If you have a misbehaving Nexus 5X handset or if the performance of the flagship device seems off or it conveniently crashes just when you are trying to complete an important task, the cache may be responsible and wiping it out may be the immediate solution for your problems. Here is how you can clear the cache of your Nexus 5X.

What is the Nexus 5X Cache?

Any time your phone does something, it handles some type of data. It can be anything from the transfer of data to the display for viewing, or to your phone's storage. In a normal day, your phone can make quite a number of transfers, meaning anything that draws off even a tiny bit off any transfer can cause a significant impact on your entire phone, from its battery consumption to performance.A cache is basically where data that is most commonly used on a device, whether a phone, tablet or PC is transferred or copied, for faster accessibility.One great example of its usefulness is when browsing, data collected in the cache when a new page is loaded, gets rid of the need of re-downloading the page all over again once you tap the back option.However, when and if the cache system on your device experiences issues, then your device suffers as well. This can include apps randomly crashing, the device being seemingly slow or extreme battery draining. If the cache is the culprit then clearing it is the only option.

How To Clear Nexus 5X Cache

Wiping out the cache on Nexus 5X is not really time-consuming, all you need is basically your device and the following instructions:The initial step is powering off your Nexus 5X and then hold down both the Volume down and Power buttons simultaneously. Continue holding the keys down till you see the boot screen appear, which usually reads FASTBOOT MODE at the top.Once that's done, use the Volume Down button to scroll towards the Recovery option. When the option is highlighted, using the Power key select to it and then proceed to reboot your device in Recovery Mode.After the device has completed its rebooting, an Android robot that seems like its lying down should appear. Tap and hold down the Power button followed by the Volume Up to proceed to the recovery options and then using the Volume Down, navigate to the Wipe Cache Partition entry.Select using the Power button, then have the Yes option highlighted and then using the Power key, clear the cache. This will only take a short time, once its done clearing, a Reboot System Now prompt will show up on your screen. Tap on it and you are done.Just wait patiently for the reboot to finish, and if it takes a while don't worry about it because it is not unusual. This due to the fact that some Android cache rebuilding is necessary before start up.Have you ever tried clearing your device's cache? How did it affect your device? Let us know in the comments.

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