If you've been running all around the internet, looking for the best wireless earbuds under 30 dollars, then congratulations, you've finally made it to the right place.

With companies releasing a new pair of affordable earbuds every other day, promising that it can help you provide great-sounding, alongside durable build, the budget earbuds market seems like a blessing. Well, the assumptions aren't entirely true. Yes, you've different brands offering earbuds loaded with over-the-top features; in reality, only a few turn out to be serving the requirements, and sadly, it is tough to find those.

But don't worry, we're here to save you from spending a lot of time as the research has already been concluded. During the research period, we made sure to take care of every factor that corresponds to a great option, one way or the other. For that matter of fact, we're ready with the list of eight best wireless earbuds that are as affordable as you would wish them to be.

Our Top Picks

JBL Vibe 200TWS
JBL Vibe 200TWS

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 30

  • High stereo sound quality.
  • Well-performing touch controls.
  • Features the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0.
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Skullcandy DimeSkullcandy Dime
  • Offers great brand assurance.
  • Secure and impressive noise isolating fit.
  • IPX4 water and sweat resistant. 
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  • Bluetooth 5.1 for brilliant connectivity.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Easy touch controls.
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JBL Vibe 200TWSJBL Vibe 200TWS
  • Offers ergonomic fit.
  • Top-notch audio and microphone output.
  • Pocket-friendly design and build.
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Anker Soundcore Life P2Anker Soundcore Life P2
  • Precise in-ear detection.
  • Impressive sound and premium deep bass.
  • IPX6 waterproof certified
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JLab Go AirJLab Go Air
  • Brilliant Audio output.
  • Efficient connectivity.
  • Custom EQ3 sound.
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  • Brilliant in-call stereo technology.
  • Top-notch stereo-level sound quality.
  • Efficient Touch controls.
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iLuv TV 100iLuv TV 100
  • Features high-fidelity stereo sound.
  • Comes with advanced Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Brilliantly optimized smart touch controls.
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TOZO T6 - Best Wireless Earbuds Under 30 With Premium Deep Bass

To begin with our list of the best wireless earbuds under 30, we've got the T6 Touch Control from TOZO. Sheltering the most advanced Bluetooth 5. 0 technology alongside the support for HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, TOZO T6 promises an improved transmission speed for furnishing users with a low-latency listening experience like never before.

TOZO's acoustic experts focus on next-level acoustic tuning. In other words, audio technology works at its best to develop the most appropriate sound characteristics that fit human hearing sensitivity. From powerful bass( lowest 18Hz) to mellow midrange alongside clear treble (up to 20kHz), TOZO T6 is meant to bring home every detail of the music you wish to hear.

One of the best things about this wireless earbud is the availability of specific touch control. The feature enhances the overall convenience. For instance, you can tap once to play/pause the music or answer calls without bringing up the smartphone from your pocket. Similarly, the double-tap and hold gesture will help you respectively skip forward/backward and adjust the volume.

The TOZO T6 earbuds come with a charging case featuring an inner Nano-coating which makes it waterproof. The company even promises these earbuds would operate perfectly even when you decide to drown them 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. All these put the TOZO T6 in an ideal position for those looking for earbuds that can stick to them even when they're sweating it out at the gym.

Hardware Specifications of TOZO T6
Drive AreaNA
Audio technologyHi-Fi Stereo
Touch ControlsAvailable
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
Battery life and Charging6+ Hours Playtime (30 Hours with Charging Case) 55 minutes via cable or less than 2 hours via wireless charger.
CompatibilityWindows, Android, macOS, and iOS.

Product Overview:


  • TOZO T6 brings a super ergonomic design. The shape is perfectly engineered to fit the inner contour curve of the ear.
  • It offers high-stereo acoustic expert sound quality.
  • TOZO T6 is home to convenient touch controls.
  • Both the earbuds and the charging case are IPX8 waterproof certified.
  • The earbuds are compatible with almost any kind of wireless charger.
  • It features the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology for low latency hearing.

User Experience:

As already mentioned, the TOZO T6 offers the most accessible ergonomic design. The shape is so well maintained that it perfectly fits the curve of the inner ear. Whether you intend to run or jump, the fit will ensure the earbuds sit in your ear securely. Paired up with round soft silicone ear tips, you can expect the earbuds to offer more wearing stability and comfort even when engaged for a long duration.

