Passwords have become a crucial part of our digital life. An ordinary user has dozens of usernames and passwords to remember for the sites they use. And if they forget one of the passwords, they must go through a lengthy process to recover it. So, how often do you reset your forgotten password? And on average, how much time do you waste resetting passwords?

Although most people resort to using the same password on multiple sites, there are better ways to safeguard confidential information, such as passwords. ExpressVPN’s password surveysuggests that, on average, a user spends three minutes and 46 seconds resetting a password. And as you must have experienced, there is a high chance you will forget the password for the same site more than once.

Forgetting Passwords and The Time Wasted

Have you ever wondered about the number of password resets you have done until now for all the sites you use? If you have, you can also imagine how much time you can save if you do not have to do that. The survey shows that over 52% of US respondents reset their passwords at least once a month, while 14% admitted doing so at least once a day, which translates to 26 hours spent each year.

The survey also points out that the main causes for people to forget their password are the sheer number of platforms we use that needs an account to access, the practice of making the password complex, and being reliant on biometric logins far too often. With the rise of the internet, the standard practice for platforms is to suggest users create strong passwords with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and other characters. While this is a safe way to create passwords, it becomes a nightmare when we forget them.

How to Reset Password on Facebook - Social Buddy

As more and more services are online, the number of passwords we have to remember will only increase. This places a user, in this case: you, in a complex situation in which you either have to re-use the same password multiple times or continue the frustrating practice of resetting passwords every time you forget. However, using the same password on different sites is not safe, and resetting the password every time you forget it is a total waste of time. If you can save time, you can utilize it for more productive work, such as reading a book or watering your plant.

Also, resetting passwords in the middle of doing something may distract you, and you may end up giving up on what you were doing. This is often the result of frustration coming from password resetting. So, is there a middle ground? Can you excuse yourself from the tedious work of resetting passwords safely? Seems like there is a very easy way to escape this and save yourself some time.

Save Yourself Some Time

While there are practices such as note-taking your passwords physically, it is not practiced by most people. Browsers such as Chrome and Safari also have tools to save passwords for auto-filling. But these practices are not safe and may lead to password exposure in many situations—the solution: Password Manager.

Password Managers help you save, recover and manage your passwords in a very safe environment. These tools have become essential for many people. The reason is that they can generate strong passwords and save them in a digital vault with a master key. You only have to remember the master key to access all your passwords and refill them whenever needed. This way, you don’t have to remember every complex password but can keep your accounts secure.

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