Beware of fake Super Mario Run games on Google Play Store

BY Bethwel Njore / December 22, 2016
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BY Bethwel Njore / December 22, 2016 / News

Fake Super Mario games have surprisingly made their way on Google Play Store. This happened after a Super Mario Run version was made exclusively for Apple handsets.

When the game hit the top store in the App Store after a few hours of release, some developers have started replicating the Super Mario Run and uploading their own copies for Android owners to download.

The fake games have caused alarm to both Nintendo developers and gamers. One of the fake versions of the real Super Mario Run is ‘Mario Run Jumper’ that features the main character wearing a lonely face. Moreover, the graphics and the gameplay are unimpressive. They are incomparable to the real Super Mario Run. However, Google has announced that Mario Run Jumper has been suspended. There is also another fake version called Super Plumber Run which also has been taken down by Google

Experts have warned Android users from downloading an APK file as they can accidently install malware on their mobile handsets. The malware could damage your smartphone or tablet or even steal sensitive information without your consent.

In addition, Android users should also avoid making payments for links that supposedly download the original version of Super Mario Run game. Most of those who make such payments will fall for scammers.

Android users should take precaution and wait for the game to be made available on the Google Play Store.

Your best option is to wait till Nintendo releases it for Android. Wait is hard especially when no one knows when it will be availed on Android. However, for the sake of your phone’s security, waiting is the best option. Until then, disregard all your APKs or applications on the Google Play Store which claims to be it. Check the name of the developer to know whether it is fake or real.

Source: Android Central

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