Thanks to the flexible touch controls and IPX8 waterproof certification, the overall convenient shoots up to the next level. Talking about the touch sensors, the TOZO T6 headset can let you effortlessly operate various functions. On the other hand, the Nano-coating efficiently protects the earbuds and the charging case from incurring any form of damage. In short, you can carry around these earbuds without worrying much about issues whatsoever.

Pros & Cons:

High stereo sound quality.
Well-performing touch controls.
IPX8 waterproof protection.
Features the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
Ergonomic design.
Battery life could have been a bit better.
The wireless charger is not included.  

Skullcandy Dime - Best Wireless Earbuds Under 30 with Secure Noise Isolating Fit

In case you've been well acquainted with the audio industry, Skullcandy needs no introduction. Although it is usually available for prices sitting at the heavy end, the Dime True Wireless is a blessing for those who don't spend much. From seamless microphone functionality for Calls to flexible tracking and volume control mechanisms, these earbuds from Skullcandy have everything to fall in love with.

One thing that needs sole appreciation is Secure Noise Isolating Fit. As you can understand from the term itself, the Skullcandy Dime True Wireless is designed to isolate the audio you wish to hear from all sorts of unwanted noises. To put it in simple words, the audio technology employed in these pairs of wireless earbuds under 30 will let you experience the most detailed audio ever.

Apart from promising technology, the Skullcandy wireless earbud is also blessed with premium built. Being IPX4 certified, you know your earbud is resistant to sweat and water. The battery is another section to fall in love with, as you can expect well over 12 hours of media playtime with no interruptions.

Hardware Specifications of Skullcandy Dime
Driver UnitNA
Audio technology and MicrophoneSecure Noise Isolating Fit with Operational Microphone
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Battery life and Charging12 Hours Single Charge, Case: 4 Times, Convenient Case Charging
Auto ConnectAvailable

Product Overview:


  • It offers a Secure Noise Isolating Fit technology that will allow you the most detailed audio ever.
  • The earbuds are well designed to fit your listening requirements.
  • Promising in-built Microphone for Calls.
  • Super efficient Tracking and Volume Control
  • IPX4 certified resistance from sweat and water.
  • Amazing fast charging ability.
  • 12+ more hours of media playback on a single charge.
  • The auto-connect feature allows seamless connections.

User Experience:

The Skullcandy wireless earbuds are a well-optimized set of earbuds that serve the finest listening experience ever. The Dime wireless is no exception. Sadly it lacks the charm that users often desire. Still, considering the price for which it is available, the deal is not a bad one in any way. Also, I must add, the looks are not that bad either.

The secure noise isolating fit is everything about these earbuds that steals the show. You can expect your earbud to restrict around 95% of unwanted noises from the surrounding so that you listen to the ultimate and the most detailed version of the audio.

Moreover, suppose you're someone who intends to listen to pieces of stuff for an extended period. In that case, the Skullcandy Dime won't disappoint. Offering a battery that can last more than 12 hours on a single charge, it won't be a lie if I say that these earbuds are like something that can run all day long.

Pros & Cons:

Offers great brand assurance.
Secure and impressive noise isolating fit.
IPX4 water and sweat resistant.
Bluetooth for seamless and low latent connectivity.
The design could have been a bit better.
The earbuds lack the desired ergonomic nature.

QCY T13 TWS - Best Wireless Earbuds Under 30 with ENC Noise Cancelling

Next up on our list of the best wireless earbuds under 30, we've got the TWS T1 from QCY. The earbuds are packed with a 7.2 mm dynamic driver uniquely designed for a premium-level hearing experience. The overall build also features an AAC/SBC HD audio encoding so that users get a 30% bass boost compared to what the ordinary drivers offer. In simple words, equipping the TWS T1 will bring a truly authentic sound performance with powerful bass to admire.

Home to Bluetooth 5.1 chip, TWS T1 ensures a stable connection. The piece of good news is that the earbuds are capable of tuning in lower power consumption. So no matter if you're indoor or outdoor, you can expect a strong and stable connection provided the device is kept within the range of 10 meters.

The battery is another feature worth mentioning. Offering a 380mAh charging case, you can expect your device to run for around 40 hours. With that being said, you'll never need to worry about encountering low battery notifications while you're in the middle of media playback. Another thing that makes the power backup of TWS T1 different and more promising from the ones already mentioned is that it offers a quick charge feature. You can power up the earbuds for 5 minutes and enjoy 60 minutes of playback in return.

