Today, having a cell phone is a necessity. The modern connected world lets users rely on their smartphones for information and much more. The same technology also makes it easy to track a cell phone. 

A cell phone tracker allows you to keep tabs on the location of another person's phone. Some apps that let you track your target’s live location. Thus, you’ll always know when your target leaves or arrives at a certain area.

The notion behind a cell phone tracker is simple. You only need to install software on the target cell phone to start tracking it. 

However, you can still track a smartphone or feature phone using a different approach that involves using the target number. A cell phone number location tracker is different from a device tracker.

To track a cell phone location by number involves looking into the number and the carrier. Generally, mobile phone providers use cell phone towers to geographically locate the position of a phone. 

The technology does not require GPS, so it works even on basic cell phones. In this article, we show you how to track a cell phone location by number. 

Cocospy - The best cell phone location tracker available 

If you feel the need to constantly track someone’s location, then you need the most reliable tracker for the job. In Cocospy, you have an amazing cell phone location tracking app capable of tracking iPhones and Android smartphones. 

This tracking app tracks much more than just the location of your target cell phone. For example, it can track conversations, messages and browsing history on the target phone. Cocospy delivers over 35 tracking features.

Curious about Cocospy? Check the cell phone location tracker. Before we can delve into cell phone location tracking, let’s look at some of the Cocospy features and capabilities.

Amazing Cocospy tracking features

Cocospy comes with over 35 cell phone tracking features. Although we can’t list all of the features of this app, we will highlight some of them. 

1. Location tracking 

This is among the most important features of a cell phone tracking app. With Cocospy, you will be able to track your target’s GPS location using the cell phone. The app also lets you track your target location using their number. 

So, with Cocospy, you will know where your target is at all times by tracking their cell phone location by number. This app tracks a cell phone location through an interactive map that even allows you to access location history. 

Cocospy grants you the real-time location. Also, the app comes with a geofence feature that lets you receive notifications if a phone crossed the set boundary. The geofence feature is great for monitoring children movement.

2. Track call logs

Cocospy lets you track incoming and outgoing calls on the target cell phone. The app allows you to know when the calls were made and to who. Also, Cocospy allows you access frequently contacted phone number. 

With Cocospy, you will be able to access the contacts as well as the call duration on the target cell phone. 

3.  Email and message tracking

Cocospy is a leader in phone surveillance. The app lets you track sent & received emails and text messages on your target cell phone. Cocospy can access these messages remotely.

Also, Cocospy can access deleted text messages on your target cell phone. The app saves all text messages on a remote Cocospy servee. Cocospy transfers and retains all messages, even the deleted ones. 

Cocospy also allows you to track social media apps on your target’s cell phone. Cocospy lets you track Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype and Snapchat chats among others.  

The app also lets you access social media conversations on your target’s cell phone. As well, it grants you access to shared files on the social media platforms, such as videos, images and audio files. 

What’s more, you can access downloaded content on your target’s cell phone. Cocospy is a solid cell phone tracking app that allows you to spy and track virtually all areas of the target cell phone. 

4. Browser history tracking

Cocospy allows you to track the browser history of your target cell phone. With Cocospy, you will know the websites your target visits on his or her smartphone. 

Also, Cocospy comes with a keylogger feature that records all keystrokes made on the target cell phone. This feature can even capture your target’s usernames and passwords he or she uses.

These features help you keep tabs on all activities on your target’s cell phone.

Cocospy cell phone tracking capabilities

Apart from the dozen cell phone tracking features in this app, Cocospy has unique abilities. Below are some of the unique Cocospy tracking capabilities. 

1. Undetectable

All Cocospy cell phone tracking activities take place in secrecy. The app lets you track your target discreetly. To accomplish this, Cocospy runs in the background to ensure it doesn’t interfere with phone performance. 

Cocospy very little system resources. For example, the 2MB Android app takes up little memory on your target’s phone. What’s more, after installation, the app will automatically delete its icon. 

Also, the Android app disguises itself in installed apps. As well, when you are done tracking your target’s Android smartphone, Cocospy lets you uninstall its app in one click.

These capabilities eradicate the likelihood of your target realizing that you are tracking his or her cell phone. If you target uses an iPhone, Cocospy only requires your target’s iCloud credentials. 

Thus, there is no way your target will suspect you are tracking them. 

2. Remote surveillance

The various cell phone tracking operations in this app take place remotely. Cocospy allows you to use a browser to access your Cocospy dashboard. The dashboard grants you access to all phone tracking features. 

Also, Cocospy lets you track your target phone without installing the app on the phone. Such is possible if your target uses an iPhone. Despite the platform on which your target’s phone runs on, all tracking occur remotely.  

3. No rooting or jailbreaking required

Cocospy lets you track your target’s cell phone without jailbreak his or her iPhone or rooting his Android smartphone. The process of jailbreaking iPhones or rooting Android smartphones leaves the target vulnerable. 

Through cutting-edge technology, Cocospy eliminates the need to root or jailbreak your target’s smartphone. Very few cell phone tracking apps can track your target without compromising his or her cell phone. 

Cocospy reached this milestone through its dedicated team of designers and developers.

4. Secure

Cocospy doesn’t access third-party data. Thus, it doesn’t save such data on its server. Because the app never demands rooting or jailbreaking your target’s phone, it ensures your target is safe and secure online.

This way, you don’t compromise your target’s security and privacy settings. 

How to track a cell phone location by number using Cocospy

Using Cocospy to track a cell phone location by number takes a few steps. Below are the necessary steps to start tracking your target’s cell phone location. 

Step 1: First, sign up for a Cocospy account by visiting the official Cocospy website. Also, subscribe to a plan that suits your cell phone tracking needs.

Step 2: Configure the target cell phone.

a) If your target uses an Android smartphone, you will need physical access to install the app on the target. Cocospy will take you through the installation process.

b) To track an iPhone, you don’t have to install the app on your target phone. You only have to provide and verify your target’s iCloud credentials.

Step 3: After configuring your target’s smartphone, click on the Start button to finish the installation process.

Step 4: Next, log into your Cocospy dashboard. On your dashboard, click on the Track SIM Location tab on the left scroll panel. Here you will start tracking your target’s cell phone location activities.

This uncommon feature should not be confused with GPS tracking. The way it works is based on carrier network tracking. The SIM Card screen lets you access SIM card details such as the carrier and IMEI number. 

Also, Cocospy lets you view your target’s current and past SIM card locations. You can track your lost device or target this way. Also, you have the option of getting a SIM Card Alert. 

If the target replaces the SIM Card with a new one, you’ll get an email notification. This is a convenient approaching of establishing if your target changed his or her phone number.


Cocospy is the leading phone tracking app. It outperforms other apps through its revolutionary cell phone tracking abilities. So, if you want a reliable way to track your target’s cell phone discreetly, then Cocospy is the best.

Millions of users across the world trust Cocospy and give the app a staggering 96% customer approval rating. Also, the app has attracted the attention of large media outlets like Forbes. 

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