Have you made your way here, seeking the best Xbox One headset under 100 bucks? Well, then you're just 10 minutes of reading apart from grabbing the best option.

In case you've been playing games on your Xbox One for quite some time now, the influence that good audio holds in the overall experience shouldn't be a stranger. Yes, I know we often hanker after the graphics, gameplay mechanism, etc. No doubt, these are critical factors to consider, but at the same time, you can't ignore the fact that the audio output has a pretty similar role to play.

Searching for the best Xbox One headset under 100 will land you on a heap of options. But sadly, just like any other electronic utility, most of them will turn out inefficient. I'm here with the eight top-notch deals to help the user make the right decision and choose the most promising budget Xbox One headset ever. Stay tuned and read all the way through. Trust me; when you're done reading, you'll be in the best position to conclude a purchase.

Our Top Picks

Razer Kaira Wireless
Razer Kaira Wireless
Xbox Stereo Headset
Xbox Stereo Headset
Hyper X Cloud X Stinger Core
Hyper X Cloud X Stinger Core

Best Xbox One Headset Under 100

Razer KairaRazer Kaira
  • Triforce Titanium Drivers for superior audio.
  • Flow knit memory foam for comfort.
  • Efficient microphone setup.
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Turtle Beach Recon ChatTurtle Beach Recon Chat
  • Comfortable and convenient.
  • Offers a flexible in-line controls.
  • High-quality mic.
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ASTRO Gaming HeadsetASTRO Gaming Headset
  • Lightweight and convenient.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Flexible functioning mic.
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PDPGaming LVL50PDPGaming LVL50
  • Stylish looks.
  • Noise-canceling mic.
  • Great audio quality.
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Hyper X Cloud X Stinger CoreHyper X Cloud X Stinger Core
  • 40 mm Stereo drivers.
  • Official Xbox licensed product.
  • Ergonomic sophisticated look.
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LucidSound LS15XLucidSound LS15X
  • Removal, flexible boom mic.
  • Wireless and wired connections.
  • Excellent sound quality.
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Razer Kaira - Best Xbox One Headset Under 100

To begin with our list of the best Xbox One headsets under 100, we've got the stunning-looking gaming wireless headset from Razer. Blessed with Triforce Titanium 50 mm drives, Razer Kaira reflects quality right from the word go. The diaphragms that this Xbox gaming headset loads up with offer superior clarity. Thanks to the availability of modern-day, cutting-edge drivers which can seamlessly tune highs, mids, and lows, expecting a different and never like before gaming experience won't hurt. From being a touch brighter, clearer, and richer, the sound produced by Razer Kaira lists it among the best budget Xbox One headsets of all time.

Shifting our attention from the output to the input, Razer Kaira doesn't disappoint here as well. Featuring a super-convenient, bendable mic, the device packs impeccable stability during the entire voice capture process. The entire setup suppresses noise from the back end and the sides with top-notch proficiency. Above all, this wireless Xbox One headset is home to a brilliant mic monitoring ability that will help you balance the game/chat sound, ensuring optimal levels at ease.

The good things don't end here, though. It might just be a budget selection; Razer Kaira brings features to fall in love with. One worth mentioning is the 4 varied EQ elements. The FPS Mode allows in-game audio enhancement so that you can catch sounds like enemy footsteps better. The Bass Mode, on the other hand, makes amplification of low-frequency sounds a hassle less task. Besides having so much to deal with, the Razer Kaira is designed in a manner that serves convenience at its best.

Hardware Specifications of Razer Kaira Wireless Headset
DriverTriforce Titanium 50 mm
MicrophoneHyperClear Cardioid Mic
Sensitivity116 dB
Audio TechLifelike Surround
ConnectivityDirect wireless connection

Product Overview:


  • Triforce Titanium 50 mm dynamic driver for quality sound
  • HyperClear Cardioid Mic for bringing great voice isolation, together with the ability to suppress all forms of peripheral noise.
  • FlowKnit memory breathable foam ear cushions for next-level comfort.
  • Easy to set up. Lag-free connections.
  • Promising EQ and Xbox pairing buttons give the in-game listening experience a new dimension.

User Experience:

The user experience with Razer Kaira won't fall short in impressing you until the end limit. Designed with a fabric weave that is meant to avoid trapping any form of heat, this Xbox One headset serves the level of comfort every gamer is after. The breathable memory foam ear cushions alongside the softly padded headband are pretty much everything you need for assuring that long sessions aren't that painful and uncomfortable anymore.

