Honor 7 smartphone has some pretty impressive features even for its price, which is why we had to feature some of its best tricks to help you the user make the best of the device.
  1. Maximize battery consumption

Arguably, the Honor 7’s stocked battery capacity is more than a well-equipped for a mid-range device, but unfortunately the same battery is irremovable. With this fact in mind, how does someone exactly, ensure they don’t run out of their battery juice?
  1. a) Use a dark/ black colored wallpaper and background. Screens usually illuminate the colored pixels on your wallpaper and dark backgrounds mean no brightness. The less bright your wallpaper the less battery consumed.
  2. b) A shorter screen timeout setting: As practically possible set your screen timeout to be shorter.
  3. c) Turn off your smart features, this can include smart scrolling, air gestures and the like.
  4. d) Turn off your vibration alerts and key tones, it takes more battery for a phone to vibrate than to actually ring. The key tones are a just sounds made while typing, no added use.

2. Activate Intelligent Energy Mode

This involves making use of the Honor 7’s power management features to prolong the handset’s battery life. To do this Go to Settings and Tap on the Energy Saving tab. This will direct you to three energy plans for your choosing: the Normal, Intelligent and Ultra option. The Intelligent energy saving plan, is an essential tool worth customizing even for your daily use, because they allow you to limit your phone’s battery consumption by various portions on your device.The Ultra mode comes handy during when you have no choice but save your battery juice from being completely drained out. Designed to only give you access to calls and texts, this mode shuts down all other apps except the two, preventing them from running, receiving data and keeping the consumption at a bare minimum.

3. Stop apps from running in the background

One of the many impressive attributes of the Honor 7 is its ‘Protected’ apps section, which makes it easier to identify and deal with power-hungry applications. This applications are most the ones running in the background, draining the power of your battery even whilst your phone is on standby mode. With this feature you can decide the apps you want to turn off in order to stop their background processes

4. How to make use of the fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor is a nifty feature especially for unlocking your phone, but that is not as far as its functions go. To enable more functions, go to Settings the Fingerprint ID option then set other actions you wish the sensor would perform. Actions range from go back to your home screen, checking on notifications among others.

5. Single-handed operation

Its 5.2 inches screen, can be good for displaying your content but may not be as convenient for those with smaller hands. A one-handed option may do the trick, to activate this function, you can go to the Settings of the device and modify the display size to be smaller to make the shifts from left to right much smoother.

6. Taking advantage of the Smart Key button

Honor 7’s Smart Key button located on the left side of the device, this button can be used as shortcut to apps or tasks. Activating the button can be as easily as pressing once, then twice and holding it down. These actions will produce different actions depending on settings, this can be things like sound recordings, turning on your flashlight or taking screenshots.

7. Voice Commands

This is feature on the Honor 7 device is defined by the phone’s speech recognition ability that comes in handy when you want to make phone calls and send text messages.Know any other tricks that missed out on this list? Let us know in the comments section.

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