Many professional home security systems offer extra features to customize your protection. With a myriad of smart home security equipment in the market, you may find it challenging to choose which devices would add the most value to your home. Check CPI security reviews for a variety of packages and add-ons that come with professional installation. If you're unsure where to start, read on to find out the four smart home security system complementary products that you don't want to miss out on. 

  1. Smoke and Heat Detectors. If you can only get one smart home security device, for now, it has to be a smoke detector. Even if you're not into home automation, a smoke alarm is one of the essential appliances every household should have. Traditional smoke detectors are designed to alert people inside the house in case of a fire. On the other hand, smart smoke detectors can send notifications to your smartphone or tablet and the fire department, even if you are many miles away from home. You can arrange for the device to disable your air handling systems as soon as it detects the presence of smoke particles in the air. This way, you can prevent the spread of fire while people evacuate safely. If you have frequent false alarms from your smoke detectors, another way to protect your home from fire is through heat detectors. It triggers the alarm once the device detects a factory pre-set temperature or when there's a rapid increase in temperature.
  1. Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a byproduct of burning carbon fuel, such as the gasoline in your car or the natural gas in your kitchen stove. This energy source is not hazardous when burnt in an open and well-ventilated area. But CO could be toxic when burnt in confined spaces, such as the kitchen, basement, garage, or camper. Since the compound is colorless and odorless, it's hard to detect without a sensor. Installing CO detectors can prevent you and your loved ones from getting severe exposure. Integrating this device into your smart home is the fastest way to prevent CO poisoning. It's advisable to install one on every level of your home. They work pretty much like a smoke alarm, which sounds the siren once it detects the compound. 
  1. Water Leak or Moisture Detector. Fire might be everyone's greatest fear. But many insurance companies will tell you that water damage seems to be a far more common risk. Water leaks can result from different problems, such as burst pipes, clogged toilets, or a failing water heater. Hooking up a water leak or moisture detector to the system will give you a heads up if your home is at risk. Once the sensor detects water leak or moisture, you will get a notification. This way, you can hurry back home, check out the problem, and have your plumber spring into action.
  1. Programmable Thermostat. Are you tired of paying for heating and cooling while you're gone? A programmable thermostat is designed to adjust your home temperature automatically. This feature lets you control the temperature at your home while you're away, then raise it right before you get back home. This is possible through a series of preprogrammed settings at various times of the day, giving you comfort while saving energy year-round. 

These are just a few of the numerous things that today's smart home ecosystem offers. When it comes to your family, nothing is more important than their safety and security. If you can, invest in a system that does not only detect burglars. The additional peace of mind from these innovative solutions to protect your home is priceless. 

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