Since smartphones came into existence, numerous rumors and myths have followed. Whether it’s the software, hardware or simply the type of technology used in the design, there is literally no myth you won’t find. In this article we are going to share some of the most prevalent myths that have users even more misinformed about smartphones.1. Closing apps running in the background will maximize the battery life and speed of your deviceFor the purpose of multi-tasking, most apps are usually left to run in the background, and creates the assumption that with the shared system processors, you device is more likely to slow down or drain your battery.Though that may make sense, it is however not true. Most operating systems regulate the tasks that these apps can perform in the background, which means the effect on your handset’s battery life or performance is quite minimal. In relation to your phone lagging, it is unlikely that multi-tasking is to blame.The outcome of this myth has been an array of task killing apps available for download across all stores. Though this apps perform the tasks they are meant to, they do little to save you on battery saving.2. Draining out your battery before recharging is good for your batteryUnlike the former NiMH and NiCAD that needed to be completely drained out then charged to a full 100 percent in order to last longer, our present lack ‘cell memory’ so they are much different. This in some sense is true but while it doesn’t increase your battery life, experts say that you should perform the 0-100 charging cycle at least once in three months. This is a process called ‘calibration’ that makes your display reading more accurate.3. Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Direct are Battery KillersFor efficient file transfer in a more rapid manner, most of use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi direct. Though the notion that using this useful features drain your battery were formerly true for older generation devices, it does apply to our up-to date smartphones. By just switching on your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi there is zero to minimal power use, the real power use comes in when transferring files to another connected device.4. Better Specs for Better PerformanceOn the outlook side, this myth seems true for most devices but this is not a solid pointer for the overall performance of the device. With the many releases of Android devices with some pretty outstanding features, this does not equate them to be an awesome phone.We have this especially in the device camera department, a 12 megapixel camera may seem like an answer to high quality images but you may find an 8 megapixel camera is superior to the 12-megapixel shot images.Among the many things that make a great phone are the operating systems, and the way their features run when in use. This holds true for devices that employ multi-processors5. The device’s original charger should the standard and only charger to useWith every device manufactured there is an accessory built for it, this myth is meant to keep customers buying their accessories, which in turn means increased profits.What they don’t tell you is that any charger with the same specs as the manufacturer’s charger, is good enough to perform the job safely and effectively. The only difference is whether the third party charger is of an original quality or a cheap knock off that may cause some serious damage to your phone battery.6. Overnight Charging damages your batteryAt some point in the past this was actually true, but with the newer generation battery and charging technologies, it is now completely misleading. Older batteries weren’t smart enough to know when they were full, which led to overcharging which had some serious effects on the phone battery over time.With the present charging technologies, once your device battery is full, it stops utilizing electricity.7. Switching your Phone to Flight Mode Prevents you from being trackedThe only effect caused by Flight Mode on your device, is that your phone’s Wi-Fi and cellular networks are turned off. This does not however keep you from being tracked particularly via satellite.Which of these myths are you a victim of? Are there any more myths you've come across before? Share them with us in our comments section.

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There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
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