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How to fix an Android speaker problem

BY Morgan W. / February 24, 2017
BY Morgan W. / February 24, 2017 / How To

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We’ve all been there.

You’re on your phone listening to music or talking to your friends and it happens. Your speaker stops working altogether. You try turning up the volume, turning the phone off and on, and banging the phone against a wall. Nothing works.

You, my friend, have an Android speaker problem.

If your phone is having speaker issues, Updato has you covered.

All you have to do is go through the super helpful troubleshooting guide below to figure out what the problem is with your speaker and how to fix it.

The Android Speaker Problem Troubleshooting Guide

Step 1: Identify the issue

No sound is coming out of my speaker.”

If you’re experiencing this, there could be a few reasons why. Par example, you might be using a headset or other device with your phone, which could be causing speaker problems. Either way, you’ve got issues. Move on to Step 2.

Step 2: See if your headset is causing the issue

  • Remove any and all accessories you’re using, including your headset, and place a test call by leaving a message on your voicemail.
  • Check your voicemail messages and play back the test message.
  • If you can hear the message, you will need to replace the headset.
  • If you can’t hear the message, move on to step 3.

Step 3: Test the external speakers

  • Make a test video clip with audio and record your voice for a few seconds.
  • Play back the recording on your external speakers.
  • If you can hear the audio, the speakers are fine.
  • If you can’t, try performing a factory data reset.
  • If that works, great! If not, move onto Step 4.

Step 4: Let the pros handle it

  • If none of the steps above have fixed your Android speaker problem, get your phone checked out at a service center. You may have a hardware issue, which means you’ll need to have the speaker replaced.

Cell phones are expensive tools that we use constantly throughout our daily lives. Few things are more frustrating than when they don’t work. But having an Android speaker problem isn’t the end of the world. Once you remove your headset, test the speakers, and hightail it over to your nearest Samsung dealer if need be, you’ll be back up and running in no time.

Let us know your experience with your Android phone’s speakers by going to the Updato forum!

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  1. My samsung s3 mini sometimes had no sound at all when receiving calls. When ï reboot or remove the battery, the sound functions again. At least for a while. The USB connector seems damaged. After charging the icon indicating the battery is full stays on screen

  2. Hi dear technician,
    I have a problem with my note4,
    When i try to record an sound track in all time i have a big noise in recorded track, this problem is exist when i use video call.

  3. Just got a note 4 and everytime someone fones me I canrt hargle hearthem checked volume checked setting I need help in sorting this problem coz I need to hear them n I carnt put them on loud speaker all the time so I can hear what they ate saying

  4. when u need to be hands free you don’t have a head set .you put your phone on speaker but the speaker í not working ?????

  5. I updated the software recently and since then my speakerphone automatically comes on when I make or receive a call and I have to turn it off. Also the rear speaker is so low in volume I miss calls. What can I do to fix this. ..

    1. If this happened right after the software update, it’s probably a software issue – try reverting to a previous firmware version! If you’re not sure about how to do that, visit our forum: we can help!

  6. Have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy s6 ..only can hear every other word ..this is my 5th phone everyone had the same problem

    1. I am having the same problem. I am on phone # 3. What are they doing to fix the problem?

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  8. When i put my GALAXY NOTE EDGE on SPEAKER, I can hear the caller but the caller cannot hear me AT ALL! How can I fix this?

  9. I have the same issue as Kathleen. I have completed a factory reset and put in a new speaker. Still not working! :( Hope someone can help figure it out!

  10. I have the samsung note 4. similar issues with the speakerphone causing the mic not to work. if I scream into it, the other person can faintly faintly hear me… however, ever other function the mic works flawlessly, ok google, voice to text, general recording etc… which makes me believe this is some software conflict. also, bluetooth does work.

    Things tried and not solved issue:
    – latest OS upgrade
    – every setting altered in ‘phone’ app
    – 3rd parter dialer apps
    – 3rd party speaker phone apps
    – ok google turned off
    – ‘phone app’ data and cache cleared
    – pin to clean mic holes (does each mic hole have a separate function?)
    – removed back cover for phone call

    any more ideas to try? I don’t want to factory reset or get a new phone. heard this leads to same issue anyway.

  11. Did a factory reset I still can’t hear the ring or anything from my phone its only vibrates

  12. did a factory reset and the speaker aint working. I cant listen to music nor hear a person when I turn on the loudspeaker… the internal speakers is fine cause the earpiece works just fine. I’m bored, need to listen to music.
    some help pleeeaasse!!

  13. My speacker is not working and i tired everything and it still want work and everytime i try to watch a video it want let me and everytime i tyrn my volume up i cant hear nothing

  14. I have an Alcatel one touch pop and my external speaker worked just fine then out of no where quit on me….any ideas?

  15. I have my samsung s5 mini brand new , bough 1 month ago, but most of my caller can’t hear me well, that i never experience before on my old phone. Help

  16. Same old with Samsung. Getting sick of it. 5 phones.. 2 notes and 3 s3 phones and all same issue. It is rarely speaker damage or usb damage. Samsung need to rectify this issue as they know it exists and should have it covered by warranty.

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  18. Heather iv a samsung 6edge suddenly after iv had it reset cze i bloked my phone bakup password i was listning to youtube n suddenly all sounds hav gone i can only get watsap vibrations or my earphns to wrk … someone???

  19. Just got a note 6 and everytime someone fones me I cann’t hearthem checked volume checked setting I need help in sorting this problem coz I need to hear them n I cann’t put them on loud speaker all the time so I can hear what they ate saying

  20. My problem is my Galaxy Alpha. when i make a call, i could not hear the dialling tone. but when i use the headset it ok. pls advise

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