The Razer Kaira not only serves quality and convenience but also helps in taking the complications sitting around setups away. The headset is so fascinating that it gets connected to the desired Xbox console (whether One, Series X|S) directly in seconds. But don't think that hurts the quality in any respect. The connection offers great stability moving forward. Moreover, the appreciable signal range makes it a perfect couch gaming partner.

Pros & Cons:

Enticing looks.
Triforce Titanium Drivers for the superior audio experience.
Flow knit memory foam for next-level comfort.
Super efficient microphone setup.
Low latency
Lacks RGB

Turtle Beach Recon Chat - Best Xbox One Headset Under 100 With Sensitive Mic

Turtle Beach Recon Chat features next on our list of best budget headsets for Xbox One. From being super lightweight to flexibly reversible, the Recon Chat offers a positive and convenient approach right from the word go. To top that, the device shelters Turtle Beach's Specs-Fit glasses-friendly over-ear design that locks up a unique open ear-cup. The design itself is blessed with all forms of abilities that allow users to listen to the most detailed version of the in-game audio coming from either your TV or your home entertainment setup.

As we're talking about, the best Xbox one headsets, no doubt the one from Turtle Beach, were crafted for every gamer looking willing to shift their skills to a whole new level. The headset features a high-sensitivity mic which is one of the many things that makes this piece stand out from the rest. The availability of a highly sensitive mic ensures that alongside detailed sound reaching your ear, the command from your end is also heard loud on the other side. It is worth mentioning that the Turtle Beach Recon Chat packs a large 40 mm speaker, which makes it efficient in delivering defined chat audio from other players.

Apart from all these, the Recon Chat offers easy and seamless connections to almost every other console, and when it is about connecting to the Xbox One controller, things get even more convenient via the 3.5 mm jack.

Hardware Specifications of Turtle Beach Recon Chat
Driver40 mm
MicrophoneAdjustable High Sensitive Mic
Audio TechHigh-Quality Crystal Clear Audio
Connectivity3.5 mm connection

Product Overview:


  • Although designed for the Xbox One consoles, this headset is swiftly compatible with the current generation Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Moreover, the headset works great with other consoles like PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and more.
  • Home to an adjustable, super-efficient high-sensitivity mic, the headset is capable of capturing your in-game command loud and clear.
  • The headset features a unique open-ear design alongside large 40 mm drivers sitting inside that allows the gamer in you to hear quality-rich audio.
  • It is well designed to fit in the gamers with specs.
  • The overall design makes sure the fit is so comfortable that even long-gaming sessions don't hurt too much.

User Experience:

With Turtle Beach Recon Chat, get ready to experience your gaming session like never before. Without any doubt, the innovative design is crafted to ensure convenient long-term usage. Still, above that, the availability of large 40 mm drivers makes the high-quality, well-defined audio output a regular task.

The compatibility is versatile, the convenience factor is swift and hassle-free, the pricing fits in a manner that doesn't harm your budget at all; what else can you wish for?

Pros & Cons:

Promising audio quality.
Comfortable and convenient.
Availability of flexible in-line controls.
High-quality mic.
Versatile compatibility
The overall looks aren’t that great.

Xbox Stereo Headset- Best Original Xbox One Headset Under 100

Are you after the best Xbox One headset under 100, not from any other manufacturers but Xbox itself? Well then, you need to have a look at this elegant-looking, super-promising stereo setup. The headset is blessed with a capable build to provide a loud and clear audio experience. Bagging the support for high-fidelity Windows Sonic alongside Dolby Atmos and the next-gen DTS Headphone:X spatial sound and gameplay sessions with these bad boys is hard to forget.

Although a budget option, the Xbox Stereo headset features 40mm drivers that help create fascinating sound and propagate the best output to the ear. Not just the sound quality, this Xbox One headset brings convenience to your fingertips. From adjusting the volume to quickly muting all the incoming noise at once, the on-ear controls make everything simple. The design is so well processed that it even lets users tuck the adjustable mic and pit it aside whenever not in use.

Compatibility is another section where the Xbox Stereo headset stands out. This audio-maestro works fine with modern launches, like the Xbox Series X|S. Also, not to forget, you can seamlessly pair it with your Xbox One and any Windows PC via a 3.5mm jack. No batteries, No charging, simply plug and play.

