Google Nexus 5After much talk and speculation the latest phone from Google, the Nexus 5, is finally out. Many of you are probably thinking of buying it and if the process of reserving one will be as it was last year than you should move quickly. But there is lots of good news. So let's get down to listing them.

Price tag

The price of the phone is impressive by any standards. You can buy the 16 GB version for 349$ and the 32 GB version for 399$ from Google Play Store and it will be shipped to you sometime around the 8th of November. Why we say these are impressive prices? Because of the state-of-the art hardware and the phone's specs. Standing at 69.17 x 137.84 x 8.59 mm, the phone is half a millimeter thinner than the Nexus 4 and 9 grams lighter.

Power to the pixels

To start off, the phone possesses a 5", 1080*1920 pixel display which offers a 445 ppi pxel density, more than other 5 inch phones like, for example, the Galaxy S4. Its display is brighter than that of the Nexus 4 and colors are not exaggerated so you will find it visibly improved.Nexus 5

New touchscreen technology

Nexus 5 is rigged with an advanced in-cell touch technology for better images, faster recognition of the touch and more visibility outside. This advancement has already been featured on a few phones up until new but it is nevertheless recent and a welcomed addition. Building the capacitors inside the display, the builders can exclude the digitizer and a reduction of 1 mm in the display assembly is achieved.  This also allows for less battery consumption.

Enter the Dragon

Snapdragon 800The Snapdragon 800 is fantastic. Period. Produced by Qualcomm, it is one of the best if not the best chip at this moment. It has a lot of power and it is right out there with Apple's A6 although its full potential is sometimes restricted by certain Android ROMs.


The issue is this: the phone comes with only 2GB of RAM. Why we say only? Well having in mind all the other specs one would have expected a little bit more in this chapter, something to make one sure his phone will not old-news quickly. As if this was not enough, there are only two versions, as we mentioned earlier: with 16 and 32 GB storage capacity. 32 Gb should prove enough for most people but there are questions you need to ask yourselves if you are among those really fond of apps, especially as some apps have already gone beyond 1GB.


Like the 2GB of RAM, it seems to be under the overall quality of the phone  but don't judge the 8 megapixel camera so fast. Google and LG have made some serious statements about it and they seem extremely satisfied with it. According to the creators, it will Nexus camerafeature “longer exposures, less blur and less noise”. It is also said the dim light performance is unsurpassed.

A day in the life of a battery

The battery is slightly better than that of the Nexus 4. But you have to remember we are talking about 1 1080*1920 display here and also the Nexus 4's battery life was terrible (with a 720p display). Apparently our hopes lie with the new Android 4.4 KitKat, bent on saving the day and reduce battery consumption.We should probably mention LTE support as well. The nexus 4 didn't offer it out-of-the box although it could be eventually enabled without much trouble. So less work for you guys.

Should you buy one?Nexuses

Well there are some certain that can be discussed but...YES. This phone is worth buying and at this time there is hardly a phone that offers more bang for your buck. Great hardware and a brand new operating system should be good enough reasons as well. Most people's concerns regard the ability to buy one. Let us hope Google changed its ways and the phone will be made easily accessible. Early signs indicate this already. Will you buy a Nexus 5? Let us know.

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There are several ways to locate your model number:

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