Good Bluetooth headphones can get pricey really fast. However, if you know what you are looking for, there are some decent affordable options out there. That is why we decided to help you out by listing some of the best inexpensive Bluetooth headphones to get in late 2020/early 2021.

We are going to include plenty of options from earbuds to over-ear headphones and waterproof variants as well. If you don't know what to look for, head towards the end of this article where we talk about the different kinds of headphones and things to keep in mind!

Which Inexpensive Bluetooth Headphones Should I Buy?

In a hurry? Here is all you need to know as quickly as possible:

  1. TOZO T10 – Best Cheap Earbuds: The cheapest pair you can get on this list. It's bad in a variety of different aspects but it also has a lot of bass, a high IP rating, and it gets the job done
  2. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ – Best Overall: All-around great headphones with the only downside that they come with a very low IP rating
  3. Amazon Echo Buds – Best Noise Isolation and Leakage Prevention: All-around another great pair with the only downside that it has a low IP rating and numerous known bugs
  4. AKG N60NC – Best On-Ear Headphones: Comes with decent noise cancelation – but keep in mind it's not suitable for sports and it also has a low IP rating
  5. Mixcder E9 – Best Inexpensive Over-Ear Headphones: Cheap noise-canceling headphones that sound decent with great battery life. But there is no IP rating and the highs are not exactly balanced
  6. AfterShokz Titanium – Best Open-Air Headphones: A great pick if you want to stay aware of your surroundings. Just keep in mind that it doesn't sound as good as "traditional" headphones
  7. Cowin E7 Pro – Best Battery Life: 33 hours of battery on a single charge. Its only big downside is that it doesn't feel particularly solid
  8. TOZO NC9 – Best Inexpensive ANC Bluetooth Earbuds: One of the cheapest noise-canceling headphones you can get
  9. Mpow H12 – Best Alternative Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones: Don't like the Mixcder E9? Then this is the next best alternative. Just keep in mind that it has much weaker bass by design
  10. Bose SoundSport Wireless: Best for Sports: Best traditional earbuds for sports. Semi-open and with great sound. But they offer zero noise isolation by design and no charging case

1: TOZO T10 – Best Cheap Earbuds

We usually don't recommend buying any of the extremely cheap earbuds. But if you want something that's okay for the money, you can hardly go wrong with the TOZO T10. It's a solid pair with very strong bass and even a waterproof design.

  • Design: Earbuds
  • Battery life: 3 hours (About 14 more with the charging case)
  • Range: 30 meters
  • Wired: No
  • IP Rating: IPX8
Best wireless earbuds under 100

For some people, the bass may actually end up being a bit too much. There is no doubt that it's overwhelming and not balanced. But, if you like that kind of sound, power to you.

One thing that's no doubt good for everyone, though, is the IPX8 waterproof rating. This is the second-highest level of waterproofing you can get and it means that the earbuds can even be submerged up to a certain depth without any issues. Though, as per usual, we wouldn't recommend doing anything like that. At the very least you won't have to worry about getting them wet.

Best Inexpensive bluetooth headphones

Since you are dealing with true wireless earbuds, it goes without saying that portability is extremely good as well. Stability is not bad either. But we probably wouldn't go jogging with the TOZO T10 due to the lack of stability fins.

Noise isolation is extremely good. While there is no ANC, the passive noise isolation properties of the TOZO T10 are among the best we've ever seen.

Last, but not least, the microphone is also surprisingly great and strikes way above the average of what most Bluetooth earbuds can do.

The only downside that we can think of is comfort. While these are not necessarily uncomfortable, the ear tips do feel very solid on your ears.


  • Surprisingly great microphone
  • IPX8 waterproof
  • One of the cheapest options out there
  • Great passive noise isolation


  • Below-average battery life
  • Not very comfortable
  • Not very stable
  • Overwhelming bass (Though some of you are going to love that)

Check it out on Amazon

2: Samsung Galaxy Buds+ – Best Overall

At just about over $100, the Galaxy Buds+ barely qualify as the best inexpensive Bluetooth headphones if only due to their price. But if you are willing spend that money, we can hardly think of an all-around great option.

