Shocker: Apple has rebranded yet another old idea and spit polished it as new again. And lemme guess, there’s already a line of sorry fools waiting to buy that boring retread, otherwise lovingly known as the new iPhone SE, which is nothing more than a 6S shoved into a 5S body.

All’s quiet at the Genius bar

binksIt seems like Apple's running out of ideas for its flagship iPhone. Or perhaps technology hasn’t yet caught up to their awe-inspiring imagination; famous last words spoken by George Lucas, who waited roughly 25 years for technology to catch up with his vision for Jar Jar Binks – eek!

What’s old is new again

The iPhone SE is basically just the 5S, but with a 12mb camera, as opposed to the old 8gb cam. The most notable upgrade comes under the hood, which boasts the same A9 processor and M9 motion coprocessor used in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. So in that regard, it's a true upgrade.The SE also adds NFC compatibility for Apple Pay, and something new called Night Shift, which basically adjusts your screen's brightness to suit the current time of day and lighting conditions. Okay fine, that's pretty cool.

If you were a mad scientist at Apple...

What old pieces of tech scrap laying around would you slap together, call it new, and charge top dollar for? Okay, to be fair, the price tag on the iPhone SE is pretty reasonable, so far as Apple tech goes, running $400-$500 depending on the GB capacity.  So what would your newest iPhone be?

What do you get when you cross a...

celebrity mash ups

50 Cent + Justin Bieber = ROTFLMAO

Conan does a fun game called Celebrity Babies, which has morphed  into Celebrity Mashups. The results are pretty gruesome, not to mention hilarious. Which sort of inspired a little game I like to call iFrankenstein.Just imagine different combinations of defunct Apple tech, rebrand it as something new, then imagine all those fools lining up to pay top dollar for it.  I'll kick things off for ya...How about combining an iPhone 3 with a first gen iPad mini and an old iPod? Let's call it iPoor, cuz only an idiot who can't afford an upgrade would combine all that crap just to play games, listen to music and make a couple calls.

What’s Next: Apple reveals what "SE" actually stands for...

Okay, since it’s so much fun poking fun at a humongous conglomerate, and Apple in particular, what’s your best guess for what SE stands for? Super Expensive? Silly Expletive? Sorry Excuse? Or my personal fave, $h!t Electronic.Wow us with your creativity and post your favorite iPhone Frankenstein mashups or best guesses for what SE stands for in the comments below.Photo credits: Featured: (c) Tech Insider,Jar Jar Binks, (c) Lucas Film, Ltd.Face Mashups (c) World Wide Interweb

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There are several ways to locate your model number:

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Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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