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Candy Crush Saga for Android is indeed a very sweet game in which you can play through more than 4oo levels. That's enough to satisfy even the most avid of players. Candy Crush Saga for Android is probably the most delicious game ever and you can play with your friends and see who can get the best of scores in a number of competitions. So waste no time and embark on an adventure in this world of Candy Crush Saga sweetness and enjoy yourself.

Description of Candy Crush Saga for Android

candy crush saga android gameWe should probably mention that the game itself is free but some features which are part of it are not free-of-charge. Among these features are included special moves which could be performed or extra lives. An extra life here and there is worth some money, right? Especially for a game such as this one. Candy Crush Saga for Android is very easy to play. It doesn't require that much skill to get the hand of it. But it's a totally different story if you wish to master it. Then it becomes more difficult and it will prove to be a challenge even for "veterans".With its more than 400 levels it will keep you playing for quite some time before you get tired of it (if you ever get tired of it). It has to offer such a variety of different levels that you will find something new every time you move up. And to make it more competitive you will have leaderboards for you and your friends to see which one is better and go head-to-head against each other.candy crush saga android game movesEach time you complete a level you will unlock items. These items will help you on your way to finishing the game and will improve your performance overall. But there are, as in any situation, more challenging levels. In order for you to more easily get around these you will receive certain boosters and charms throughout the game. The thoughtful developers assumed that these would make the game a little more easy for some of you and a little more playable. Everybody likes rewards, right? And you can also synchronize this with the Facebook version.

Candy Crush Saga Tips & Tricks, Cheats and Guide

So we are going to take a closer look here at basics, different types of moves, different types of levels, different types of candies and blockers and obstacles.Candy Crush Saga for Android is a game in which you must swipe in order to match candies of the same color, with a minimum of threeCandy crush saga android candies being necessary in order to remove them. But there are so many other types of moves that you will need to use in order to beat this game. So let's see other types of moves.If you swipe four candies of the same color in line a striped candy will be created. This striped candy can prove very useful as it can blow up everything on a specific line, either a horizontal one or a vertical one.You can match 5 candies in an L or a T. If you do this then you will earn a wrapped candy. This candy is capable of blowing up the surrounding square of four-by-four candies. If you manage to align 5 similar candies in a row then you will earn the color bomb. This is a chocolate ball covered in sprinkles which combined with another candy of any type will remove all of the ones similar to the latter. This one is recommended to be saved for the ending when you encounter more challenging levels.You can get the sugar crush if you either have more moves remaining or special candies left over at the end of the level, helping you to get more points for beating it.Types of levelsThere are 5 types of levels for you to complete in this game. Target score levels require a minimum score in order to be passed. In jelly levels you have to clear all the jelly. Ingredient levels are the ones where you have to bring down all the ingredients in order to move on. Timed levels give you the task of earning a specific score in a specific amount of time and Candy Order levels ask you to fulfill candy objectives.Blockers and Obstaclescandy crush saga blockersThere are also impediments in this game. Chocolate,for example, is one of them, it can be eliminated by clearing every chocolate until level 156 and it multiplies with every move that does not eliminate one of it. After level 156 chocolate fountains will appear, fountains that can regenerate it even if you cleared all the chocolate.Bombs will appear once in a while and they can be cleared through a three candy combo or a special candy. They bear a number which indicates the number of moves in which you have to remove it. If you fail the game is over and one life is lost.Candy crush saga android chocolateLicorice swirls occupy space where there could be candy and they can be removed through a move next to them. The Licorice X will prevent you from moving the candy inside. You have to use a special candy to remove it or make a combination of the same color as the candy inside. Meringue is just like Licorice and can be removed in the same manner. The multi-layered meringue requires several moves because of the number of layers.Marmalade can contain candy inside and it can be removed through a combination next to it, a combination with the candy inside or a special candy combination.You can download Candy Crush Saga for Android from the following link.Download Candy Crush Saga

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