New Android gaming console from Amazon?

BY Claudiu F. / January 29, 2014
BY Claudiu F. / January 29, 2014 / News

1Amazon is one of the best businesses around. Jeff Bezos is not just an entrepreneur, but a genius creating such a large empire as Amazon. In the last couple of years, Amazon tried to enter the entertainment market and to deliver different types of products. A new report shows that it is possible that Amazon could launch this year a $300 gaming console with Android.

This new product will probably join the vast streaming services of Amazon, further enticing users to sign up for the Amazon Prime program ( which has almost 10 million users ).

Even if Amazon didn’t make a major move till it’s launching on the tablet market, it seems that new gaming console will have an impact in the consoles market, with huge competitors such as PlayStation, XBox and Wii.

VG24/7 reports that the new feature – under various development codenames – is roughly the size and shape of the original Sony PS1 console, while TechCrunch believes the device will run a Qualcomm chipset in the same family as the Snapdragon processor.

The gaming market is a very rough market, but we consider that Amazon can have a chance due to its app stores and the variety of software it can deliver. Will this new gaming console make you to become a true gamer?

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