Do you really understand what CBD oil is? Have you heard of biohacking? These might be two things you’re unfamiliar with in this blog post. (If you’re familiar with both, go ahead and skip to the how-to section below.) Otherwise, let’s look at what they mean and how you can incorporate them into your daily life for general health and wellness. You might be surprised at the answers. 

CBD Oil Explained 

CBD oil is the latest and greatest in the wellness industry today. It’s a derivative of the hemp plant that’s used to heal a variety of health and wellness ailments. It’s often associated with marijuana because of its roots and the many benefits it offers. However, it has one profound difference: There are no psychoactive elements. 

CBD lacks the psychoactive compound marijuana contains that makes you high, namely, THC. THC also can be found in the hemp plant, but only in small quantities. Today’s chemists have derived an extraction process called CO2 extraction that can remove all traces of THC from CBD, creating CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD. 

Full-spectrum CBD contains trace elements of THC, but it can’t amount to more than 0.3 percent of the total product. That’s not enough to make anyone high or even a little punchy. If it meets this essential requirement, it’s legal to sell CBD online across the United States.

CBD was once available mostly in oil form, but since its popularity has grown, we’re seeing more and more forms for you to enjoy the best CBD oil. You can purchase pure oil, isolate crystals, bath bombs, skin creams and lotions, coffees and other beverages, candy and other foods, vape juice, and so much more. 

Those who use CBD regularly say that it has groundbreaking benefits, including treatment for the following ailments: 

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Epilepsy and other seizure syndromes
  • Acne 
  • Sleep problems
  • Skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis
  • Preventing serious health problems like heart disease and even cancer 

If you incorporate CBD into your daily life, you’ll likely encounter other impactful ways that CBD can benefit your life. 

Biohacking Explained 

Now that you understand what CBD is, you might be wondering how in the world you can biohack your day with it. What does biohacking mean, and is it really beneficial? Read on. 

Think of biohacking as a do-it-yourself biological process for your own body. The belief is that you can change the health and wellness of your biological systems simply by making simple changes to your diet or lifestyle. 

The benefits of biohacking are that you’re listening to your body as an individual rather than taking health and wellness advice from professionals that use the general population to deliver the best results. You don’t have to turn to clinical studies or others results to know what works for you. You simply pay attention to the outputs that occur after you make tweaks. 

For example, you might pay attention to how you react to drinking a cup of coffee every other day instead of every day. You might discover that you feel less anxious on days without coffee or there may be no changes at all. You can then make changes to your lifestyle accordingly. 

How to Biohack Your Day with CBD 

Many individuals are learning the benefits of biohacking their day through CBD. The concept of biohacking with CBD is ideal because there are not enough studies out there to prove the benefits and weaknesses of the substance. The studies we do have show that it’s safe for most individuals and has positive benefits with few side effects. 

Since you don’t have clinical research to lean on, you can see how CBD works within your own body. Note the benefits and side effects of taking CBD in certain dosages or with certain methods. You might have to try a few different types of CBD in different doses in order to get it just right for your body. 

Other than experimenting with your CBD usage, there are a few ways that you can “biohack” your day with CBD. Here are a few to consider: 

Take It Daily 

CBD works best when you consume it daily. Your endocannabinoid system is best regulated when you have a consistent influx of cannabinoids in the system. Taking it, say, once per week, usually means that the cannabinoids have flushed out of your system by the next dose. It’s difficult for the substance to fully do its job if it’s being removed from your system every 36 hours or so. 

Boost Your Sleep 

Nothing ruins your health faster than lack of sleep. Unfortunately, chronic lack of sleep plagues about a third of the population. It’s 40 percent for those between the ages of 40 and 59. 

Sleep is an essential function of the human body. While you sleep, your body heals injuries, neuropathways connect, memories are catalogued, and your immune system is restored. Without sleep, your mind and body start to crumble. 

CBD is an excellent sleep inducer without causing drowsy side effects. Individuals who need help falling asleep and staying asleep can turn to CBD right before bed and replace their sleeping pills with heavy side effects. 

Eat a Healthy Diet 

To maximize the effectiveness of CBD in your daily life, eat a healthy diet along with it. A balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and minimal sugar and empty carbs will boost your health and let CBD do its job. 

Many health food stores and restaurants are starting to combine health foods and CBD for a holistic approach to diet and CBD benefits. 

Try CBD on the Go 

CBD oil is typically considered the most effective way to take the substance, but it’s not always the most convenient or inconspicuous. You can’t easily hold a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue while sitting at your desk after all. 

There are simple ways to administer CBD into your daily diet while on the go, however. There are gummies, candies, capsules, creams, coffee drinks, and food items that you can take with you. When you feel that your body is dragging, you can take a dose of CBD easily and feel the immediate benefits.

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