The Tranya T3 is a perfect balance of usability, features, and sound quality. The Tranya earbuds offer a reliable connection and are a pleasure to use day-to-day. Their long battery life means you won’t be fishing for the charging case as often as the competition. We will see how it is like in the full review below.

First Impressions

So, before moving on, do keep in mind that we're reviewing those earphones with the fact that they cost about 50 bucks right now. We tend to put criticize premium earphones with higher standards and set the bar lower on cheaper options. After all, you do often get what you pay for.

That being said, the first impressions are good. The unboxing experience gives you a premium feel while the carrying case is cool as well.

And while we are at this subject, in case that you haven't noticed, (two gold pins) the carrying case also allows you to charge the earphones on the road. Just like with the X2Ts. Same concept. But, more on that later on.

Tranya T3 Earbuds

So, to wrap things up, on the box you'll find the earphones, the carrying case, and of course,the manual. Moving on.

Ease of Use

Alright, so, we've noticed that a lot of people have complaints about the way that most Bluetooth earphones work. And we understand that if you're not a tech savvy person, they can definitely become a bit of a pain to use as you need to learn and memorize a lot of new things that are simply not necessary with wired options.

Thankfully, though, when it comes to ease of use, the Tranya T3 is definitely one of the best pairs that we've ever tried till now. Using the Tranya T3 is a pleasure. The earbuds automatically turn on when removed from the case, which not all true wireless earbuds do. The earbuds also turn themselves off when placed back in the charging case - a huge benefit for folks who forget to turn off electronics when they're done using them.

For using, the media button comes in handy as well. You can use it to pause or resume playback, switch tracks, or even open Siri, if you've got an iPhone. A mic is included as well which is a plus for answering to phone calls on the road.

Tranya T3 Audio Controls

Audio Quality, Connectivity And Reliability

Wireless performance is excellent. The headphones connected to the phone immediately and rarely stuttered. You can use one earbud at a time, though note that the right earbud acts as the master so use it when you want to take calls with a single earbud. You will also find this mono mode useful in case that you want to lay in your bed with only one earphone or something. And when you’re ready to go back to a stereo listening experience, taking the left earbud out of the charging case connects the two immediately. 

When it comes to the sound quality, Tranya T3 comes with a rich stereo sound and each note is crisp and clear, a minimum amount of distortion on the highs is scarcely heard. When I heard a symphony, I was brought into the music hall, and I totally immersed in. The bass is also powerful, you can feel the ‘deep bass’, as its title described, is not untrue.

As we found out, connectivity has been a huge issue with some X2T users, which was our last review of mini wireless earphones. Particularly if you have the tendency to move around a lot and/or keep your device a bit far away from the earphones. Thankfully, that's not the case with the Tranya T3.

Pretty much everyone who's tried them, including us, hasn't experienced a problem with connectivity. Be it running around, keeping your phone in your pocket, using a PC that's a bit further away, we really encountered no issues with them.

While latency was barely noticeable for us, do keep in mind that it's a hit or miss thing as it differs from device to device. If you're using something like MX player for playing videos, then you can compensate for audio delay by using the player settings. But, if you're using YouTube, you best hope that your phone offers good Bluetooth connectivity; which is the case for most modern devices.

Considering the size of these things, we must say that audio quality is superb. The base is strong and deep while the highs and mids are fairly balanced and good enough for you to hear details without being painfully sharp.

As long as the ear buds fit tightly to your ears, sound isolation is extremely good as well. Especially if you consider the size of these earphones.

Super long Battery Life (Up To 60 Hours Total Playtime)

Tranya T3 Battery Life

For the size of this pair, battery life is absolutely superb. We're talking about 6-8 hours of usage, depending on how loud you're listening music to, and up to 60 hours if you count the fact that you have the charging base as well. After all, we assume that nobody is going to be listening to music for more than 8 hours straight.

Moving on to endurance, the first thing that you'll notice is the IPX5 water proof rating. But, don't get fooled by the name. In reality, IPX5 is more like water resistance, rather than water proofing. Actually for those who sweat a lot while exercising will know this is a useful parameter.

Tranya mentions that you can even use them in heavy rain without any issues. But, don't even try to submerge them underwater, not just Tranya’s but also other tws earbuds.

Apart from that, as long as you don't throw them on the ground or anything, those earphones should last for a lifetime. At least until the battery starts giving up on you. After all, as you've probably found out already, Lithium-Ion batteries have a limited lifespan.

Tranya T3: Conclusion

The Tranya T3 offers superb battery life, good audio quality and connectivity, water resistance, and is overall a very good choice for those who want to get rid of cables. Also a good upgrade if you already have a budget set. They are extremely comfortable and you can probably wear them all day without experiencing any issues.

When it comes to music, watching videos, and playing games, they are obviously as good as mid-range options can get and we can highly recommend them.

Check them out on Amazon and let us know what you think about them.

You can also check it out on Tranya’s official website: Right now they have the 10% off coupon for signing up.

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First Impressions: Review of the Tranya T3 Earbuds

First Impressions: Review of the Tranya T3 Earbuds

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