The Samsung Galaxy is already a robust device, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your user experience more by trying out additional accessories.

 One of the best things about smartphones is that there is an entire market of accessories out there that add innovative features to your device. Navigating that market and deciding which products are the most useful can be tricky. 

Here’s our list of the best Samsung Galaxy accessories.

Protective Phone Cases

It sounds redundant and obvious at this point, but a protective phone case can never recommend enough. Lots of people neglect to purchase one because they think they’re reliable enough to keep their phone in mint condition. 

But, accidents do happen.

Another reason that protective phone cases are so exceptional is that they allow you to dress up your phone in a way that reflects your personality. There are plenty of stylish designs on the market. Protect your Samsung by getting a phone case today. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the perfect device to pair with your smartphone. Sometimes, you’re not in a situation where you can pull out your phone to check an important email or text message.

This stylish watch makes it easy to stay updated without having to carry your phone all of the time. It has a bunch of other great features like health tracking. The device is made from a scratch-resistant glass and waterproof shell, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it. 

==>Shop for Samsung Galaxy Watch

A MicroSD

Even though Samsung Galaxy’s come with a fair amount of memory, even the cheaper models, you may run out of storage at some point. 

Samsung allows for expandable storage using microSD cards, something that many other smartphone manufacturers don’t do. This is great if you have a lot of files or photos that you keep on your smartphone.

You don’t have to commit to the more expensive device, but you can still access a larger storage capacity by purchasing this useful accessory. 

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A Wireless Charging Stand

Some people can’t stand wires, which is fair. Having too many cables can cause clutter and disorganization. One way to combat this is by purchasing a wireless phone charger for your Samsung Galaxy.

Wireless charging pads not only charge your phone quickly, but they act as a stand so you can keep an eye on your phone and respond promptly to any notifications.

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A Wireless Car Charger

Similar to the traditional wireless charging stand, this car charging stand allows you to charge your phone without any wires.

An added benefit is that you can mount this on your dashboard so you can easily follow your GPS and control your music without having to carry your phone in your hand.

This is significantly safer than keeping your phone in your lap and continuously looking down. 

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Phone Grips

Phone grips, or pop-sockets, are very popular nowadays. These little accessories give you another opportunity to personalize your phone and select a design that appeals to you.

Additionally, they give you a more secure grip on your phone, so you aren’t as likely to drop it. Best of all, they’re relatively inexpensive, so you can switch them out as often as you please.

Screen Protector

Screen protectors are another essential accessory that many people buy soon after getting their smartphone. If you are against getting a phone case for whatever reason, you should at least get a screen protector for the added protection. 

You can even get a matte screen protector to minimize glare and make it easier for your finger or stylus to glide on the screen smoothly.

==>Shop for a Samsung Wireless Screen Protector

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There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
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