How to Check Your Samsung Smartphone for Water Damage Using LDI

BY Tudor Graur / February 24, 2017
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BY Tudor Graur / February 24, 2017 / How To

LDI stands for Liquid Damage Indicator. The LDI is a small indicator located inside the battery and also on the battery itself. This tool is very useful if you want to check your device for water damage. Usually water damage causes your device to overheat, or prevents the battery from charging.

A lot of problems with your device may come from water damage and that’s why you need to know how to check your phone for water damage. In order to check for water damage you have to remove the case from your device and pull off the battery.

How to check Samsung phones for water damage using the Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI):

First of all, in order to know that your battery isn’t affected by water damage, the LDI has to be solid white or white with small X’s colored in pink or purple on it. Here is an example of a non-affected LDI:


If your device was exposed to moisture or water, the LDI will turn solid pink, red or purple. Here is an example of a water damaged device:AA130405140838864310

In the case that you discover a positive LDI, meaning that your device was affected by water, you will have to take your device to get it repaired. These type of repairs are not covered by Samsung’s Limited Warranty.

Did you have water damage problems on your phone? Tell us all about ’em on our forum!


  1. any tricks to drying out? Battery and phone LDI’s show dark pink x’s. where do I take for repair if necessary? Can I replace battery?

    1. It’s best if a professional looked at the phone, to make sure nothing more than the battery was damaged.

      Or you could post on our forum ( and have the community take a look!

  2. hi all

    my phone fell inside a bucket full of water, my galaxy grand battery is showing black rectangle instead of white or red what to do?

  3. same here, my galaxy note 2 battery is showing black rectangle instead of white or red what to do?

  4. The second photo is NOT a tripped water sensor. The old sensors are solid white and turned pink to red when exposed to water. It was easy to fake by replacing a pink sticker with a white one, or even painting with white paint. The new stickers show the x marks as shown above. The x marks “bleed” to show water exposure. They are in several places inside your phone. It is harder to fake and find all the stickers since adding the x marks.

    1. Fix your Galaxy Mega at an Authorized Samsung Repair Centre such as The TechKnow Space (has Toronto and Mississauga Ontario locations). The repair all phones in 1 hour.

  5. i purchased a s3 on ebay said it would not charge but at time i only needed the phone for housing as i had tried to replace my screen, anyway i now found a use for the motherboard it all works fine except the torch on back won,t stay off and i can see some evidence of water damage following your info on it. Is there any way off repairing/ disableing it myself

  6. I am using a Samsung Smart Phone ACE 2 model number GT-18160 build no J2054K 18160XXMC8. This phone was bought by my son from London about 3 years ago, but I started using it for last one year. For the last 3 months or so, most of the time when the phone is on, a small window (Network error. Check your network and try agai n) is appearing on the screen and there after I am unable to operate the phone. I am using BSNL network. Recently I changed the SIM card. This is happening even in front of the mobile tower. Ur local service shop at Kannur (Kerala – India) is not attending this phone since it was bought from UK. I would be grateful if u can provide some remedy so that I can use your product without any problem. Or atleast advise ur Service Stn at Kannur to attend my phone Thank u.

    P Madhusoodanan, Sagarika, Opp P&T Qtrs, Taliparamba 670141, Kannur, Kerala (India)

  7. thats not an accurate picture. the one that you said is marked as liquid damaged is not. that is what they look like out of the bag when we recieve them. I work for a phone store. when they get wet, the x’s run to make it look solid pink.

  8. My Samsung Galaxy S5 just got water damaged yesterday, and my stickers look like the one in the 2nd picture. Lots of little red x’s. But now it’s working fine. Nothing was damaged terribly, it just wouldn’t charge for a bit. So I stuck my phone in some rice for 4 hrs, and now it’s charging fine.

  9. The picture you show of a damaged LDI shows white with pink x’s but you mention that a non-damaged LDI will be either solid white o white with pink x’s, which one is true?

    I don’t recall my device ever getting wet, but it is white with little pink x’s. Is it damaged or not?

  10. Please if anyone knows what it means to have the indicator on both my phone and my battery go black please email

  11. In first cause, in this cases you need to take off the battery, do not charger never, and dry the device at the sun or with fun
    Step one

    1Put on rice
    2SD memory card clean with a brush tooth surrdentely with toothpaste

  12. Hi, my friend has a Samsung Galaxy edge that has recently stopped working. He’s only had the phone 6 months so sent it back to be repaired. They have told him that his phone cannot be repaired because it is water damaged but his phone has not been dropped into water or been anywhere near a wet surface. Does anyone know what can cause this to happen if the phone has not been dropped in water? And what can be done about it? Thank you in advance. Xx

    1. He probably peed on it but was too embarrassed to tell you.

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