Headphones and headsets. If you've been out on the market at least once in your life for a new pair then you've definitely come across those two terms.

But, why? Why do we need to use different names for them? Aren't they doing the exact same thing? Just what is the difference between them anyway? Well, that's what we're going to be looking at today.


The primary difference between headphones and headsets is that headsets are generally made with communication as a priority. That's why most headsets come with a boom mic attached to them.

Typical headsets are mostly being used by professionals like tech support guys. Of course, that doesn't prevent consumers from using them either.

A headset is a good choice for someone who wants to make Skype calls or something similar in a convenient package. After all, as we mentioned above, headsets generally come with the microphone equipped.

That's good for PC users. But, maybe not the best option for Android smartphones.

Our smartphones are already equipped with a mic and a small speaker that is used for making calls. You can make high-quality calls as you are. And if you want handsfree usage, a pair of Bluetooth headphones may be your go-to choice. But, more on that later.

Gaming Headsets

When it comes to talking about headphones and headsets, apart from your typical headset, there are also gaming headsets. What's up with those?

Gaming headsets are primarily made for, well, gaming. Duh. For this reason, comfiness is usually the number one priority for them. After all, there are people who can keep on gaming for numerous hours in one sitting. Especially streamers.

It goes without saying that they come equipped with a microphone. And apart from that, they also come with gaming aesthetics and features like virtual surround, noise isolation, proprietary sound cards, etc.

Furthermore, the sound is also tuned primarily for gaming applications. As a result, the bass may be slightly lacking while mids and highs are usually a bit boosted.

Does that make headsets inferior for listening to music? Kinda. Due to the extra features and the boom mic that they have, headsets tend to sacrifice a bit of audio quality.


Headphones are primarily made for listening to music and/or watching movies. Not only that, but portability is also a bigger concern here.

After all, what would you rather carry around? A bulky gaming headset with the huge boom mic? Or a compact, foldable pair of headphones like the one that you can see in the image above?

Also, it's not like you're going to engage in a long, serious chat session while you're on the road or something. So, generally, headphones are your go to choice for an on the go experience. Also for listening to music.

The fact that headphones lack most of the extra features that headsets offer allows them to achieve better sound quality for the same price point. Not only that, but you're more likely to find noise canceling on headphones since most of them are made with being used outdoors in mind.

Mid to high-range headphones almost always come equipped with a microphone. But, unlike headsets, the mic is a small, built-in microphone.

Is it as good as the boom mics that headsets use? Most likely not. But, again, you're mostly using headphones for listening to music and the built-in mic is more than enough for a quick phone call.

Headphones And Headsets: Wrapping up

To summarize things up, headsets generally come with boom mics attached to them, extra features, comfiness, while sacrificing a bit of audio quality. Not to mention that certain headsets aren't compatible with smartphones at all. Especially the ones that come with a USB connection.

Headphones, on the other hand, may come with a built-in mic, but they are primarily made for listening to music. Portability also takes higher priority.

Overall, if something like gaming is your primary concern and mobile use comes as an after thought, go for a headset. If listening to music and mobile use is your primary concern, then go with headphones.

Just do keep in mind that most gaming headsets like the Cloud 2s are generally more comfortable than headphones. Mostly because they are made with comfiness in mind.

Though, with that being said, it's not like you're going to be listening to music for 8 hours straight, right?

Feel like we forgot to mention something important? Got something wrong? Then let us and everyone else know about it in the comments section down below!

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