Internet without video content is unimaginable nowadays. Every year, consumption of content via video increases by 100%. The combination of visuals, sound, and motion in the right proportions can have a big impact on viewers. Beyond that, it can help your brand earn trust and improve the quality of your relationship with the audience through marketing campaigns and social media posts. According to Statista, 61 percent of people ages 13-34 are watching more videos on social media apps during the COVID-19 pandemic. These statistics prove that now is the perfect time to use video content. If you are wondering how to be on top with your video content and use all the possibilities wisely, we have prepared some tips on making your video content better.

  1. Decide On The Concept

So, what makes a good video? One of the main secrets of a successful video is the strong idea behind it. Good video content is thought through and planned. We recommend you ask yourself the following questions during the video content creation:

  • What is the purpose of your video? (brand promotion, social awareness, education, etc.)
  • Who will be watching this video?
  • Where will this video be used?
  • When are you going to use this video?

It is also helpful to conduct in-depth research to know your target audience. Before making a video, listen to your audience and discover their pain points. For example, you can conduct a survey among your social media followers or send questions to your mailing list, asking about their biggest struggles and concerns. After taking into consideration the factors mentioned below, you will get a clearer vision of what you want and what you don’t need your video to be.

  1. Make It Relatable

Video becomes a very powerful instrument in the right hands. Use the magic of storytelling to increase the credibility of your brand by showing stories your audience can relate to. There are people on both sides: people who use your services or products and people behind the brand who make everything possible. Find the human core of your narrative and turn it into the emotional anchor of your video.

For example, you can reveal the culture of your company and give a voice to your employees. People are always curious about what is going on behind the scenes. Another way of putting storytelling to good use is to show real-life stories based on how your audience is living. This can help your future customers see how they might benefit from using the services or products that your brand proposes.

  1. Write A Script

A script is a great tool that helps you focus on the most important parts of your video and make sure that the video's flow is right. Here is the key to writing a good script:

  • Concentrate on the key points of the story you want to tell.
  • Choose one main thought and build the rest of the script around it.
  • Make sure that the message of your video is clear.
  • Decide on the general tone of the video (so your video can make the impression you expect it to).

After your script is ready, it might be helpful to read it out loud or ask someone to read it to you. That way, you will be able to notice if something in the script looks out of place. It is also important to remember that even though the script is the foundation of a video marketing script, there are no strict rules. You do not have to follow the script completely if small variances help get the point across better.

  1. Learn From Others

It may be useful to find content that is similar to the types of video you want to create. You can draw inspiration from the work of other people. Exploring the forms that art takes can lead to creativity. In the age of the Internet, it is easy to find new fresh ideas and discuss them with others. If you feel stuck, you can watch videos on how to create content. Many great tutorials on Youtube may help you learn useful tricks and secrets to express your ideas in the best way possible.

  1. Embrace Authenticity

The trend for flawless content is slowly fading, while authenticity is taking its place. People are getting tired of overly entertaining and overproduced videos. The best video content strategy for your brand might be to show more vulnerability and honesty. This trick may help you build a deeper and closer relationship with your audience. Your video does not have to look like a high-quality TV program if your message is well thought out and clear. In some cases, even footage that was shot on a simple phone may have a remarkable effect on people who watched it. The point of the video is to tell a story, not compete in the quality of your content and the size of the budget that you spent creating it.

  1. Be Creative

Every brand wants its video to be memorable. The truth is, you do not necessarily need to make your content complex and perfect in every way for it to stand out. Allowing yourself a little more creative freedom is enough to make good video content. Here are some ways how you can embrace creativity in your videos:

  • Make a Pinterest board with pictures that match your vision to get inspiration.
  • Try to use transitions and effects (we recommend you try a video editor for that).
  • Play with colors and shapes.
  • Experiment with the aspect ratio (an online video resizer is a great option for this type of work).
  • Consider adding animation or green screen to some parts of your video.

Do not be afraid to use your imagination and all the tools you have on your hands; taking risks is a part of every creative process, as well as learning from your mistakes. After you finish making your video, discuss it with other people and ask the audience what they think about it. It might be useful to collect and analyze the feedback on your video. That way, you will be able to see what things you did wrong and avoid mistakes in the future.

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