Hardware Specifications of QCY T13 TWS
Driver Unit 7.2 mm Dynamic Driver and AAC/SBC HD Audio Encoding
Audio technologyNA
Microphone and Noise     CancellationENC Noise Cancelling
ConnectivityCompact Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity
Battery life and Charging40 hours of battery life with Fast charging support.
CompatibilityWindows, Android, macOS, and iOS.

Product Overview:


  • The earbuds are ergonomically designed to offer a comfortable fit for all-day usage.
  • Thanks to the amazing hardware setup, these earbuds are meant to offer outstanding stereo sound.
  • Home to the advanced Bluetooth 5.1 technology, QCY T1 TWS features stable and consistent connectivity.
  • IPX5 waterproof certification.
  • T1  earbuds feature intuitive touch control settings.
  • The earbuds bring a special mode for all the gamers out there.
  • The T1 earbuds come with a flexible equalizer to tailor the sound.

User Experience:

From superior comfort to top-notch sound quality, everything about TWS earbuds is worth appreciating. Speaking of the ergonomic shape, the earbuds are designed with silicone running all around. It makes the earbuds super lightweight. Also, the curves are well maintained to ensure the buds perfectly fit in your ears. Apart from the brilliant grip, the TWS T1 earbuds offer an intuitive touch control that will let you answer, end a call, manage media, and do a lot more with simple gestures.

Efficiently engineered, these wireless earbuds is promising enough to keep you in sync with all the gaming section. The game mode is one of the prime features that stands out. Moreover, the robust equalizer that comes inbuilt is enough to take control over the nature of sound that reaches your ear.

If you're willing to buy the best wireless earbud under 30, the TWS T1 can be a suitable option in this case as well. Home to 4 microphones, the device is powerful enough to offer the clearer hands-free calling that fits any situation you're in.

Pros & Cons:

Decent built quality and impressive audio output, ideal for any situation.
Bluetooth 5.1 for brilliant connectivity and low latency transmission.
Excellent battery life.
Easy touch controls.
IPX5 Waterproof.
The build could have been a touch more premium

JBL Vibe 200TWSBest Wireless Earbuds Under 30 from JBL

Have you been a JBL fan lately but considered keeping yourself away because of the premium pricing? Well then, I need your attention here. Presenting the most budget-friendly wireless earbud from JBL, the Vibe 200TWS. Although available at a price that won't hurt your pocket, the device is efficient enough to serve all the quality requirements. First things first, offering JBL Deep Bass Sound, everything will reach your ear in the most detailed form. Built with the deep bass setup, powered by the super-flexible 8 mm drivers, get ready to experience audio like never before.

Right after audio output quality, the factor that lists among the most crucial ones, especially when you intend to own a wireless earbud, is the battery. Luckily, all sort of compliments resides in this end as well. Capable of providing around 20 hours of combined playback(that includes 5 hours in the earbuds while the rest 15 is from the case), the JBL Vibe 200TWS is for sure an all-day entertainment partner. To add to that, the dual connect technology will let you choose any one of the two for usage, keeping the other inside the case for an even longer battery life.

Just because it is available for cheap, it doesn't mean it lacks premium-level features. The calls and voice assistant powered by touch control is living proof of that. With easy gestures, you can effortlessly administer several kinds of activities that stretch from calls to media playback sound.

Hardware Specifications of  JBL Vibe 200TWS
Driver Unit8 mm Drivers
Audio technologyJBL Deep Bass Sound
Touch ControlsAvailable
Battery life and ChargingWireless and Wired, 5+15 hours
CompatibilityWindows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Product Overview:


  • JBL Vibe 200TWS offers deep bass sound for the next-level hearing experience.
  • The battery of these earbuds is promising enough to last around 20 hours on a single charge. 
  • With dual connect technology, you can choose one earbud to use and keep the other inside the case.
  • The JBL Vibe 200TWS brings flexible touch control.
  • Ergonomically shaped, the JBL Vibe 200TWS is designed to meet all the requirements that revolve around the comfort section.
  • It features an IPX2 rating.

User Experience:

With JBL Vibe 200TWS, you're looking at ergonomically shaped, wireless earbuds under 30. The JBL Vibe 200TWS is so brilliantly designed that it gently fits without disturbing the comfort of your ears. Thanks to the convenient in-ear stick form, you can put in these earpieces for long hours without even missing a minute of listening pleasure.

