Getting into Safe Mode is so easy that you can switch into the mode without realizing it or even meaning to. But when it comes to getting out, it isn't as obvious, which can be a bit frustrating, particularly for those who are not as familiar with their phone's features as avid Android users.If you've found yourself stuck in Safe Mode, worry not! Below are a few ways you can make the "prison break" and get back to using you phone like you've always done.

Why your phone is on Safe Mode

Most times when something really bad happens within your phone, for instance, if an app experiences a serious error, a malfunction occurs in your main system or even an attack by malware,  it could cause your phone to put itself on Safe Mode.As mentioned above, you can just as easily get yourself into Safe Mode as you would pocket-dial someone. So chances are you did it accidentally or while you were unaware.Safe Mode works by striping your operating system of its core functionalities, which in turn prevents from running anything else other than what came pre-installed. It was basically built for troubleshooting, and if you are not troubleshooting anything then its just gets in the way of you utilizing all your phone's capabilities.

How to get out of Safe Mode

Restart your device

This is the most obvious solution for most users, and will likely fix the issue. Safe Mode isn't meant to be permanent, simply power off and then power on your device and see if it works. To do this press and hold the power button, on the options that appear on your screen, select Power Off and wait for your device to start back up.The problem should be sorted. If not, try the following solution:

Check the Notifications Panel

Though this doesn't apply to all smartphones, a couple of devices usually include a Safe Mode notification right within the notification tray. By swiping down a few times you can find the Exit Safe Mode option, just tap it to start using the phone you once knew.

Power up with Volume Down

One of the ways to escape Safe Mode according to a number of users, is to turn off your device and then switch it back on by pressing the Power and Volume Down keys simultaneously. Try it out and see if it will work for you.Remove the batteryOf course this option is for those with devices that bundle removable batteries.Just switch off your device, take out the cover of your phone and remove your battery. Give it about a minute or two before you return the battery back onto your phone.Once you put the battery back in, power your device back and voila!

Uninstall a few applications

If up to this point there has been no success, then the culprit is probably an application. Perhaps one of your installed apps is generating an issue so serious that your phone keeps booting to safe mode to prevent it from causing any damage to your phone. All you need to do now is find it and get rid of it.While there is no running of apps in Safe Mode, uninstalling them is possible. Head into Settings >> Apps and go your Downloaded apps list. Select an app by tapping on it, on the page that follows, hit the Uninstall button to remove it from your device.In most cases, the problematic app is probably one that you recently downloaded, so first start with your most recent apps before proceeding to your older ones.If you suspect an app, uninstall it and then restart your device. If once again you find yourself in Safe Mode, move on to the next app on your suspect list.Though the process might be long, its much better than our next option.

Factory reset your device

Performing a factory reset on your device will bring your device back to its original settings. It will return your device to normal, only that it will be like the way it was when you first bought it. All the settings, apps, files you had will be gone, so its probably a good idea to have them all backed up to avoid losing them.Once you're sure you want to continue with this process, head over to your Settings >> Backup &Reset >> Factory data reset. A notification will pop up warning you about what consequences the action will bring, may be with aim to try and change your mind.But if that doesn't faze you, just tap Reset Phone or Erase Everything to confirm.Wait as a part of you you used to know is erased. When your device powers back on, you'll definitely no longer be in Safe Mode but now you'll need to start everything on your phone from scratch.Have you ever been imprisoned by Safe Mode? What tactic did you use to get out? Let us know in the comments.

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