  • Design: Earbuds
  • Battery life: 12+ hours (Up to 26 with the charging case)
  • Range: 40+ meters
  • Wired: No
  • IP Rating: IPX2

There is only one downside and that is the lack of water resistance. IPX2 means that these headphones can't even handle waterdrops or excessive sweat. So, we definitely wouldn't recommend them if you plan on running in the rain with them on or anything like that.

Samsung galaxy buds+

Then there's also the fact that they don't offer any soundstage by design (earbuds). But, other than that, they are as close to perfection as you can get.

The sound is very-well balanced. We are talking about great bass that's not overwhelming, mids that bring up instruments and vocals without making anything muddy, and highs that are very detailed without sounding sharp.

Stability is also extremely good. There multiple sizes for both the stability fins and the ear tips. Not to mention that the ear tips are also rather comfy.

And, by the way, the Galaxy Buds+ can also last for more than 12 hours on a single charge. In case you don't know, that's a very impressive feat for good-sounding earbuds. Add the charging case in and you get more than double the battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ 2

So, this is probably also the ultimate travel companion – or close to it. Since there is no active noise cancellation, these headphones don't block engine noises particularly well. And that can be an issue if you are commuting a lot.


  • Amazing battery life
  • Comes with an app that offers a lot of features (Audio passthrough, Google Assistant, Find my Earbuds, etc)
  • Very stable on your ears (Even though it’s not particularly made for sports)


  • Horrendous IP rating
  • No ANC (Which is bad for the money) and mediocre passive noise isolation

Check it out on Amazon

3: Amazon Echo Buds – Best Noise Isolation and Leakage Prevention

As far as leakage prevention is concerned, the Amazon Echo Buds are the best inexpensive Bluetooth headphones that you can get. And in case you are not familiar with it, leakage is the opposite of noise isolation. It's the ability of your headphones to block noises not from the outside–but from the inside–so that you won't annoy others who may be sitting beside you.

  • Design: Earbuds
  • Battery life: 5+ hours (Up to 31 with the charging case)
  • Range: About 53 meters
  • Wired: No
  • IP Rating: IPX4
Amazon echo buds

This means that if you regularly use headphones next to someone on a quiet environment, these may be the best headphones that you can get. Not to mention they also offer superb noise isolation with ANC (Active Noise Canceling).

Their ANC can block most sounds, including engine noises, and that makes them a superb choice for commuting too.

The comfort levels of the Echo Amazon Buds are just okay. While there are plenty of sizes for ear tips and stability fins, they do feel a bit stiff and the also enter the ear canal pretty deeply.

However, the good thing about this kind of design is that you get a lot of stability in exchange. You shouldn't have a problem working out with these headphones.

Best inexpensive headphones

Sound is all-around great with a somewhat flat profile. Though, it's worth mentioning that the bass is rather thin.

Last, but not least, there is also an app with a few features like sound passthrough for when you need to be aware of your surroundings.

One of the few downsides, though, is the fact that quality control could be better. There have been tons of complaints about bugs and issues that sometimes continue to this day.


  • Super audio leakage prevention
  • Great noise isolation/cancellation
  • Very portable by design
  • Compatibility with Alexa is a welcome addition


  • May be a bit too sharp for some people
  • Lots of issues as far as quality control is concerned

Check it out on Amazon

4: AKG N60NC – Best On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones offer a fine line between features and portability – perhaps at the expense of comfort. And as far as the best inexpensive Bluetooth on-ear headphones are concerned, we'd say that the AKG N60NC are your best bet.

  • Design: On-Ear
  • Battery life: 13+ hours
  • Range: 70 meters
  • Wired: Yes (3.5mm)
  • IP Rating: None
AKG n60nc

One of the biggest downsides of on-ear headphones compared to over-ears is comfort. The AKG N60NC may be leaning towards the more comfy spectrum of on-ear headphones, but they still don't feel as nice as a good pair of over-ear headphones.

There is not a whole lot of clamping force. So, they are not exactly uncomfortable either. But, at the same time, this makes them rather unstable. We wouldn't recommend these for working out.

As on-ear headphones, though, they are way smaller and more portable than most over-ears. And they also come with active noise canceling – which is very effective against engine noises. Not a bad pick if you don't like earbuds but still want something portable.

Best inexpensive bluetooth headphones

Sound is generally pretty good. There is a bit of boominess to the lows and a little bit of sharpness to tracks that are already sharp. But, these are generally pleasant-sounding headphones – if only a bit intense-sounding.