The earbuds are powerful enough to last up to 20 hours of non-stop media playback. Further, the dual connect technology ensures that the battery never dies. One thing that might disappoint users is that these earbuds from JBL aren't IPX6 or IPX5 waterproof certified. However, featuring an IPX2 rating, JBL promises the Vibe 200TWS to follow the user's flow, even enduring light raindrops and a little sweat.

 Pros & Cons:

Offers ergonomic fit.
Top-notch audio and microphone output.
Pocket-friendly design and build.
Looks premium with flexible touch controls.
Promising microphone setup.
The battery isn’t up to the mark.
The device is not IPX5 or IPX6 waterproof certified.

Anker Soundcore Life P2Best Wireless Earbuds Under 30 with cVc 8.0 Noise Cancellation and Graphene Driver

The Soundcore Life P2 from Anker is undoubtedly one of the best wireless earbuds under 30. Blessed with the latest cVc 8.0 noise reduction technology, the device is promising enough to reduce background sounds and highlight the most detailed version of the audio. Besides, the expertly tuned Graphene drivers are meant to craft a wider sound stage that precisely hits the accuracy and clarity meter. Together with BassUp technology, the earbuds can enhance the bass frequencies and add up an overall powerful sonic punch.

With quality, the Soundcore Life P2 offers longevity as well. Right from sitting comfortably in the ear to running as long as around 7 hours on a single charge (that shoots up to 40 hours with the charging case), you can expect prolonged entertainment sessions. Everything sets up even more efficiently with a waterproof casing. All thanks to Life P2’s IPX7-rated protection, you can keep yourself away from the worries revolving around the damages caused by liquids. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that these earbuds are not designed to survive extreme exposure to water, which includes the activities like swimming, showering, or anything similar.

In addition to all the above-mentioned features, you can expect the earbuds to offer seamless connectivity, especially with the advanced mechanism of Bluetooth 5.0. Moreover, the Mono or Stereo mode that lets the user switch between using either earbud on its own or both of them together is something that makes it more flexible.

Hardware Specifications of  Soundcore Life P2
Driver UnitGraphene Driver
Audio technologyaptX Audio
Noise CancellationcVc 8.0 Noise Cancellation
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Battery life and ChargingMore than 7 of battery life on the earbuds and with the charging case you can get around 40 hours of playback.   Wireless charging with the case.
CompatibilityWindows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Product Overview:


  • Loaded with beamforming noise reduction alongside the new-age cVc 8.0 technology, the device is a perfect fit for both home and offices requirements.
  • Both the earbuds feature independent microphones blessed with background-noise suppression.
  • Powered by Graphene drivers, the earbuds are perfect for offering audio with exceptional accuracy and top-notch clarity.
  • The futuristic BassUp technology is meant to enhance the bass by up to 43%.
  • Home to aptX audio, the earbuds can provide lossless transmission.
  • The earbuds can last up to 7 hours on a single charge, while the charging case can help extend the number to 40
  • The Life P2 wireless earbuds are IPX7 certified.

User Experience:

Advertised with promises to help and aid satisfying fit in only 3 steps, the Anker Soundcore Life P2 earbuds do offer what it claims. In addition to being a perfect fit, the Life P2’s graphene drivers are capable of oscillating with a precision that eventually helps craft quality sound with extraordinary accuracy, Overall an exceptional listening experience awaits.

With Soundcore Life P2, quality isn’t limited to hearing only as it extends to voice calls as well. The 4 microphones of earbuds utilize the latest cVc noise reduction technology and pick up the most detailed voice after removing all sorts of background noises.

Speaking of connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 is capable of creating an uninterruptible connection. In other words, Life P2 wireless earbuds will allow skip-free audio even when you’re lined up in busy spaces.

Pros & Cons:

Brilliant Audio output.
Precise in-ear detection.
Impressive sound and premium deep bass.
IPX6 waterproof certified
  Charging with the help of USB-C  feels a bit off at times.  

JLab Go AirBest Wireless Earbuds Under 30 with 3 EQ Sound Settings

Being 20% smaller than the regular JBuds Air, the Go Air wireless earbuds are for those who seek a concise audio solution. From slimmer profile to a great fit for smaller ears, from holding on to a longer earbud stem for providing a more snug in-ear fit to creating the most influential seal for crystal clear sound, JLab Go Air won’t hurt your expectations in any respect. The device also comes with a pocket-friendly case that features an integrated charging cable, ensuring you don’t have to worry about running out of battery.

