Some of never really have a problem dozing off, while most of you would count your blessings to even get 6 hours of sound sleep. Whether it is the stress of work or personal issues that keep you awake at night, you can use Android for better sleep every night.Rather than reading or going through social media feed on your phone, you can use it as a sleep enhancer. With proven scientific solutions like sleep cycle tracking, ambient noise cancellation and more, Android can be your perfect sleep companion.

Method 1: Preserve your Circadian Rhythm with a Screen Filter app

No matter how nocturnal you may consider yourself, humans are biologically designed to feel tired as night approaches. The light blue sky after sunset naturally triggers a resting phase and bright orange sky helps you wake up. This phenomenon is called Circadian Rhythm, which has now been disrupted by our smartphones.Just like the popular desktop program f.lux, you can install a screen filter app on your Android named Twilight. This awesome app mimics the natural light patterns, reducing the blue light as the sun begins to set, helping your body realize that it is time to sleep. Twilight uses your geolocation to find out the time of sunset in your region.use Android for better sleep

Download Twilight from Google Play Store

Method 2: Sleep as Android for monitoring your sleep cycle

You don’t really need an expensive sleep monitor if you just have "Sleep as Android" installed on your phone. Simply select the latest time you’d like to wake up, and the app will monitor snoring, tossing, and turning. You can then use the data calculated Sleep as Android for better sleep cycle and make sure that you get 100% out of your night.use Android for better sleep

Download Sleep as Android

use Android for better sleep

Method 3: Soothe your mind with relaxing melodies

If you can’t really fall asleep even when you’re physically tired, blame your brain for the unnecessary exertion. Being the best pattern-recognition technology known to man, your brain can immediately identify sounds even when your body is sound asleep.If you aren’t really a sound sleeper, you need an app such as Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga. This white noise app basically helps you tune your brain with random ambient sounds. There are dozens of white noise sounds that you can choose from, each of which can be put on an endless loop. You can also combine multiple white noise samples to create a soothing environment and use Android for better sleep.use Android for better sleep

Download  Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga

use Android for better sleep

Are you among the millions who genuinely have trouble getting a good night’s sleep? Is any of the above apps in your opinion, ideal to help you use Android for better sleep every night? Let us know in the comments section down below.
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