Have you ever thought of how much information Google holds on you? This search engine used by the majority of Internet users has made it easier to keep tabs on what you are sharing with it by using its impressive services, from browsing histories, YouTube searches, and Google to the place you have been while logged in.While the Google’s services are free, every user to a certain extent agrees to share personal information with its search engine through various means. Some of the information shared improves Google’s services so that it can cater for your needs more efficiently.Some of the data entered in the search engine can be used shared with the advertisers to make their adverts more effective.


Google derive most of the income from ads, which affects you whether you have a Google account or not. This tech giant uses tracking cookies to build an advertising profile. It is hard to avoid these ads when navigating the web, but you can use your account to have a view on the information shared.

My Account

Google launched a privacy and security dashboard ‘My Account’. This dashboard brings together all the user controls in one hub. ‘My Account’ has an option of how to delete the information shared if you wish.

What kind of information does Google collect on me?

This search engine giant claims that all the information it gathers is done with the intention of making its services better suited to your needs. It keeps a history of searchers and the videos you have watched and the adverts you interact with.You can check the information that is held about you. To see it, go to Personal & privacy tab in the central column. This is where all data including your phone number, search history, setting, and email address are stored.You can also review your Google+ profile and also manage any shared information that will appear in adverts.  That information can be used by Google in an ad displayed on Google search.You can choose under the Search Settings, you can turn on SafeSearch to filter out any explicit or inappropriate images that may crop up in image search. You can also access your search history which you can edit or turn off. It also shows you the searches you have made by day and the total number of searches and the top sites you have visited within the past one week. To more on how Google knows about you, click here.

Manage your information

To control the information you share, visit this two web pages, ‘Ad settings’ and ‘Web & App Activity’. The latter gives you a detailed preview of the browsing habits. This page allows you to delete the Web & App Activity history, as well as YouTube search information.The Ads settings give users control of what types of ads should pop up during Internet browsing. Users can disable these ads based on their interests.
Source: PCAdvisor

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What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
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Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
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