Hardware Specifications of Xbox One Stereo
Driver40 mm
Audio TechWindows Sonic alongside Dolby Atmos, and the next-gen DTS Headphone:X spatial sound
Connectivity3.5 mm audio jack

Product Overview:


  • Loud and clear in-game audio experience.
  • Supports high-fidelity Windows Sonic
  • Capable of delivering Dolby Atmos crystal-clear audio
  • Super flexible and lightweight
  • Comes with an adjustable headband
  • The overall design, alongside large ear cups, make even the prolonged sessions comfortable.
  • Convenient mic controls let you adjust the volume and even quickly toggle the mute settings for incoming noises.

User Experience:

User experience is another section where you won't have any complaints moving forward. Whether we talk about the flexible design, the lightweight build, or the set of comfortable ultra-soft ear cups, everything about the Xbox headset reflects on quality.

The manufacturers have even made a crisp move introducing the adjustable headband. You can use it seamlessly and push it away whenever there is no real need. Sound's great, right? Well, it feels even better. Moreover, multi-platform compatibility is another efficient feature. The Xbox one headset is not only compatible with every Xbox series but also works fine with Windows PC. Admit it! You'll never miss out on a headset that is not restricted to a specific platform.

Pros & Cons:

Adjustable mic.
Brilliant audio output.
Stylish looks with brand assurance.
Noise cancelation isn’t that great.

ASTRO Gaming Headset - Best Wireless Xbox One Headset Under 100

Number four on the list is a wireless solution from the ASTRO Gaming Store. Taking the wired boundaries away, this Xbox One headset under 100 is an absolute powerhouse that can help you with an immersive gaming audio experience. The A20 shelters the next-gen audio freedom, all thanks to the extended wireless range it offers. The efficiency doesn't end here, though. These budget-friendly headsets pack a marathon battery that can serve a prolonged duration. Speaking of long-duration, no one wants to hurt the comfort; ASTRO A20 takes care of that pretty promisingly.

The fascinating elements about the ASTRO A20 aren't just limited to sound quality and comfort; rather, it serves the connectivity department pretty adequately as well. The headset comes with a flexible USB transmitter that will let you seamlessly conclude cross-platform connections between your console and the PC. Cutting short, if you have been seeking budget-friendly Xbox One headsets that offer wireless connectivity, you need to have a look at this one from ASTRO

Hardware Specifications of ASTRO A20
Driver40 mm
MicrophoneBuilt-in Flip to Mute
Audio TechDolby Atmos Ready
ConnectivityWireless Dongle
Battery15 Hours

Product Overview:


  • This headset offers an extended wireless range that hits up to nearly 15m (50ft)
  • The On-device audio balancing ability is brilliant (between voice chat and the corresponding game audio)
  • It comes with a dedicated console USB transmitter which is built to cross-platform connections, a seamless task.
  • ASTRO A20's Built-in battery is capable of providing around 15 of playback.
  • Home to the flip-to-mute microphone, you can expect quick and seamless mute functionality

User Experience:

This is one of those Xbox One headsets under 100, designed to keep user experience in mind. Loaded with all sorts of flexible materials that are lightweight at the same time, it won't be wrong if I say the ASTRO A20 is another name for comfort. The same is excellently backed by the existing cloth ear cushion, which provides long-lasting comfort and plays a crucial role in minimizing fatigue around it.

Apart from these, other elements like seamless connectivity, cross-platform compatibility, and more operate to ensure all the criteria for user experience are met with no issues whatsoever.

Pros & Cons:

Lightweight and convenient.
Good sound quality.
Flexible functioning mic.
Wireless connectivity.
Average looks.
The microphone is not detachable.

 PDPGaming LVL50 - Best Xbox One Headset Under 100 with a Noise Canceling Mic

Delivering powerful pro-level audio output, the PDP LVL50 is another brilliant option to go for when you're after the best Xbox One headset under 100. Engineered to offer top-notch and accurate stereo sound, the entire setup is to ensure quality output each and every time. Diving a bit deep into the setup, the PDP LVL50 features 50 mm HD Speaker Drivers, which are more than efficient to aid a seamless gaming experience. Moreover, the device packs Windows Sonic compatibility and features spatial sound to the next level.

