The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a lot of firepower and even more features, making it a true flagship device. One such interesting feature that has been the envy of all other devices is the AOD (Always On Display). It allows users to keep clock and other information visible at all times, even when the screen is turned off.

You don’t have to get the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge to use this feature, as there is an app to get Always On Device on any device. Thanks to the Glance Plus app, you can get the AOD feature without having your device’s battery sucked dry in a matter of hours.

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Note: The AOD feature is best suited for devices with AMOLED display, since it uses only an amount of pixels to display time and other text. On the other hand, traditional LCD devices will use the entire panel to display the text, which is significantly power-consuming.

Step 1: Download and Enable the Glance Plus app

The Glance Plus has been developed by THSoftware, and is available on the Google Play Store for free. Search for “Glance Plus” on the Google Play Store app in your phone or click on the link below to download it.

Always On Display

Download Glance Plus from the Google Play Store

Once you have downloaded the app, open it up and give the app permission to modify the system. Enable the toggle switch and relaunch the app, and then press the toggle switch on the top right corner of the screen to activate Always On Display.

Always On Display

Step 2: Add text and info to your Always On Display

Once you have enabled the AOD feature, it is time to customize the appearance of your Always On Display screen. Start off by pressing the “Position” tab and set it to “Random”, as it will ensure there isn’t any screen burn-in.

Always On Display

Apart from the positioning, you can select the “Clock style”, “Calendar style”, “Show notification”, “Show battery” and even more. When It comes to AMOLED screen, the lesser information it shows, the more battery-efficient your AOD screen will be.

Step 3: Adjust Always On Display screen’s appearance

You can adjust certain aspects of the AOD screen’s appearance by using the options under the “Other settings” header. You can customize the text color and also make the font larger or smaller, along with several brightness options.

Always On Display

Make sure you leave “Background brightness” at lowest, and increase “Content brightness” if you want bold and clear text. You can also enable the “Adaptive brightness” mode, which customizes the brightness level based on your surroundings.

Do you find the Always On Display feature to be a useful one, or is it just a battery-drainer? Let us know what you think about it with your comments below.

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  • Outstanding information. Well done. I read the reviews about this app on the Play store and its score well. Apparently, there’s a lot of pop up ads are seen even when you’re not in the app.

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