Finding the best video player for Android is essential if you enjoy most of your video content offline and on the go. There are plenty of contenders out there on the Google Play Store to choose from, and here are some of the best and brightest to try out.

Right from the beginning when smart devices found the mainstream platform for networking and entertainment, there has been a sharp focus on what media content mobile devices are capable of playing. While the early handheld devices were limited to specific video formats, the rise of smart operating systems and extended support for video and audio codecs helped the modern smartphones become capable of being multimedia powerhouse devices that they are today. It was this transition of media from physical to a digital format that stands as a reason for the existence of numerous best video player for Android apps.

Although the world is shifting towards the streaming style of media entertainment with the advent of platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, it hasn’t rocked the boat of popularity that some of the top video player apps for Android enjoy to this date. There are times when you either can’t afford to stream high definition media when you don’t have a stable wireless network connection, or when you want to watch movies and TV shows in places where there isn’t any form of connectivity at all.

Best Video Player for Android Apps

When you’re stuck on the hours-long journey that is just too boring to go through with idly, you may find the need to replace it with a blockbuster movie or award-winning TV show. Thanks to some of the best video player apps that are available for Android on the Google Play Store, you no longer need to be connected to the network grid to enjoy some quality media. To make your search easier, we’ve shortlisted the best and brightest video player apps for you to pick from, right down below.


What started off as an attempt by geeks to get the original Xbox gaming console turned into a media player, Kodi media player has now become a big player in the streaming business. Starting off with support for every major video and audio format known to man, Kodi acts as an operating system of its own, allowing users to create their very own database of videos, pictures, and more, while connecting to several different onboard and cloud storage spaces. The secret sauce to Kodi media player’s success has to be attributed to the Kodi add-ons that supplement everything from free movies and TV shows, to podcasts and radio stations.

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Ever wondered what a blissful world it would be if you could implement the power of mirroring media from different devices to the big screen as Chromecast does? Well, a veteran in the Android rooting community brings you the next generation best video player for Android in the form of AllCast, which allows you to cast to Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Xbox One, Roku, Apple TV, and several other DLNA devices that includes everything from media centers to smart TVs. Supporting most of the major media formats out there, all you need to do is press the switch on and send your media content flying to smart devices all around.

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While Kodi media player suffers from some negative publicity due to its support for unofficial content featuring add-ons, Plex is all legit when it comes to media management and streaming. Designed to live across different operating systems and allowing users to create a local and server-based media library that makes it easy to manage content, Plex packs a powerful punch with support for personalized media organization, music streaming, and even premium content streaming with services such as live TV with the help of Plex Pass premium subscription service.

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Developed in the early days of the desktop Windows computer when users were at the mercy of the inefficient and limiting Windows Media Player, VLC is an open-source media player software. The cross-platform has now made its way to the mobile world on Android OS, allowing users to play every video and audio codec, just like it does on the big screen while adding some neat mobile-centric features too. Apart from viewing content on the device’s storage, there’s room even to hook up your mobile phone to network servers and enjoy streaming content from anywhere, at any time.

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Archos Video Player

In the early days of multimedia devices, Archos emerged as a brand that allowed users to enjoy high definition video content on the go. The days of dedicated media tablets may be long gone, but the brand has found prominence through the creation of the best video player for Android on this list. Covering not just the basics of MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, and many others, along with the advanced features such as hardware acceleration and subtitle support, Archos Video Player comes with some features such as 3D video support, Audio Boost, and TV-specific features such as the simplified user interface that makes it easier to just sit back and enjoy the show.

Get Archos Video Player on the Google Play Store

MX Player

Before the biggest names in the media player world such as VLC and Archos joined the league for mobile entertainment, users were at the mercy of the native mobile phone video player, which were seldom self-sufficient. That’s when MX Player came to the rescue of millions of Android users, offering not just the support for every known video and audio format, but an intuitive user experience design that made it easier to watch all forms of media. One of the first to introduce gestures that allow resizing the screen and even the subtitle layout, MX Player now even offers additional features of file sharing, and kids lock for comfortable viewing.

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KM Video Player

It’s a simple fact that the crown for the best video player for Android will always go to the ones that have been there the longest and created a strong following over the years. However, the KM Video Player app is the testament to the fact that Android apps can reach to the front of the pack by offering useful features that none of the older ones does. Not only does this video player app cover the basics with features such as widespread media format support, you get speed control for the video playback, night mode that’s easy on your eyes, importing content directly from Google Drive, and the Mirror More, which allows you to seamlessly play the same content on two different devices.  

Get KM Video Player on the Google Play Store

Final Words

Gone are the days when you had to get yourself Blu-ray DVDs to enjoy movies and TV shows in 1080p full-HD. The modern smartphone and tablet have become the hub of entertainment, not just through premium channels such as Netflix and Hulu, but unofficial sources that still offer users a way to fetch gigabytes worth of content online for free. Since the media available online for download presents dozens of different formats, you need a media player that can efficiently play the content, and even enable you to do more with added features. We’ve rounded up the best video player for android collection with options ranging from veteran names to the up and coming names for you to pick from.

Which of the star-studded video player apps from the collection above would you endorse for an offline media entertainment experience? If we’ve hit the skip button on a video player app that definitely should be on the list, let us know in the comments section and we’ll review it pronto!

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