The battery life of 13 hours is more than enough for most people. And with that said, don't forget that as on-ear headphones, these don't offer a charging case. Thus, these 13 hours are all you get before the next charge.

Build quality is decent. But since there are a lot of moving parts that allow you to fold and rotate the headphones around, we'd recommend paying a bit of attention to them.


  • Great noise isolation thanks to ANC
  • A fine balance between portability and features
  • Great battery life
  • Wired connectivity is a welcome addition in case you need it (But you still need to have a charge to use ANC)


  • Not stable at all
  • Nowhere near as comfortable as most over-ears (Unless you don’t mind headphones that put a bit of pressure directly on your ears)
  • No IP rating

Check it out on Amazon

5: Mixcder E9 – Best Inexpensive Over-Ear Headphones

The Mixcder E9 are one of the pairs that we keep on bringing up every time the topic of the best inexpensive Bluetooth headphones comes up. They are cheap, come with ANC, offer plenty of on-board controls, and, for their money, they also sound rather good.

  • Design: Over-Ear
  • Battery life: 18 hours
  • Range: 50 meters
  • Wired: Yes (3.5mm)
  • IP Rating: None
Mixcder E9

As over-ear headphones, the Mixcder E9 are way more comfortable than the AKG N60NC or any other on-ear pair that we can think of. However, do keep in mind that they do clamp with a bit of force – which can be tiresome for people with sensitive temples over long periods of time.

The overall battery life of 18 hours is excellent – even if it's nowhere near the advertised 35 hours. Maybe you'll be able to reach these play times with wired connectivity and ANC disabled. But in real-world usage, about 18 hours is what most people get.

When it comes to sound, the bass is extremely balanced. It's enough to feel a good kick and warmth without it overwhelming the other frequencies. Speaking of other frequencies, mids are mostly fine but highs can be a little bit over the place. Sometimes you get overly sharp treble but nothing to the point where your experience is going to be ruined.

Best inexpensive bluetooth headphones

As expected at this price point, the build quality is just okay. You are not going to break these easily. But pay attention to all the moving parts.

One thing that's particularly good about the Mixcder E9, especially for the money, is the onboard controls. You get volume up, volume down, a dedicated button for ANC, and a power button as well.


  • Good value
  • Great battery life
  • Good onboard controls
  • Great bass


  • Highs are a little bit all over the place
  • The clamping force can be a bit too much for people with sensitive temples
  • No IP rating

Check it out on Amazon

6: AfterShokz Titanium – Best Open-Air Headphones

The AfterShokz Titanium is in many ways a unique pair of headphones. First of all, they use bone-conduction technology instead of the traditional design that we are used to. And since bone-conduction doesn't rely on your ears at all, this means that you can use it while working out or taking a walk to stay completely aware of your surroundings.

  • Design: Bone-conduction
  • Battery life: 6-8 hours
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Wired: No
  • IP Rating: IP55
Aftershokz Titanium

These may possibly the best pick for joggers. At least as long as you want to stay aware of your surroundings. However, one thing to keep in mind with this design is that the sound quality is far inferior to that of traditional headphones. Don't expect to get that deep, warm bass that other headphones deliver.

It's also worth keeping in mind that open-air means you don't get any noise isolation at all. So, the AfterShokz Titanium may be good for working out and staying aware of your surroundings but they are also horrible for pretty much everything else.

Some pricier variants also offer complete waterproofing – which is great for swimmers who want to listen to music. However, we couldn't find anything worth mentioning for less than a hundred bucks.

Best inexpensive bluetooth headphones

Comfort is a bit of a hit or miss. They don't clamp tight or anything like that but they do sit right on your temples and any bass in music literally shakes the headphones quite a bit. So, if you don't mind that, the AfterShokz Titanium is pretty comfy. If not, better look elsewhere cause that's what bone-conduction headphones are all about – vibrations.


  • Pretty comfy as far as bone-conduction headphones are concerned
  • Keeps your ears open so you can stay aware of your surroundings
  • Solid build quality
  • Stable despite the low clamping force


  • Bad sound quality by design
  • Zero noise isolation by design
  • Very low IP rating

Check it out on Amazon

7: Cowin E7 Pro – Best Battery Life

As far as battery life goes, there is no doubt that the Cowin E7 Pro are one of the best inexpensive Bluetooth headphones you can get on – if not the best. With a continuous battery life of 33 hours, we can hardly think of anything else that can compete with them at this price point.

