Ever since the internet has existed, the dire need for security and browsing privacy has been a debatable issue. As hackers continue to deploy spyware into the World Wide Web, the last line of defense we can employ is a VPN.

While the concept of browsing with complete privacy and anonymity with the help of a Virtual Private Network is a common practice these days, the sheer number of options can make your head spin. In this jungle of VPN services, rises Private Internet Access (PIA) with the claim to be committed to keeping your data private.

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Check out our review below, and if PIA sounds good to you, then you should enter our giveaway for a chance to try it for free – more details at the end of the post.

Private Internet Access – Features

With a subscription to PIA, you get access to more than 3200 servers in 25 countries spanning across the globe, including several European countries, USA, India, Russia, Canada, Japan, and many others. Connecting to a USA Netflix account from India using Private Internet Access VPN was a breeze, with almost no inconsistency even with average internet speeds.

Keeping your IP address anonymous, protection against malware, and blocking ads is what you expect from every VPN, and Private Internet Access does it effortlessly. Taking the security factor one step further, PIA offers IPv6 leak protection and DNS leak protection.

The service comes with a built-in trigger to disable your internet connection when the VPN server is disconnected. For advanced users, Private Internet Access offers PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec protocols, along with port forwarding to create your own private DNS servers.

Private Internet Access – User Interface and Experience

Signing up for the VPN service takes not more than just a few clicks, and thanks to more than a dozen modes of payment. The Windows client used in the review is available once you’ve signed up, and comes with a pretty barebone user interface, which is ideal for newbies. For the tech savvy users, the Advanced tab brings about data encryption and authentication options, and the region can also be selected right from the log-in screen.

Private Internet Access Android App comes also comes a similar minimalist user interface and comes with all the encryption options that the computer version boasts. Signing in easy and takes just a minute for you to connect to any of the regions you select.

Cheaper VPN services are known to siphon out your internet speed in favor of high encryption standards but this does not seem to be the case with PIA. Even on an average 5Mbps, there was only a hairline difference between the internet speed with the VPN connected. Surfing YouTube on 1080P while being connected to the UK server buffered just once, which you can with.

Private Internet Access – Pricing and Plans

While some VPN services smartly rope in its users by providing some free trial period offers, PIA goes straight to business with monthly, 6 months, and yearly plans. The monthly plan starts off at $6.95, but you can save big with the 6-month plan at $35.95, and yearly plan at just $39.95 (52% savings).

While there are cheaper VPN services out there, Private Internet Access is second to none when it comes to giving the utmost security features. However, if you are still skeptical about putting your hard earned money into it, you can always avail the 7-day money back guarantee that the service offers.

The Final Verdict

In a VPN market that is massively crowded by services of all shapes and sizes, Private Internet Access VPN forms a path to follow. Standing out of the crowd for its simplicity while harboring plenty of complex security protocols, PIA is one of the safest, and definitely one of the easiest VPN services to get around.

The Giveaway

If PIA sounds like the VPN for you, then you’re in luck. We’ve got ten promo codes that come with a month’s trial for Private Internet Access. To get a chance to win them, comment on this post and let us know what you think of VPNs and why you’d like to try one. We’ll draw ten winners from the participants and contact you for the promo codes.

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  • Ervin

    I live in the Caribbean so VPN’s are a must to access region specific content. It’s a great convenience and the added security is a plus. This VPN (Private Internet Access) has a lot of useful features that other VPN’s that I came across never had.

  • Monica

    This product is good sense in an age of gross snooping and allows the common folk a chance to surf the net in privacy and just great for getting around country blocks.
    Thanks for the nice giveaway. I would be extremely happy to win this code.

  • Fred

    I’m not happy with my current VPN and would like to try a new one, especially since I’ve heard many good things about it.

  • Tom

    Travelling a lot. Need to secure wifi connection in the hotels and other public places, so your giveaway is a great chance for me to try this vpn.

  • Pertti

    Can’t find good solution on how to normally watch movies on restricted websites, maybe PIA can resolve my problems. I wish to express my appreciation for providing this giveaway.

  • John1

    Internet censorship in my country with each year becomes more aggressive.
    I need cheap vpn to have free access to restricted web resources.

  • vaglar

    I need this deal so bad.Because i live in Turkey.Need i say more?

  • Jim

    Need possibility of using VPN with a large number of devices and also to improve latency in some online games that I play.

  • Bass

    I want this vpn because Facebook and Twitter is going to close in five days or in a week in my country.

    I daily use Facebook and twitter. You can check my ip address that where from i am.

    Thanks !

  • Allyson

    This is an awesome Giveaway, i want to win this vpn !

  • Andrea Hendricks

    Wish I saw his earlier as I’m #10 but I didn’t know of this site until just now ! I just learned this is a thing and am wanting the privacy if available in my area. These new laws are scary.

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