The spooky season is here, but what’s scarier than blood-drenched costumes and ghosts? Mass online surveillance and internet censorship!

Even with the way 2020 has gone down, the free spirit of Halloween is alive as the young troublemakers work on costumes to prepare for a night of fun. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of carved pumpkins and haunted houses, there’s plenty of reason to be scared of intruders on the World Wide Web. Whether it’s the NSA that’s watching every move you make online, or hackers who’ve got their eyes set on you as their next target, you need some added protection.

But it’s not just about securing your network connection, especially when geo-restricted are keeping the best movies and TV shows out of reach. When Netflix is limiting you to a regional library with just a handful of quality content, or region-locked online channels keep you at an arm’s length from live sports telecasts, you need a VPN to help you get past the fence.

In the spirit of Halloween, PureVPN is stepping up to the plate and giving you an opportunity to grab a treat with no tricks involved. Let’s do away with the fear of spyware, surveillance, and content censorship altogether with the reliable PureVPN service, now offered at a treat of price. But every VPN out there claims to be the best of the best, what makes PureVPN stand out?

Here’s a Scary-Good Halloween PureVPN Deal!

Apart from the hoard of sugar-craving little monsters rushing your door, there’s yet another surprise heading your way this Halloween. PureVPN is going all in for a Spooktacular VPN deal that is bound to knock your socks off!

Here’s what you will you can hope to find inside the PureVPN Halloween grand offer:

  • Multi-platform support of PureVPN apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • More than 4,000 VPN servers to connect with (upgraded from 2,000) for better regional unblocking and low latency.
  • A robust 10 GB/s network connection (upgraded from 1GB/s), for scary fast speeds across all channels.
  • Access to 7 different regional Netflix libraries, which inlcudes the US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Australia.
  • The transparency feature of always-on audit maintains your privacy at all cost.

The best part is that this Halloween extravaganza offer from PureVPN is available at an amazing 85% discount. The standard yearly plan which was being offered for the price of $79, is now being slashed down like teenagers at a haunted lake house. The extended 5-year plan for PureVPN is now available for only $99 – now that’s a sweet deal you don’t want to miss out on!

Remember, the limited-time-only deal is valid only up until the end of the month. So make sure your Halloween October ends on a super sweet note with the PureVPN Halloween deal.

Why Pick PureVPN?

There are plenty of reasons why PureVPN has become a crowd favorite among PC and mobile users alike. 

Security First

When you're using a premium service such as PureVPN, all of the data transferred over secure servers are put through a high level of encryption. With PureVPN, when you're connected to an open Wi-Fi network or accessing the web at Starbucks, you don't have to worry about user data being recorded and shared.

No Log Policy 

Plenty of VPN service providers out there promise that they don't keep logs of user data, but why take them on their word? PureVPN is the only VPN service out there to be a No-Log Certified VPN in the cybersecurity industry. PureVPN has opted for always-on audit, allowing auditing firms such as KPMG to conduct a non-scheduled systems audit without any prior notice. You can always rest assured knowing that the promise of never storing the user's sensitive browser information is upheld. 

Access Region-Locked Content

Among the most beneficial features of PureVPN is the ability to modify your geographical location. By accessing remote servers, you have the power to unlock media and other content that is region-locked, thus opening up the World Wide Web - the way it was meant to be. Whether you wish to stream Netflix USA in any other region to view more movies and TV shows, or log into the Google Play Store of another area, fetch an app that isn't available in your country, PureVPN the way to go. 

Final Words

Apart from offering all the coolest features you could expect from a VPN service, PureVPN never skimps on quality and customer satisfaction. Trustpilot backs this claim with a strong 4.8-star rating provided by 10,000+ PureVPN users who can’t get enough of it. Don’t regret missing out on the hottest, scary-good deal this Halloween, and grab the PureVPN Spooktacular Deal right now!

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