  • Design: Over ear
  • Battery life: 33 hours
  • Range: 54 meters
  • Wired: Yes (3.5mm)
  • IP Rating: None
Cowin E7 Pro

Let's start by saying that the comfort is a big hit or miss. While they are generally soft enough without a lot of clamping force, they are also rather small with narrow earpads. So, if you have a big head, big ears, or both, you definitely won't find this pair to be particularly comfortable.

The sound is a bit intense – which is also another thing you may love or hate. Everything from the lows to mids up to the highs is a bit elevated.

One thing to keep in mind is that while the Cowin E7 Pro offer decent noise cancelation, many people report that even small head movements can break that effect and cut the sound off for a moment. And this probably depends on the air-tight seal that you can get.

Best inexpensive bluetooth headphones

There are also plenty of controls to play with including volume, power, and track control. But the buttons are admittedly a bit stuff without a whole lot of feedback.

Build quality is okay if only a bit plasticky. Just pay a bit of extra attention to the moving parts.

And when it comes to stability, the Cowin E7 Pro are good enough to use for a jog but definitely nowhere near stable enough for intense workouts.


  • Superb battery life
  • Wired connectivity is a welcome addition
  • A bit of an intense-sounding pair (If you like that kind of sound)
  • Decent noise isolation/cancelation


  • Mediocre build quality
  • On-board buttons are a bit stiff

Check it out on Amazon

8: TOZO NC9 – Best Inexpensive ANC Bluetooth Earbuds

ANC (Active Noise Canceling) earbuds are a bit rare for some reason. Maybe due to the fact that ANC needs a good air seal to work properly. And inexpensive Bluetooth ANC earbuds are even more of a rarity – not to mention good-sounding ones. So, in that sense, the TOZO NC9 is kind of like a diamond in the rough.

  • Design: Earbuds
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Range: A few meters
  • Wired: No
  • IP Rating: IPX6
Tozo NC9

Mind you, active noise canceling is not the same with passive noise isolation. Passive isolation uses build materials and a good seal to block outside noises while ANC captures repetitive sounds with a microphone or microphone and re-plays them out-of-phase to cancel them out. That's a simplified explanation – but one that gets the point across.

So, if you want noise canceling earbuds on the cheap, you can hardly go wrong with the TOZO NC9. Mind you, this is nowhere near as balanced as the Amazon Echo Buds in terms of sound. But it's a pair that costs almost half as much.

Surprisingly enough, despite the low price tag, the TOZO NC9 also comes with a few extra features. Features such as audio passthrough (transparent mode), one-step pairing, and, of course the charging case.

Best wireless earbuds under 100

One thing to keep in mind is that the IPX6 rating means that the TOZO NC9 can get wet without any issues. But you should under no circumstances let them be submerged underwater. That's only possible with IPX7 and above.


  • Decent ANC performance for the money
  • Good battery life (As far as earbuds are concerned)
  • Good value


  • Low wireless range
  • Overemphasized bass (Can be a pro if you like that kind of sound

Check it out on Amazon

9: Mpow H12 – Best Inexpensive Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Sitting at about $50, these are a great option as a cheap pair of over-ear wireless headphones. They come with decent sound, decent build quality, okay noise canceling, and are generally a decent over-ear pick for the money.

  • Design: Over ear
  • Battery life: 15 hours with ANC and up to 30 with it enabled
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Wired: Yes (3.5mm)
  • IP Rating: None
Mpow H12

One of its few downsides is that doesn't offer an IP rating at all. But that's kind of common with both on-ear and over-ear headphones.

Other than that, the sound signature is a little "chill", if that makes sense. The bass is unexcitable while both the mids and the highs lean towards a flat profile.

Comfort is one of the strongest points of over ear headphones and the situation is no different for the Mpow H12. The clamp is just about right and there is plenty of padding with wide earcups that can fit around most ears without any issues.

Best inexpensive bluetooth headphones

The headphones are also foldable – which is a small plus for portability. But, obviously, you can't compare their portability with earbuds or even on-ears headphones.

