Galaxy Nexus has recently received the Android 4.2 update, the one that comes pre-installed on the new Google phone the Nexus 4. Unfortunately, the update seems to have been rushed on the Nexus, and now all users that updated their devices are facing a lot of problems.We have gathered a list with the most common issues on the Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.2 and tried to find a solution for them. Of course, there are problems that need to be addressed by Google directly in their next update to come.Here is a list with the Android 4.2 problems:
  1. Camera Lag. This is also the most common issue of Android 4.2 because it can be found in all Galaxy Nexus devices. So it goes like this, when you try to rotate the camera from landscape to portrait, it lags, it just takes too long to rotate. This is very annoying. The reason why the camera lags is because it rotates fullscreen when it should only rotate the two icons.
  2. Battery Problems. The list is long with battery issues on Android 4.2 for Galaxy Nexus but also Nexus 7. It seems the battery life is poorer with the new update, and also there are some apps that use a lot of battery. If you are lucky, you'll be able to fix your battery problem if it is caused by the Exchange Service. If you disable Exchange Services and then delete your account your problem should be fixed. You can even add a new Exchange Service account and it won't affect your battery drainage. Also if on Android 4.2 your battery drains too fast, try doing a factory reset, it should help. Also the battery after an update may need a few charging cycles to re-calibrate to normal. So try that also. If Google Services is eating all your battery, disable Location from the Location Settings. It's a major battery drainer.
  3. A lot of force closes. Another problem with Android 4.2 in Galaxy Nexus is that a lot of apps force close, even the launcher, This is probably the result of not adapting the apps to the new operating system. This issues should be fixed by the app developers in a short while.
  4. The devices reboots on its own randomly. This is an issue with the stability of the OS. It is supposed to run smooth as butter and to be rock stable. Well, it seems that after the 4.2 update the phone is rebooting on its own while running certain apps or even when doing nothing.
  5. Bluetooth issue. The problem with the Bluetooth is that after a few switchings on/off it won't turn on again. You'll have to restart the phone to make it work again. Also it seems that Bluetooth doesn't work in general. If you want to use it for any audio reason, it will probably sound really bad and also lose the connectivity.
  6. No December in Contacts app. If you didn't notice this yet, you will when you'll try to set up a birthday for someone born in the month of December. It seems that Google forgot to introduce an entire month in this app. So there's no December. How messed up is that right?
  7. Black screen of death issue. This means that your screen turns black and won't turn on again unless you plug the battery out of the phone.
For now these seem to be the biggest issues with the Android 4.2 update for the Galaxy Nexus. If you have any other issues share them with us and let's have Google be aware of them immediately.

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