Apart from the quality sound output, the PDP LVL50 is among those budget Xbox One headsets that don't let the microphone stand below par. Yes, you read that right. It does feature a promising microphone capable of offering crystal clear voice chat audio. Thus, alongside listening to what the game environment demands, you can input your commands to your teammates in the most detailed manner. Not just that, the microphone comes with the Flip-up to mute functionality, taking the convenience factor to the new dimensions.

Hardware Specifications of PDP GamingLVL50
Driver50 mm
MicrophoneNoise Canceling
Audio TechPowerful Pro Audio
ConnectivityWireless (Dongle) Wired  (3.5 mm audio jack)
Battery16 Hours

Product Overview:


  • It comes with a 50 mm HD driver that can produce precision stereo sound.
  • Brings wired and wireless connectivity to the same plate
  • PDP LVL50 features a quality rich, noise-canceling microphone that can ensure crystal clear audio input. The mic also bags the Flip-up to mute functionality.
  • The batter is super efficient as it can last around 16 hours on a single charge.
  • Bearing an ultra-lightweight design, the PDP LVL50 is the budget Xbox One headset promises all-day comfort.

User Experience:

If you don't want any compromises with the sound quality, especially when engaged in playing games on your Xbox One console, going for the PDP LVL 50 is undoubtedly the best decision you can make. Whether you intend an RPG session or are about to get all nitrous blazing in a car racing environment, the PDP Gaming headset will make sure the most detailed version of the audio reaches your ear. Right out of the box, the headset is tuned to work with top-notch titles that stretch from Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare to even the likes of APEX Legends, FORZA, and more.

Coming to comfort and durability, these headsets don't miss a chance to impress in this department as well. The overall built grabs the most cool-looking headset within an ultra-Lightweight design. The same is paired with memory foam cushions that are a perfect companion for long hours. The build is not only comfortable but also promisingly durable. Speaking of long gaming sessions, the battery span sitting somewhere around 16 hours, that too in a budget device is worth appreciating.

Pros & Cons:

Stylish looks.
Noise canceling mic.
Great audio quality.
Very comfortable and durable.
Great battery life.
The 3.5m jack connectivity seems off at times.

Hyper X Cloud X Stinger Core - Best Xbox One Headset Under 100: Updato Recommends

With the HyperX Cloud X Stinger, you're looking at the best Xbox One headsets under 100. It comes with 40mm drivers capable of delivering quality sound and superb immersion. The same gets even better thanks to the support for Windows Sonic. The entire setup is meant to gift gamers worldwide a clear and enhanced surround sound. Get one right now and start enhancing your in-game audio experience.

Alongside audio output, the HyperX has its role to play in the input section as well. Paired up with a noise-canceling mic, the device helps keep all forms of annoying ambient noise out of reach. Thus producing the most detailed and clear version of the chat. Powering users to swivel the mic to conveniently mute and unmute is again a plus. In addition to these, the game-chat mixer feature is another element to fall in love with. Ensuring no compromises, this feature is meant to allow users to seamlessly adjust the balance between the in-game and the chat right from the mix controls sitting on the headset ear cup.

Hardware Specifications of Hyper X Cloud X
Driver40 mm
MicrophoneNoise Canceling, Swivel to Mute
Audio TechStereo
ConnectivityLIGHTSPEED Wireless adapter
BatteryUp to 17 hours

Product Overview:


  • It is an official licensed product from Xbox
  • Offers seamless connectivity
  • 40 mm drivers for top-quality sound.
  • Memory foam cushions for next-level comfort
  • Noise-canceling mic to help offer the most detailed voice chat experience
  • Comes with a chat mixer that enables convenient in-game audio and chats audio balancing
  • Wireless, with an in-built battery that can run more than 17 hours on a single charge.

User Experience:

That one thing that all gamers want from their headsets is comfort. The piece of good news is that HyperX Cloud X doesn't miss out on fulfilling that need. Sheltering memory foam ear cushions that are again wrapped in super-smooth leatherette reflects the level of comfort these budget headsets are capable of offering. Moving forward, the comfort build is well complemented by the lightweight design. Overall expecting comfortable long gaming sessions won't leave you disappointed.

If neither the level of comfort nor the audio output capability impresses you, the durability surely will. The Hyper X or Xbox One is designed keeping reliability in mind. Among the officially licensed products, the headset is meant to please  Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One console owners and offer them quality like never before.