Featuring 8 mm neodymium drivers, you know that the JLab GO Air means business straight away. The entire setup is capable of resulting in a crystal clear sound. Alongside the amazing sound-producing ability, the Touch Control element add charm to it. Employing a few taps here and there, you get to choose the sound that matches your level of requirement. To ease things up, you can prefer either JLab Signature or, Balanced or the Bass Boost modes right from the earbuds.

Besides a captivating listening experience and ergonomic built, the long battery life also deserves a point of appreciation. The JLab Go Air is capable of playing media for 5 hours straight, and the number increases to 15+ while you employ the charging case. Altogether, the earbuds provide 20+ hours of non-stop entertainment.

Hardware Specifications of JLab Go Air
Driver Unit8 mm Neodymium
Audio technology3 EQ Sound Settings
Noise CancellationNA
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Battery life and Charging20+ Hours of playtime with  (earbuds+case)wired/wireless charging
CompatibilityWindows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Product Overview:


  • Features custom EQ3 sound.
  • Home to 8 mm neodymium drivers, the device is capable of producing clear and quality rich audio output.
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for stable, lag-free, quick connection.
  • Promising ergonomic design
  • Compact, lightweight, small-sized.
  • 20+ hours playtime (5 from earbuds and 15 from the charging case)

User Experience:

Before shedding any light on how the user experience can turn out to be, I must add that the JLab Go Air is a perfect choice for those who're in search of small-sized earbuds. In case you haven't figured out already, the Go Air earbuds are around 20% smaller as compared to what the general JBuds Air has to offer. The entire build is assisted by the longer earbud stem, which helps make snug in-ear fit a possibility. In other words, the JLab Go Air is engineered to create a perfect combination of fit and comfort.

The quality isn't limited to built as the performance is also admirable. Bagging a promising 8 mm neodymium driver, the earbuds can come up with crystal clear sound. The setup shifts to a new level, with the ability to choose the sound that corresponds to the user's set of requirements. The same can be toggled between JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost modes to find the perfect match.

The JLab Air Go's dual connect is another element to fall in love with. You can flexibly use either of the earbuds or have a pleasant hearing experience using both. Both the earbuds are even blessed with the auto connect feature that assists in seamless connections. Additionally, the built-in MEMS microphone is so productive that you'll have nothing to complain about.

Pros & Cons:

Brilliant Audio output.
Efficient connectivity.
Low latency Dual connect feature.
Custom EQ3 sound.
Not a good choice for the ones who need a considerable-sized earbud.
Battery life could have been a bit better. 

TOZO T5Best Wireless Earbuds Under 30 (Sport Fit, Sweat Proof for Running Workouts)

The TOZO T5 is an affordable wireless earbud for athletic geeks. Considering the fact that these wireless earbuds are crafted with silicone running all around, you can expect them to be ergonomically flexible throughout. Moreover, the hooks come with superb silicone earcaps. All these ensure your headphones are not only comfortable but are capable of outputting audio after canceling out all the unwanted noises from around. No matter if you're up and running, spending hours cycling, or doing a repetitive set of exercises, the TOZO T5 earbuds will always serve the entertainment needs in between.

Getting a bit deep inside the quality of sound, TOZO T5 offers a truly authentic audio experience that lives together with a powerful bass performance. All these are helped by a 12 mm large size speaker driver where the drive area is around 4 times what a normal drive looks like.

The other amazing factors that make the TOZO T5 a promising choice include the support for Bluetooth 5.0 technology and the HSP HFP A2DP AVRCP. The same enhance to the next level with super convenient Touch Control and quick, one-step pairing.

Hardware Specifications of TOZO T5
Driver Unit12 mm Large Driver
Audio technologyNA
MicrophoneHSP HFP A2DP AVRCP Provides in-call stereo
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Battery life and Charging30 Hours Cumulative. Wireless Charging
CompatibilityWindows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Product Overview:


  • With silicone running all around, the earbuds from TOZO shelter an ergonomic design that sits and fits comfortably in the user's ear.
  • It features Bluetooth 5.0 Technology for seamless connections.
  • Smart Touch Control lets users effortlessly manage a series of functions.
  • Promises swift, One-step paring
  • TOZO T5 wireless earbuds are capable of running more than 6 hours on a single charge and provide 24 extra hours when used with the compact charging case.

User Experience:

Packing the most appreciable ergonomic design, the TOZO T5 wireless earbuds define next-level comfort. Maintaining gel-flexible silicone earcaps that feature anti-skid ear hooks, you can trust that the earbuds will fit your ears comfortably even when you decide to go full-on exercising.

