There are plenty of well-known video game cheats, hacks, and mods circulating the internet. We've all seen the dragon in Skyrim turn into Thomas the Tank, we've all hit a ridiculous combo on our PS4 controller to spawn a helicopter in GTA: V, and we've all become instant millionaires in The Sims by typing in a Citizen Kane reference

But what about those cheats that don't get inducted into meme culture? The ones that help players stay ahead of the rest but never seem to be included on the best cheat lists? 

Hacks and cheats like this deserve a chance in the spotlight. Here are four underrated cheats that not many people know about.

1. See Every Player in DOOM 

DOOM 2016 is the third most discussed PC game of all-time. The multiplayer is arena-style combat that requires fast thinking and even faster hands. 

But none of that matters because the devs over at have crafted a way to let you obliterate your fellow players easily. You can see each player, even as they stand behind walls. There's an auto-lock assist as well, which will take other players down left and right. You'll reign supreme each time. 

2. Essential NPCs in Skyrim 

Skyrim is famous for being an incredible game with an active modding community. So much so, a few super helpful ones get lost in the shuffle. One such cheat is the Essential NPC. 

This cheat allows you to target an NPC and make them invulnerable. And with how easily some companions go down in this game, it's pretty useful. To make this happen, look at your NPC of choice and type in setessential 1. If you want to revert the NPC back, type in setessential 0. 

3. Recoil Scripts in PlayerUnknown's Battleground

Cheating in multiplayer games like PUBG is certain to annoy other players, but that doesn't make it any less fun. Thanks to hacking pros, there are loads of cheats that exist for this game.

Weapons in PUBG have a nasty recoil, which makes aiming difficult. If a player is seeking out a hard-to-detect hack that will still help them advance, seeking a recoil script is a great idea. Scripts like this only require players to fire without having to adjust their mouse afterward. It doesn't aim for the player and can look as if the player has mastered their weapon. It's great if you want that extra help but wants a lower risk of being banned. 

4. Infinite Dead-Eye in Red Dead Redemption 2 

Rockstar is notorious for their cheats. They're a company that understands better than anyone cheating is ingrained in video game history. While their GTA: V cheats are their most popular, the cheats they included for Red Dead Redemption 2 are solid. 

If you'd like to get through the game's sprawling story a little easier, Infinite Dead-Eye can help. Open the Settings menu and scroll to the Cheats tab. There, you'll enter the phrase “Be greedy only for foresight” to unlock Infinite Dead-Eye. 

Be warned: when cheats are enabled, you can't unlock trophies. 

Final Thoughts

When downloading external cheats or scripts for online games, know your account is at risk of being banned. If that's a concern for you, use a trusted source like those mentioned in this article. 

Above all, however, have fun! No matter how big or small (or how many players you annoy), videogame cheats are a part of gaming history. There are many hidden hacking gems out there. Try embracing them!

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