samsung smartphone samsung updateIn today's world, smartphones are no longer the expensive toys they used to be. Well at least a significant part of them is not. They are no longer the seemingly useless gadgets meant for superficial individuals. Instead they have become accessible for most of people and more and more are buying a smartphone each day. There are, nevertheless, persons that reject the idea of buying a smartphone and refuse to give up their old "not so smart" phones. They choose to ignore the huge potential smartphones possess and instead focus on the core aspects of a phone, those that are shared by smartphones and older phones.But why should we choose to focus on these aspects? Why limit ourselves by thinking that a phone should only be used in talking to other persons? If you think of it, many people who own older models already use them for other things than communication. They play on them, they listen to music on them and they even play movies on some of them. A smartphone would do all of these 10 samsung galaxy s4 update Android 4.3 AT&Ttimes better and would even offer more possibilities. So why reject it from from the start? Price is no longer a good excuse and neither is usefulness as smartphones have time and again proven themselves as helpful tools.If you're still not convinced than we are going to present you with five reasons for which you should own a smartphone. One can find dozens of reasons to buy a smartphone but we have tries to put many of them together and bring forward what we thought were the five most important. Let us see what these reasons are then.Connectivitysamsung update social mediaWith your older phone you probably felt connected to your friends to some degree. But with a smartphone you will experience an unprecedented level of connectivity that will most certainly leave you in awe. You will be able to use apps such as Whatsapp that do not even consume your messages, just a very very small part of your internet traffic.Smartphones also let you stay permanently connected to the various social media sites existent and you will be able to answer invitations or requests in Facebook or other websites faster than ever. Or let's say you are in your student dormitory, your internet provided to you free by your faculty doesn't work and you have a lot of things to do. No worries! You can turn your smartphone into a mobile hotspot and you will be able to connect to the internet on your computer using your smartphone.


SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 ACTIVEApps are the heart and soul of a smartphone. Anything you can think can be found by accessing the places where these apps are available. If you go on the Google Play Store you can find an app for more or less every human activity conceivable. If it's not going to perform that activity for you than it will most certainly show you how to do it. And it will do in a comprehensive and accessible manner, a manner typical of apps.Of course when we are talking about apps we are also thinking of games. Games are capable of perfectly filling up that small stretch of time when you would really do something fun but have nothing to do, as we said earlier. Not only are you able to find games for any preference but many if not most of them are absolutely free. Ans we have not even mentioned the excellent graphics and sound effects that come with some of them. This is due to the fast improving technology available in this field. Other games rely not so much on visuals, but rather prefer to focus on gameplay and here we can include thos types of games that challenge you intellectually. All in all, apps and games are the lifeblood of smartphones.


Samsung Galaxy Grand 2The capability to browse the internet is one of the most important pluses of a smartphone. It is an incredible advantage to all of its users to be able to browse for anything at anytime. Yes, you can browse the internet on some of the older models as well but that cannot be compared to the way you do it on a smartphone. You're on the street walking and you want to call the bank and you do not the know the phone number. No problem, you have your smartphone and you can check the internet for the right phone number.Also, we would include maps in this category. All those time you go on a trip and you do not know exactly how to reach your destination and you have to ask people on the street or buy maps. All of these predicaments would have been easily solved by just owning a smartphone that gave you the possibility to check for the correct route on the internet.

Music and videos

A smartphone combines a lot of utilities into one small, appealing and easy-to-fit-in-your-pocket gadget. Some of these are the following: utility as a music player and utility as a video player. On a smartphone you can play your favorite music easily, get album art and even find lyrics by just making a few taps. It is a music player like no other music players before it.It can also play your favorite videos. If you want to watch a movie you can easily do so on a smartphone and you'll get excellent quality most of the time. Whether you are streaming videos on the internet or downloading them and playing them from you phone you will get impressive image quality all of the time.


Galaxy S IV amazonA smartphone is not just your basic phone. Today it has become more than that. A smartphone is now more than ever an important part of an owner's everyday life. Even your basic entry-level smartphone is essentially capable of bringing the entire world at your feet. It offers you an infinite amount of possibilities. The premium models, beside improved capabilities, might also prove important for an owner's social status as it shows that he or she takes great care in choosing his gadgets.But let's be honest: how many times have you found yourself at a table with your friends, bored, but incapable of diverting your attention to anything else? You can be the biggest social animal out there, this is destined to happen to any of us at some point in our lives. Your older phone was certainly unable of offering you any kind of entertainment possibility at that moment, but a smartphone would have. Or think of the times you are using the subway. Or maybe think of the times you are taking the bus for 20  minutes or half an hour. Sure you can look at some of the other passengers or out the window but a smartphone would definitely be better.These were the five best reasons for you to have a smartphone and we hope that manage to convince you of its usefulness. If you are not convinced or have anything you would like to say to us, please leave a comment in the comment section situated below.

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What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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