According to HubSpot's 2022 report, more than 51% of CEOs say their call centers focus on proactive service. Systems for tracking inbound and outbound calls help establish stable customer communication channels. 

In this article, we'll discuss how call-tracking software helps with marketing attribution and its benefits. We'll also discuss finding the right digital solution for your business.

How Does Call Tracking Facilitate Marketing Attribution?

In marketing, attribution acts as an identifier that tracks customers' actions to get the desired results. You see the interaction process between your company and a potential customer on different sales channels. Also, attribution can show you the most relevant advertising platforms and weaknesses in building marketing campaigns. 

According to Statista, about 60% of users choose mobile devices for online work and entertainment. You gain access to a broad audience of potential customers by targeting online marketing campaigns. You can promote your business by advertising on websites or registering a branded social media account. 

Look at the number of Internet and social media users to see the relevance of these promotion channels.

Source: Statista

For the success of any Internet marketing campaign, it is important to determine the most effective communication channels with customers. This is where phone call tracking software comes in. By setting up the program in your own corporate system, you get the opportunity:

  • Understand your target audience, their needs, problems, and motives for contacting you.
  • Provide personalized service to build customer loyalty.
  • Identify the most appropriate channels to implement your marketing budget.
  • Increase your company's profitability through improved customer service.

How do the various call-tracking systems work?

It is important to understand how inbound call-tracking software works when implementing it in a company. Each sales channel or advertising campaign is assigned a unique number. This is necessary to make it easier to count from which source the most calls were received.

Implementing a system for call tracking is excellent for both online campaigns and offline promotion methods. For example, distributing flyers, outdoor advertising, magazine ads, etc. The software algorithm is simple enough:

  1. A customer calls the number listed in the advertising source.
  2. The Automatic Telephone Exchange (ATE) sends you information about which channel the call comes from.
  3. An operator takes the call.
  4. ATE records and transmits additional data: call duration, date, time of call, etc.

Several calls in a short time can cause customer annoyance. Avoiding such troubles is easy enough. Install call center tracking software to simplify the work of your employees. Most of these digital solutions have Interactive Voice Response (IVR). 

A pre-recorded text clarifies the purpose of the customer's call and connects them immediately to the right consultant. This approach greatly increases customer loyalty and trust, demonstrating your desire to provide the most personalized service possible.

Call tracking software for lead generation facilitates the attribution process by immediately recording the conversation and the necessary customer data. This way, your employees don't have to contact a potential customer again. Marketers and sales staff immediately get the information they need to further promote your brand and sell your products.

The Benefits of Using Call Tracking Software in Marketing

With call-tracking software solutions, you'll know exactly what advertising channels consumers learn about you through. All you need to do is purchase a separate number for each marketing campaign you launch. You can see how many calls come in from a particular source.

Consider the key benefits for building effective marketing strategies that inbound and outbound call tracking software has:

  • Attribution of advertising channels. You'll know which marketing sources bring in the most customers and which don't have the desired performance.
  • Improved service. You will know in advance what purpose or question your regular customer is calling about. Since all information from previous calls is already recorded in the system, the operator will receive it before the caller is connected.
  • Multi-channel call attribution. You can track callbacks from both online campaigns and offline sales channels.
  • Budget allocation. With sales call tracking software, you can invest your advertising finances in the most relevant areas of marketing.
  • Automation of work processes. The program will automatically add contact information to the appropriate fields and update it as necessary.
  • Digitization of phone calls. Make your calls a digital call to action by redirecting them to messengers. Show potential customers that when they call, they will immediately get the information they need and a quick response over the phone or on one of the popular messengers.
  • Collection of analytics on the profitability of investments. The system will analyze your investments in various advertising campaigns. Consequently, you will get an objective assessment of the profitability of each channel.

Customer service call tracking software facilitates the work of your agents and sales staff. The easy-to-use interface makes the learning curve quick, so you'll see the results in no time. This way, you'll simplify your marketing management, establish seamless customer communication, and increase sales.

How to Choose the Best Call Tracking Software?

To choose a reliable call tracking and lead acquisition program, focus on two key criteria:

  1. Wide range of tools and functions. Good software should cover all your needs for working with potential customers. Having lead management and reporting features is essential for any B2B company. These options provide insight into your future work and building communication with customers. 
  2. Ability to view qualified leads and their contacts. Tracking leads and reaching them as quickly as possible is a characteristic inherent in effective software. By researching all leads in one place, you will know which sources are most relevant for promotion. This will also help you form the best marketing solution for company development.

There are many different call-tracking systems on the market. Some vendors offer free call-tracking software so you can familiarize yourself with the basic features. When selecting a digital product, it is essential to determine what your business needs are that it should cover. By focusing on this list, you will easily find the best option.

Does Your Company Need Call Tracking Software?

Most likely, yes. Such software is one of the easiest and most accessible tools to help identify the best promotion channels. This solution also simplifies the attribution process by researching the most relevant destinations for advertising campaigns. 

Call tracking systems collect data on the sources from which customers come. In a simple and structured format, you get lists of leads, the most effective channels to attract them, and other useful information. This expands your ability to attract new customers and increase your company's profitability.

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