We're done with the second of July 2021. As usual, there are quite a few things going on in the Android OEM industry. While Nord users are getting rid of overheating issues, RealMe is rolling out the stable version of the new UI 2.0 in some of its devices. There is a lot to talk about, but before that, let us quickly walk through the list of devices lined up today.

Which Devices are in today's news round-up?


OnePlus Nord 


Lava Z Series


RealMe 7 Pro, RealMe 6 and 6i


Galaxy A50, Galaxy A52 5G, Galaxy M51, Galaxy XCover 4s, Galaxy Fold


The OxygenOS Update for OnePlus Nord

The overheating issue has been bothering the OnePlus Nord users lately. No matter it is playing games or even leaving the smartphone on charging, the device used to catch up heat real quick. With a view to getting that issue fixed, OnePlus has finally decided to launch a new update.

Alongside solving the problem that revolves around, the new firmware brings OxygenOS with the June security patch and also marks a considerable step in fixing battery drainage issues. The Update is rolling worldwide, and if your device hasn't received it yet, don't worry; you'll get introduced to it sooner.

A Quick Look at the Oxygen OS changelog:


  • You'll now see extended battery life. 
  • The Update sees a reduction in power consumption under specific scenarios.
  • The Update will fix the issue of any kind of delayed notifications
  • No more overheating issues in certain scenarios
  • The Update brings the Android security patch of 2021.06


Lava Reveals Android 11 Update Road Map for the Z Series

Recently Lava has released a road map stating when the respective Z series smartphones will receive the Android 11 update. As per the schedule, Z6 and also the MyZ triple camera devices will get introduced to Android 11 starting this 25th July. Once done, attention will get shifted towards the older variants of Lava Z Series smartphones.

Here is a detailed look at the new features that the devices will see:

Managing the Conversation and notifications

In Android 10, the entire notification drawer used to contain all your notifications in the form of a list that seemed haphazard. Some apps are used to get prioritized and receive the top position in the list without any specific or note-worthy reason. Also, the system is used to move the notifications with lower priority into the silent. As a result, no alerts were sent out to users. The great thing about Android 11 is that that system gets introduced to modifications in various ways. To be more precise, you'll now have three notification categories:

  • Conversations
  • Alerting
  • Silent.

The Conversations section is home to all notifications that correspond to conversations. This generally means if you're using the app with which you can directly get in touch with someone, in the form of text messages or video chats, the entire scene will now be more optimized. You can now simply give any conversations apps an edge over the other. This will allow the system to provide you with higher priority messages from any selected individual. This set of notifications will appear on your very lock screen, making sure you never miss those under any condition.

Next, we've got the Alerting and Silent sections. This portion generally acts similar to how they used to behave in Android 10. You can now put the notifications in silent mode pretty conveniently on certain apps. This will latterly push away the alerts from bothering you.

Built-in Screen recorder

With this new feature, you can now easily record everything and anything that is happening on your screen. With that being said, you'll not require to download any third-party application for recording your on-screen sessions.

  • Media controls
  • User Privacy: 
  • One-time permission 
  • The auto-reset
  • Enhanced Chat bubbles
  • Tools that will now predict what a user wants

Smart reply: The phone devices now automatically reply to what needs to be sent for any received text on the basis of how you use it.

Smart folders: This is an excellent feature for a user who is looking to organize their apps in any particular folders like the Work, Fitness, Games etc

  • Camera

3P Performance optimizations: A great add on for the device's camera. The phone's camera will now work even better on various 3rd party photo-sharing apps, including Snapchat and also Instagram.

  • Notification history

With this feature, you can now restore any swiped notifications that you might have been swiped following a mistake. You can now check the miss swiped notifications that you've received in the past 24 hours. But you need to keep in mind that the feature is not activated by default, for which you'll have to navigate along the following path.

  • Head over to Settings 
  • Hover to Apps & notifications 
  • Select Notifications
  • Tap on Notification history

Dark mode scheduling

After the introduction of Dark Mode in Android 10, this time, the Update will give you a more comprehensive option to schedule the activation of Dark mode as per your convenience and requirement. Having said that, you can schedule the dark theme simply using one of two mentioned different metrics:

You can schedule a dark theme to get activated or deactivated in accordance with the rising or setting down of the sun.

You can also set up any custom schedule for dark mode getting ON.

Digital wellbeing

  • Bedtime mode: With the new Bedtime mode, your phone will now automatically turn itself to silent mode when it's time you wish to go to sleep. Scheduling is super flexible. You can either choose to make it run automatically or else let your phone charge as you rest. Your entire screen switches to the Greyscale mode, and the set of notifications and alerts will go silent with Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Clock: Introduction of bedtime feature in the Clock. It helps you set a schedule for healthy sleep. The main screen time at night will help you fall asleep with calming sounds. Also, it will make sure you wake up to your favorite song. Or else you can also use the Sunrise Alarm that brightens your screen slowly as you prepare to start the day.


Stable Version of RealMe UI 2.0 Rolls Out for RealMe 7 Pro

September 2020 launched RealMe 7 Pro is finally getting the Android 11 based RealMe UI 2.0. With all the previously mentioned newbies that stretches from Dark mode styles to one-time permissions, chat bubbles to notification history, the new firmware with version number RMX2121_11C.03 is ready to feature on Indian devices.

Initially, the stable firmware will reach a limited number of devices. Once everything is properly checked for optimization, the company has said that the Update will reach every user in a quick span.

RealMe 6 and 6i is Up for RealMe UI 2.0 Open Beta.

With the newer devices from RealMe getting future-ready with the stable version of the brand-new UI, it is good to see that the company hasn't ignored their old smartphones. This week RealMe has rolled out an Open Beta for the RealMe 6 and 6i devices that bear the Android 11 based RealMe UI 2.0. If you wish to get hold of the new version really quick, head over to your settings, navigate to system updates, tap on the setting icon on the top right corner and select the option to go for the Trial version. However, it is essential you make sure the following criteria are fulfilled.

  • Your device is running on RMX_200111.B.63
  • The device is at least 60% charged.
  • The device under focus must have internal storage of 5GB minimum.


Multiple Samsung devices receive July security updates

Every week Samsung throws the latest security updates for a number of its devices, and this week is no different. Today we've five of the devices lined up.

Samsung Galaxy A50

Build Version: A505USQSDDUF1 Location: US

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Build Version: A526BXXS1AUG1 Location: Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, and Slovenia

Samsung Galaxy M51

Build Version: M515FXXU3CUG1 Location: Ukraine, Russia

Samsung XCover 4s

Build Version: G398FNXXUCCUG1 Location: Nordic Region

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Build Version: F900U1UES5EUF1 Location: US

A Quick Round-Up

  • The OxygenOS Update for OnePlus Nord
  • Lava Reveals Android 11 Update Road Map for the Z Series
  • Stable Version of RealMe UI 2.0 Rolls Out for RealMe 7 Pro
  • RealMe 6 and 6i is Up for RealMe UI 2.0 Open Beta
  • Galaxy A50, Galaxy A52 5G, Galaxy M51, Galaxy XCover 4s, Galaxy Fold
  • Multiple Samsung devices receive July security updates.

Wrapping Up

With July security updates to a range of Samsung smartphones, we wrap up this week's firmware news. I hope you liked what we've covered today. Make sure you let us know if your smartphone is featured in today's list. If not, join us next week, and you might see your device being the first thing mentioned.

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Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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