‘Process system isn’t responding’ is a common and nagging error that disrupts your Android experience. This problem appears to occur on a lot of Android devices, and the issue arises whenever you try to run some newly installed apps. If you have experienced the process system isn’t responding error on your Android handset, this article goes right to the point and explains how you can resolve it in a matter of minutes.

Fix 1: restart your device

Sometimes, a simple restart is all you need to fix the process system isn’t responding issue on Android. This more so works if your device used to work well and the problem arose just recently. This might imply that the problem is caused by an inappropriate action taking place in the background. Another common fix is updating Google Play Store and deleting any app that you might have installed recently. You can always reinstall it later once the issue is gone.

If this doesn’t work, go on to Method 2 below.

Fix 2: clear cache

Hard resetting your Android smartphone usually clears the process system is not responding error. As a matter of fact, hard resetting solves many of the most common issues with the Android. Follow the steps below to hard reset your handset.

  • Turn off your Android smartphone
  • Simultaneously hold the power button and the volume button
  • This will launch the recovery mode screen
  • Remove the cache and then reset your device
  • Restart your Android handset, then reinstall your important apps

This should work. If it doesn’t, try out the other methods below.

Fix 3: solve process system isn’t responding error by unrooting

This error appears to be more common for users who have rooted their smartphones to get super-easy privileges. If your device is rooted, you might want to unroot it in order to fix this problem. You can do so by following the steps below.

  • Go to settings>factory settings
  • Restore the factory settings
  • After doing that, clear cache
  • You’ll now need to Flash the Stock ROM on your Android handset. You can use Odin to do that.

If you have problems unrooting, or want to learn more about how to do it, read this article.

Fix 4: move your SD card apps to internal storage

Your SD card might be the reason why you’re having trouble with your Android process system. This is usually the case if your SD card has malfunctioned, which gives your smartphone a hell lot of a time trying to access the apps you’ve stored there. The issue is more common with SD cards that are 32GB or higher in storage. Try the suggestions below to fix this problem.

  • Move your apps to your phone’s internal memory.
  • If you don’t have enough space in your internal storage, consider changing your SD card.
  • You might want to use an SD card that’s lesser than 32GB.

You should have luck with at least one of the procedures above. Try with the first fix and then if it doesn’t work go on to the next. If you still haven’t resolved the process system not responding issue by the time you get to the tail of this post, let us know.

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