Does form follow function or is it the other way around? We all know not to judge a book by its cover, and yet - let's be honest - that’s exactly what we do all the time. And in this instance, the cover of that book is a phablet called the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.What Apple knows all too well is that selling the essence of a product can be more important than the product itself. That marketing strategy works rather well, and Samsung seems to be taking a page from that playbook, punching up form over function. Judging by all the buzz around the S7 Edge, it would seem to be a winning strategy.

It’s what’s outside that counts

There’s truly only one reason Samsung came out with the Edge variant to their flagship line of phones – that curved screen looks damn hot. Oh, and sales for the S6 sucked, so they needed a gimmick.The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge seems terribly impractical, given the edges of your screen are exposed and potentially prone to breakage. Sure, plenty of people use their Edge without incident, but plenty have also reported spontaneous screen breakage.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, what’s the exchange rate on videos?

Screen breakage is not exclusive to the S7, though. Watch this video of a guy whose Galaxy S6 Edge screen cracked when he grabbed it with cold hands. You can actually see the shatter points where each of his digits grabbed the phone.
To be fair, here's another vid showing some lunatic cracking walnuts atop their S6 Edge's screen (very handy for Christmastime).  Is it fake or real? There’s one way to find out: go ahead and try it, I double dare ya.
Will the S7’s screen suffer the same fate?

Beauty is pain

It’s been said that it’s not how you look, but how good you look doing it. Ask any woman how her feet feel in those chic new heels; not very good I bet. Then ask her how much she spent to be in excruciating pain, and you just may feel some thunder yourself.We all do things solely for superficial reasons, and in that vein, buying a super-hot looking phone is as good a reason as any for nabbing that sweet looking Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.Is it superficial? Of course it is. But hey, you’re gonna take a lot of selfies with the S7’s sweet new camera, so you may as well enjoy looking at it.

Looks can be deceiving

Not all Galaxy S7 phones are created equal. In fact, it ships with two different processors, the Qualcomm SnapDragon 820 and the Samsung Exynos 7420, depending on your carrier. You'll want the former over the latter because the benchmarks say the graphics are better.

More than just a pretty phone

Despite looking like a sexy beast, the Galaxy S7 has some great new features, like a water resistant casing.  Am I the only one super excited about seeing all of those videos?The S7 also has expandable memory, wireless charging and a bunch of other cool stuff going on under the hood. But you’ll be so intoxicated by its luscious curves, that you may not notice the S7 is more than just a looker.

Sometimes, it’s okay to be shallow

The Samsung Galaxy S7 boasts a super thin profile. If it were a supermodel, we’d be speaking in hushed tones about possible anorexia, or perhaps bulimia if it spontaneously pukes a circuit. Who knows what our sexy little phones are up to after we go to bed?

Why are you considering buying a Samsung Galaxy S7?

Are you nabbing one because of how it looks or how it performs? Post your reasons in the comments below and let us know. Don’t be shy, no one’s judging you. We all know you’re more than just the sum total of that gizmo you’re clutching. Or at least we hope you credit:

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There are several ways to locate your model number:

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Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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