Have you ever came across a situation where your phone just won't turn on? You are not alone. Some things occasionally happen even to the best Android tinkerers and you find yourself wondering what you should do to get it up and running once again. Here are some of the reasons you may be experiencing this problem and how you can fix it.

Is it plugged in to a charger?

Sometimes we may be so preoccupied with playing that cool RPG game or watching as many YouTube videos as you can find that you don't realize that you have sucked the battery life out of it completely until it won't back on again.Simply find a power supply and ensure that your phone actually has some life before you can proceed. Note that in some cases you have to recharge your phone for a couple of minutes before it can switch itself on.

Could it be on but the screen isn't lighting up?

The next possible scenario is that the phone is really on its just that the screen isn't displaying anything. The easiest way to confirm this is by long-pressing the power button until it is forced to shut down and then powering it back on. The phone should emit a boot sound or at least a vibration. This would mean that your phone is still functioning though you have a screen or a display driver issue. If that's the case then you need to visit the repair store.

Did you drop it or get it wet?

This is among the top reasons why a phone may not be turning on. If the phone has recently been dropped or gotten wet, then some issues are inevitable. Attempting to power on a phone after it has gotten wet, may cause it to short circuit and thus frying it. If your phone was dropped and now it refuses to turn on, then you may need to take it to be repaired. This is because it is most likely that it may have caused a hardware-related issue or a damage to the screen display.

Did it buggy gradually and then die?

If you begin noticing some strange behaviour such as random crashes, reboots and other things not supposed to happen prior to your phone no longer switching on, then the problem may be software-related which can be resolved by a firmware replacement. You will first need to back up the important data on your device before flashing the new firmware on it. Also you can attempt factory resetting it to rid it of any other problems. If this seems difficult, then visit your carrier store for assistance.

Do you have a leaking or bloated battery?

An obvious reason as to why your phone may not be working could simply be because the battery has permanently stopped working. Usually this happens gradually over a period of time, but sometimes it can suddenly occur, especially when your battery is leaking or bloated. If the rear cover protecting your phone's battery is removable, then take it off and inspect the battery for damages, leaks or any bulging. If you find any, dispose of it and get a new battery replacement pronto.

Is your charger or USB cable working?

Occasionally, a phone not turning on isn't actually because of an issue related to the phone at all. The culprit may be the charger cable, the wall socket or even the adapter, so before you give up on your phone try using a different charger cable, a different power outlet as well as an alternative power adapter.

Is the logo screen the only thing you see?

If your phone actually powers on but won't go past the logo screen, the issue is most commonly referred as a bootloop. It usually means that your phone will start up as normal but will remain on the boot screen forever. If you have recently installed a new Android version update or flashed a custom ROM on to your device then the issue can easily be fixed by entering the Recovery mode and clearing the cache partition or conducting a factory reset or a data wipe. In the worst case scenario, you may have bricked your phone.Did these methods help? Do you know any othe troubleshooting methods for this issue? Let us know in the comments.

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What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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