Google is working on a new operating system which merges Android and Chrome into a unified font. The term Android and Chrome merge to form ‘Andromeda,’ which, coincidentally is also a name for a galaxy that’s is a collision that is predicted to happen in 4 billion years between the two biggest galaxy – Milky Way (contains the Earth and the Solar System) and Andromeda Galaxy.  Having the best motherboard for speed and stability is important such as the motherboard for i7 9700k.Andromeda will be an operating system that is expected to be launched in late 2017. More details about the merging will be released at the Google’s big event to be held on October 4th. However, we will review some details of what we know about Andromeda.Google’s key motivation behind the merging is because of the ongoing struggle with laptop and tablet market share. Google’s Android has been successfully installed on 86 percent of smartphones. However, when we go to the tablets, Google is not faring as well. It holds 66 percent of the tablet OS market.We expect the Andromeda operating system to have one of greatest impact on Google’s tablets and laptops. Google has consistently tried to solve their main problem (low market share on the laptop and tablet market share) by letting users install Android applications on Chromebooks. Unfortunately, these applications suffer from the same issue – the interfaces are not optimized for large displays.The only way Google can solve this problem is by launching big-screen applications for the laptops and tablets. Then, in case Android and Chrome OS are one, the Andromeda tablets benefits of being able to run applications that were designed for laptops.According to developers, Andromeda will be a strain for a long period because of the likelihood of rewriting their apps so that they can take full advantage of the new features and the abilities that will come with the new OS.Google’s CEO had recently said that the mobile would finally ‘blend’ with the desktop.Here are some factors that prove that the Android and Chrome merge might really happen:
  1. The disappearance of the Google’s Chromebook Pixel. Chrome Pixel was a huge seller and its presence had always served an important purpose for Google.
  2. The Google’s Pixel C convertible android tablet is rumored to be have tested with an operating system resembling the Chrome OS.
  3. The Presence of Android application of Chromebooks.
  4. The rumored price of the Pixel phones - $650 – at the base level. This figure seems somehow surprising. Google isn’t a company that makes huge profits by selling only hardware. Assuming the price is correct, we expect the presence of something unusual with dual-purpose abilities.
Despite all the recent leaks, there is no doubt that more pieces related to this puzzle are yet to be uncovered.
Source: Digital Trends

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