, you clearly don’t carry your phone in the back pocket of your tight jeans. With the fully touch-operated slab style design of our phones today, butt dialing is always going to a problem. To prevent pocket dialing on Android, you can put up a passcode, but then there is the Emergency Call menu.Save yourself the embarrassment of calling someone you rather wouldn’t, or having them eavesdrop on whatever you’re saying. To stop pocket dialing, developer Vlad Lee has created an ingenious, yet simple app as the solution.

Step 1: Download Call Confirm app

Call confirm is simply an app that requires you to confirm your choice before making an outgoing call. Basically, this app adds a barrier to prevent pocket dialing on Android. Search for “Call Confirm” in the Google Play Store app, or download it from the link down below.prevent pocket dialing on Android

Download Call Confirm from the Google Play Store

Step 2: Set Preferences in the app

Although the default configuration of the Call Confirm app is ideal to start off, you can try out some additional settings. For instance, head over to “Confirmation settings” and whitelist (or blacklist) certain contacts.prevent pocket dialing on AndroidBy ticking the empty box next to “Only selected” you can add contacts for which you want to display the confirmation call box. For all the other numbers in your contacts, the app will not interfere and allow you to dial directly.

Step 3: Try out the app

Now that you have set up Call Confirm on your phone, try making a phone call to check out the feature. Head over to the phone dialer screen and place a call, by when the Call Confirm app will activate its confirmation menu.If you intend to make the call, you can press the phone icon in the middle to continue, or press the “X” icon to dismiss. To prevent pocket dialing on Android effectively, the Call Confirm menu will take you back to the dialer screen if an action is not taken within 10 seconds.prevent pocket dialing on AndroidAre you among those who regularly suffer the wrath of pocket dialing? Is this the ultimate safety net to prevent pocket dialing on Android? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.
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