Everybody cannot make a career out of a hobby or don't wish to. Before enrolling to study, a person needs to ask himself if it's a prudent investment. Ask anyone who has a degree, and he will tell them that they aren't economical. $33,000 is the average yearly tuition fee in the USA. Now, that is quite a sum for a hobby.

A person may be keen on taking good snaps but hesitant about dropping big bucks. Can he be successful without a classroom? Can drive and persistence get him expertise, money, and contacts? The good news is that several ways are open to him to develop his skills.

Trying out Books or online portfolios

There are good books and online portfolios for absorbing details in a colorful and stimulating way. They'll inspire folks to figure out the niches they wish to experiment with. However, they should not get frustrated, trying to emulate the work of professional photographers. They should be patient. An example is to learn photography with Mark Condon, get inspirational photography tips, free guides, best gear reviews, and more.

Getting acquainted with the camera through the camera manual

Many people will be against the thought of reading the camera manual. However, it's an excellent tool for a person trying to master his model. He need not read all the pages cover to cover. However, the unassuming camera manual is worth more than a person may think. Research a kit is vital for two reasons.

  • A person must know about each aspect of his camera
  • Who can know more about a camera than its maker?

Watching online tutorials

Folks who are not excited about reading have access to numerous videos on using their model. They can view reviews from folks who have used a camera rig for. YouTube is the right place with reviews and tips. Folks will find videos that they can follow easily. They have got to implement what they watch!


Nothing can help people learning photography more than experience. Thus, they should carry their camera everywhere and shoot everything interesting! A person can enroll in several photography courses, read many books on lighting and exposure, and discuss photography all day. However, taking snaps will help him unlock his style and natural talent. As numerous photos gather in his memory card, he will understand what requires perfection and where he excels. He would do well by keeping some primary proof of trials and errors. In this way, he can look back and understand how far he has come.

Expanding network

Reading, studying, and scrutinizing the works of photographers and what they have to say is vital. However, a person must take to the streets and network. Referrals and contacts will help him gain special skills. If he is keen on earning, they will help him get clients. Networking does not need much. The person needs to understand who he needs to know and how to build long-standing associations with them.

  • Networking helps newbie photographers know people
  • A newbie photographer is his brand. Letting other people know him as a person instead of merely as a photographer helps him get repeat clients
  • Networking costs much less than different advertising strategies
  • A business cannot succeed without good associations

Getting an apprenticeship or mentor

Quite a few self-taught professionals credit their success to an internship. However, newbie photographers must research who they'll be working for. They must connect with somebody who is liberal with their knowledge and is encouraging. A bad experience can leave them seated at the desk all day, paperwork and answering phone calls.

Several other avenues are open to those who wish to learn photography. Attending a workshop, joining a photography forum, and participating in a photography competition is excellent. They can also form an online photography portfolio, present their photos to friends, follow photographers on social media, etc.

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What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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