Install Multi Window For Galaxy S2 (Deodexed XXLSJ)

BY Tudor Graur / November 27, 2012
BY Tudor Graur / November 27, 2012 / How To

Galaxy S2 is now compatible with Multi Window with the use of a MOD developed by  XDA member mythtrandyr. This MOD enhances the Galaxy Note 2 feature that has been so mediated in the Galaxy Note 2 commercials, that allows you to run two simultaneous apps on the screen at the same time.

It has been said that an official release of Multi Window for Samsung Galaxy S II will not be released due to the small screen that makes it hard to use two applications and have two windows on the screen at the same time. As it seems, the Galaxy S2 is good enough to run true multitasking with two apps on the screen.

Requirements: If you want to install the Multi Window MOD you’ll need to have a Galaxy S2 running a Deodexed version of the XXLSJ Release

Features of the Multi Window MOD:

  • Lockscreen allows 4 shortcuts
  • Adds Ripple Lockscreen
  • Volume rocker enables song skip
  • Removes homebutton lag
  • 4-way reboot

How to install Multi Window MOD for Galaxy S II:

  2. Download the Installation file from HERE and place the file on the sd card
  3. Flash the MOD via CWM Recovery or Stock Recovery

How to Disable/Enable the Multi Screen Tab on your homescreen:

  1. First of all enable Multi Window from Settings > Display > Tick Multi Window
  2. Now, to disable the multi screen tab that appears on the homescreen and probably annoys you, you have to press the capacitive back button, while you are on the homescreen. Wait until the tab disappears. Note that this will not disable the app!
  3. To enable the multi window tab back again repeat the procedure with the back button.


  1. Hi please help
    I downloaded the multiwindows mod and put onto ext sd card
    I turned off phone. Turned back on again in recovery.
    I flashed the mod and it said it was sucessful
    I rebooted phone
    Ripple lockscreen working
    Only 3 shortcuts on lockscreen
    The multiwindows tick box is in settings and on notification bar
    The multiwindows tab is on side of homescreen with apps in but cant add apps to it. Wont let me drag anything across to bar.
    When I take app from multiwindows bar and put on homescreen then take another the split screen arrow splits the screen but the second app takes the whole screen up with the split bar in the middle. I.e cant get two apps on the screen.
    Thank you

    Ripple lockscreen working
    Only 3

  2. same issue guys.somebody tell us whats going on?i have a deoxed 4.1.2 jb and even it works at first after reboot it stucks and wont let me drag and have half split screen.somebody answer us what to do

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