Galaxy Note 3By now all that we have learned about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is that it will come with a 5.99″ screen. All the rumors pointed towards that. However today everything was turned upside down by a Twitter post by EVLeakes. They are saying that the Note 3 will have a 5.7″ screen. This, compared with the previous Note, is only 0.2 inches larger.

Samsung applied the same strategy with the Galaxy S4, they made it 2 inches larger than the S3. Are they going on the same road with the Note 3? Who knows, as long as the Snapdragon 800 CPU and the 13 MP camera stay, it should be pretty cool. The overall design should look similar with the S4, with a small bezel and a silver strap on the sides.

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Here’s a leaked picture with the Note 3 that looks similar with the S4:

Note 3 leaked 2

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  • p51d007

    Don’t you mean .2 (point 2) inches bigger?
    The reason I held off and kept my note 1, was I figured the 2 wasn’t much of an upgrade for me. Now, going from the note1 to the note3 will mean going from a 5″ screen to a 5.7″ screen. 3/4 of an inch difference better than a 2/10″ difference.

    • Tudor Graur

      Yes, 0.2, thanks for the tip :)

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