Alongside extreme comfort, the earbuds don't disappoint in the performance section. Right away from the first time plugging, you'll start feeling the powerful bass performance that comes out of the 12 mm large size speaker driver. The fact that the drive area is around four times more than the normal drive area, you know the setup is meant to blow up.

These unique pairs of wireless earbuds come with an impressive case design that makes everything even more convenient. It can save a considerable amount of time and flexibly free your hand, making sure you can use it effortlessly in any situation.

Pros & Cons:

 Promising Audio output.
Brilliant in-call stereo technology.
Top-notch stereo-level sound quality.
Efficient Touch controls.
Sweat Proof.
Battery life isn’t something to praise much.
The design might fail to please everyone.

iLuv TV 100Best Wireless Earbuds under 30 with IPX6 Water Protection

Do you want to enjoy crystal clear music that binds with remarkable accuracy? In that case, you need to have your attention here. The iLuv TB 100 wireless earbuds bring the most well-balanced setup, blessed with precise bass and transparent treble. Everything can create a rich, high-fidelity listening experience like never before. These cordless earbuds offer an in-ear ergonomic structure to fall in love with. Whether you need to have prolonged listening sessions or a quick media playback is what you're after, it is pretty sure that you won't have a minute of discomfort.

The iLuv TB100 wireless earbuds operate on the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It helps provide seamless connections that eventually aids in the best listening experience. With a powerful battery capable of allowing all-day listening, you can expect non-stop media playbacks. Get your device entirely charged once, and it will run for 6 hours non-stop. Moreover, you'll get an additional 14 hours with a series of charges from the super-compact charging case that comes together.

Hardware Specifications of iLuv TB100
Driver Unit6.8 mm dynamic driver
Audio technology High Fidelity Premium Stereo
Microphone and Noise CancellationNA
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Battery life and Charging20+ hours of battery life and (Earbuds+Case)
CompatibilityWindows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Product Overview:


  • The earbuds are compact and ultra-lightweight
  • It features high-fidelity stereo sound.
  • iLuv 100TB comes with advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
  • It is home to brilliantly optimized smart touch controls.
  • Impressive battery life that can last up to 30 hours.

User Experience:

Although it sits at the very bottom of our list, the iLuv TB100 is in no way inferior to the ones that have clung to the top position. From the built-in microphones to the ability to efficiently reduce wind noises, from filtering the ambient noise to transmitting the clearest version of the voice even in noisy environments, everything about this earbud is phenomenal.

The iLuv TB100 earbuds are ergonomic and portable. The charging case is also well built. Both are sealed with IPX6 rated protection as well, which promises to withstand water splashes and even heavy rainfall.

Pros & Cons:

Impressive High Fidelity Stereo technology.
Top-notch Audio Output.
Robust Touch controls.
Excellent battery backup of up to 20 hours.
Some users might find the design to be a less than ideal fit

Choosing the Best Wireless Earbud Under 30

Build quality: Owning a device with poor built is never a good deal, and the scenes are no different with wireless earbuds. Before you consider anything else, ensure you uncover the materials used to build a promising enough and ready to serve all the durability needs.

Comfort: Even if you're not buying a wireless earbud for prolonged sessions, it is always a good idea to go with one that sits comfortably on your ear.

Connectivity: Considering the fact that you're buying a wireless earbud, sorting out the technology used to maintain connections is crucial. Check if the earbud you're after employs everything that helps craft the most stable connection.

Battery Life: Last but not least, a battery is essential to keep in mind while buying a wireless earbud. Now, if you're after an affordable option, expecting one that lasts for a week is pretty unreal. So I recommend you look for one run at least for a day.

Final Words

And with that, we're done walking you through the best wireless earbuds under 30. We've mentioned eight of the most affordable yet promising earbuds available in this article. To make sure you hit the most appropriate option, we've presented and explained every possible factor that revolves around selecting the best earbud ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Skullcandy a good brand?

The answer is a straightforward yes. Skullcandy has been making quality headphones with superb sound output. From earbuds to wired headphones, Skullcandy is known to offer durable designs alongside top-notch mechanisms. Users also find the battery life to be promising. 

Which are the best wireless earbuds under 30?

When we talk about affordable earbuds, the choices can be many. To name the best affordable ones to own, we've got Soundcore P2 Life by Anker, TOZO T5, iLuv TB100, and more.

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What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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