This week, on our weekly firmware news roundup: Android Q is getting closer now and numerous Samsung devices are very likely to get it, manufacturers will be forced to include Google's navigation system on their Android Q installation, and more!

What's New This Week?

HMD Global

  • Nokia 8.1 gets the April security patch

One Plus

  • OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T receive a second Pie Beta 2 update


  • Manufacturers will now be forced to include Google's navigation system on Android Q


  • Numerous Galaxy devices are very likely to get Android Q
  • May's security patch details have been revealed - soon to be released for numerous devices
  • Galaxy On7 Prime and J7 Prime 2 get their slice of Pie

HMD Global

Nokia 8.1

The latest update for the Nokia 8.1 brings minor improvements, bug fixes, and also the April security patch. This update weighs a bit more than 200 megabytes and is currently arriving in Poland and India.

200 megabytes isn't exactly a lot. But, still, consider turning on your Wi-Fi. Now, surely we all wanted the latest security patch instead of last month's, but this seems to be a common theme with security patches - most likely because of the procedure that is required for the update process.

And in case that you don't know about it, phones go through various beta phases before the end product reaches the customer. That's not a huge deal with physical products like phones, but it's a bit of a pain when it comes to security updates. After all, we do need them as soon as possible.

That's all for now. We'll keep you posted in case that anything else comes up!


OnePlus 3 And OnePlus 3T

Both the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T have been running a beta version of Android for a while now. According to our sources, they now got a second beta version as well.

At the moment, only 3 bug fixes are mentioned. Those include:

  • Interface display fix for the stopwatch and clock timer
  • Microphone fix for when you plug in earphones
  • And the crashing issues with the native messaging app have been fixed as well

It's not much, but every little bit helps. As per usual, do keep in mind that as long as you're running a beta version, more problems like those are bound to come up eventually. So, if you absolutely need your phone to be fully operational consider switching back to a stable build.

For those of you who are intending to stick with the beta phase, you'll be rewarded by being the first users to receive the latest stable version when it comes out. Also without downloading too much since you'll already have the biggest part of the OS installed.

That's all for now. We'll let you know if anything else comes up!


Android Q

According to our sources, manufacturers who want to use Android Q on their devices will be forced to include Google's navigation system, which is very similar to what we've already seen on iOS and on the Pixel 3.

However, do keep in mind that while they are kinda forced to include Google's navigation system, nobody prevents them from including their own design as well.

And what does that mean for you? Well, basically, if you don't like your manufacturer's navigation system, you'll always have the option of using Google's default full-screen navigation.

All of that assuming, of course, that your phone will get Android Q in the first place. Because by judging how slowly phones are being upgraded to Android Pie, you can tell that it's going to take a while before Android Q is fully operational and available for each individual phone that supports it.

In fact, even the Pixel 3 which was the first phone to come with the latest version of Android turned out to be full of issues. So, let us not hurry with the updates.


Numerous Devices

With the summer getting closer and closer, we can almost see Android Q coming up far in the horizon. And with that being said, you're probably wondering if your phone will get upgraded to the upcoming latest version of Android.

Well, while we obviously don't have any official information yet, (Android Q is still in Beta, after all) we're expecting that most devices which launched with Android Oreo will get upgraded to Android Q as well.

Some of the most likely Samsung devices to get the latest version of Android are the:

  • Samsung Galaxy Fold
  • Galaxy S10 series
  • Note 9
  • S9 series
  • Galaxy A6, A6+, A7, and A9 (All 2018 models)
  • Samsung Galaxy A10 up to Galaxy A80
  • J6 and J8 along with their "Plus" versions
  • M10, M20, and M30
  • Galaxy Tab S4, S5e, Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) and Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2018)

Do keep in mind that even if your phone doesn't get the Android Q upgrade, chances are that you'll still receive security updates. At least for as long as your phone isn't more than 3 years old.

Yes, we know. In some cases, Samsung does keep on updating their phones even after the 3 year mark. But, generally, for most of you, 3 years of support is what you're going to get. After that, consider installing a custom ROM that is still being supported or something similar.

Regarding the Android Q upgrades, that's all we've got for now. If we get any official information from Samsung, then we'll let you know about it.

May's Security Patch

In other news, the May's security patch details have been revealed. Apparently, as per usual, it fixes a ton of security issues with one of the most severe being the media framework exploit as it could allow people to remotely control your device - which is mostly done for malicious intent.

Furthermore, there are 21 vulnerabilities that have been fixed specifically in Samsung's software. Numerous devices are expected to receive this update in the upcoming weeks. So, stay tuned.

Galaxy On7 Prime And Galaxy J7 Prime

Usually, smartphone manufacturers like Samsung will focus on updating and supporting their flagship devices. And to be honest with you, that makes sense. After all, it's only right that those who've paid more should get a higher priority when it comes to support, right?

Still, as it turns out, Samsung decided to also support two of their lower-end devices by upgrading them to Android Pie. The phones in question are the Galaxy On7 Prime and the Galaxy J7 Prime 2.

Mind you, the Galaxy On7 Prime originally launched with Marshmallow. So, this update is nothing short of amazing.

Speaking of which, apart from Android Pie, this update also gives you the latest Android security patch, Samsung's One UI, certain important features like system-wide night mode, and numerous minor improvements that will give you a better overall experience.

This update weighs about a gigabyte and it should be available for an OTA installation right now. Unless this is an incremental update which means that it may take a week or two before you get it. In some cases, even longer.

That's all for now. We'll let you know if anything else comes up. So, stay tuned!


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