Companies usually have a policy that employees who're unable to work for three consecutive days or more produce a doctor's note to resume work. The number of days is likely to vary among companies. Many schools have similar rules vis-à-vis attendance.

Some folks may not be keen on visiting the doctor or be short of the money needed for a doctor's appointment. People frequently need two days off their job. They could wish to go for an outing or spend time with their family at home. Fake doctor's notes are available for use in such situations. Those interested can download a fake doctor's note template online.

A Fake Doctor's Note – what must be in it

Downloading a fake doctor's template that you may need at times is okay. However, you must include some things in the note. They will make the note seem real. It would be best to put in the concerned doctor's name and office stamp or the health network you visit.

You must include an address and telephone number, and fax number. You may also need to insert the email address of some health groups.

You must include your name for the reader to know they were being treated.

Also to be included are:

  • The date on which the doctor saw you
  • Information that you are under the management of a doctor
  • The date on which you can return to work

At the end of the note is a space for the doctor's name and his signature.

All the above information in the excuse note will make it look real. The reader will think that a doctor issued it.

Fake Doctor's Notes – what are the benefits?

Why would a person want to choose a fake doctor's note template? How will he benefit?

If he is not keen on attending work for two days or so, he won't be in trouble. As stated earlier several companies require employees unable to work for three consecutive or more to produce a doctor's note.

Some employers demand a doctor's note from an employee who doesn't attend work

  • the day ahead of a holiday
  • The day after a holiday
  • They will be safe with this template.

Fake Doctor's Notes – the different types available

A variety of fake doctor's templates is available online. Those interested are free to download a template for their family physician to cover primary health conditions. Various excuse notes are available for people to choose from.

Doctor's note templates from mental health specialists are there for the taking.

Besides the doctor's note, folks are free to download a note stating that they require reporting or jury duty.

They must insert the dates on which they cannot attend work. This note will most likely:

  • Help folks get their regular pay for their employer
  • Not take away of any of their sick leaves

Fake doctor's templates from dentists are also available. Dental procedures could be quite painful, and the person concerned may need to take off for two days to recuperate from their procedures.

Folks can get more creative with a doctor's note template from a urologist or gynecologist. The reason is that there are fewer chances of employers questioning these notes.

Folks who have children can download a template from a pediatrician. They can enter the dates their kid was sick, and somebody had to keep the kid company home.

Fake doctor's templates from the emergency room are also available. They are suitable for folks who want a break of a day or two.

Podiatrists' notes are also available for people to download and produce when they return to work. This note states the day a person is to be released from the doctor's care for him to return to work.

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