ANC works just fine in most cases. And while it's not as good as what you'll find in premium headphones, the fact that we can even get ANC on over-ear headphones for less than $50 is impressive by itself.


  • Good value
  • Pretty comfortable
  • ANC on a budget
  • Decent battery life


  • Underwhelming bass

Check it out on Amazon

10: Bose SoundSport Wireless: Best for Sports

These inexpensive Bluetooth headphones are specifically made for sports. And when it comes to sports, very few alternatives can compete with them. Here is why.

  • Design: Earbuds
  • Battery life: Up to 6 hours
  • Range: 30 meters
  • Wired: No
  • IP Rating: IPX4
Bose Soundsport Wireless

The Bose SoundSport Wireless come with a semi-open enclosure. This means that you'll be able to hear what's going on around you – which is obviously very important when jogging.

But, as expected, the only downside to that is that you get pretty much zero noise isolation. These headphones are a terrible pick for commuting by design.

They come with multiple sizes of stability fins so that you can also get a very stable fit. Thanks to their design, they don't go into your ears – which is a plus for comfort levels. But it's worth keeping in mind that they can wobble around in your ears if you don't get a good fit and that reduces the overall comfort levels.

The sound signature is very balanced and just about as good as what the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ have to offer. No doubt one of the best-sounding headphones, if not the best on this list.

Best inexpensive bluetooth headphones

With that said, one of the very few but also very serious downsides that you get is the lack of a wireless charging case. And with a battery life of 6 hours or so, you may find yourself looking for a power source during long travels. You always have the option of using a smartphone power bank – but it's just not the same with having a charging case.

The lack of proper water resistance is also a bummer. Especially if you consider that the Bose SoundSport series is made for sports. But, unfortunately, the only great-sounding alternative are the Buds+ – and they have an even lower IP rating.


  • Very stable
  • The semi-open enclosure helps with staying aware of your surroundings
  • Extremely balanced audio – especially for the money
  • Very good leakage prevention (despite having a semi-open design)
  • One of the most comfortable earbuds we’ve tested thus far (unless you can’t get a good fit with the stability fins)


  • Very little noise isolation by design
  • Low IP rating
  • A bit pricey compared to most of our other picks (But you can often find them for less than 100 on sales)

Check it out on Amazon


What is ANC (Active Noise Cancelation)?

Active noise cancelation, unlike passive noise isolation, relies on a microphone or numerous microphones to capture repetitive noises from your surrounding environment and then reproduces them out-of-phase.

This cancels out these noises and gives you much better noise isolation that's nearly impossible to achieve by other means. ANC is particularly useful against low-frequency engine noises.

Which are the Best Cheap Bluetooth Headphones?

These are all our picks for this list:

  1. TOZO T10 – Best Cheap Earbuds
  2. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ – Best Overall
  3. Amazon Echo Buds – Best Noise Isolation and Leakage Prevention:
  4. AKG N60NC – Best On-Ear Headphones
  5. Mixcder E9 – Best Inexpensive Over-Ear Headphones
  6. AfterShokz Titanium – Best Open-Air Headphones
  7. Cowin E7 Pro – Best Battery Life
  8. TOZO NC9 – Best Inexpensive ANC Bluetooth Earbuds
  9. Mpow H12 – Best Alternative Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones
  10. Bose SoundSport Wireless: Best for Sports

It's hard to pick one pair that beats everything due to the personal needs and preferences of each person. For example, even our best overall pick has a very low IP rating.

Are Cheap Bluetooth Earbuds any Good?

That depends on your personal expectations. When we pick the best affordable Bluetooth headphones we always try to deliver the best bang for buck.

However, you can't possibly expect a $30 pair of TOZO T10s to sound as good and offer as many features as the Apple AirPods Pro or the Bose SoundSport Free that can easily cost more than $200.

That said, some of our more pricey picks like the Galaxy Buds+ or Bose SoundSport Wireless are pretty decent no matter how you look at it.

Best Budget Bluetooth Headphones: Wrapping Up

These are our best inexpensive Bluetooth headphones for now. If you want to recommend any other pairs, feel free to to do by using the comments.

Feel like we forgot to mention something important? Got anything wrong? Then let us and everyone else know about it in the comments section down below!

Like what you see? Then feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news, reviews, listicles, apps, games, devices, how-to guides, and more!


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