Pros & Cons:

40 mm Stereo drivers.
Official Xbox licensed product.
Ergonomic, sleek, and sophisticated look.
Lightweight with a 17-hour battery.
 Ear cups don’t swivel well.
The chat mixer fails to operate at times.

LucidSound LS15X - Best Wireless Xbox One Headset Under 100: ASTRO Alternative

Yet another officially licensed Xbox One headset that is capable enough to serve all your audio-based requirements. The device bags next-level optimization so as to deliver fascinating surround sound on your Xbox One console with the Windows Sonic utility. Bagging the custom-tuned 50 mm speaker, the headset can provide deep bass alongside precise and clear highs. Shifting our attention from the output to the input, LucidSound features a removable boom mic with flexible creditabilities. It can not only deliver crystal-clear in-game chat but can also deal with outward, unwanted noises. Don't like the microphone coming out of your ear cups? Well, this budget Xbox One headset has a solution for that as well. By simply pulling out the boom mic, you can activate the secondary internal microphone. Now that's something really cool.

The functionality of the mic doesn't end here. LucidSound LS15 comes with a feature called Mic monitoring. What it does is let you hear your in-game voice, thus eventually helping you to understand how loud to talk. You can even move a step forward and employ LucidSound's intuitive controls. It is indeed a brilliant way to adjust and balance the in-game and chat audio.

One more interesting and super-efficient feature about the LucidSound LS15 that I need to talk about is connectivity. Home to an advanced chipset, the LS15 headset or Xbox One can create a strong and vii wireless signal irrespective of how crowded the WiFi and the mesh network areas are actually are. To put that in simple words, you don't have to worry about encountering audio lags of any sort.

Hardware Specifications of LucidSound LS15
Driver50mm Drivers
MicrophoneCrystal Clear Dual Mic
Audio TechStereo Surround Sound
ConnectivityWireless Technology (+ wired 3.5mm)
BatteryUp to 15 hours

Product Overview:


  • Featuring an advanced chipset, the LS15 can offer seamless wireless performance.
  • The headset comes with a design that deals with the level of comfort every gamer dreams about.
  • LucidSound provides intuitive controls making this way more convenient for you.
  • Home to a battery that can run more than 15 hours makes the headset a real long-timer.
  • Officially Licensed to work with Xbox consoles.
  • Alongside wired connectivity, LucidSound LS15 works in wired mode as well.

User Experience:

LucidSound LS15 headsets know what it takes to satisfy the user experience section, and you'll figure that out why. With a design that preferred memory foam ear pads, the intentions to offer amenities were clear right from the word go. Additionally, the overall build is super-lightweight, complementing the relaxing ear cups brilliantly. The designers even stretched out a bit and introduced a flexible frame that can ensure superior comfort even during hours of gameplay campaigns. Amazingly, that didn't forget to consider the users with glasses. The ear cups of LucidSound LS15 can seamlessly twist flat, rest comfortably and sit around your neck.

The battery is another concerning section, especially when you're dealing with the wireless models. Thankfully, LucidSound helps users relax here as well. The setup allows up to 15 hours of runtime, which is a perfect combination moving forward with the comfortable setup.

Pros & Cons:

Windows sonic surround sound.
Removal, flexible boom mic.
Wireless and wired connections.
Excellent sound quality.
Detachable microphone.
Sound Isolation could be better.

Choosing the Best Xbox One Headset Under 100

Having already discussed the best Xbox One headsets under 100, let's take a look at the vital factors that you should consider while getting one for you. Interestingly our research for the best budget Xbox One headset sits along these similar lines.

Compatibility and Connectivity: A headset that is ideal for an Xbox One gaming scenario would be one that bags seamless compatibility and superb connectivity. You can't just take any random headset and expect the same to work with your Xbox One. If it does, assuring that the same provides quality connections will be troubling. Make sure you choose a headset that is not only compatible with your console but also quickly responds to inputs and gives an audio output with no delay at all.

Microphone: As a gamer, I don't think the importance of in-game chats is something new to you. Although not every game has this feature, the ones we often find ourselves engaged to, load with such facility. With that being said, it is crucial you choose a headset that bags an efficient mic with it. I know most of you even don't consider the mic feature while making a purchase but trust me, the same thing becomes a reason for disappointment in the longer run.

Comfort: There is any real need to explain why comfort is a crucial factor to consider while buying a gaming headset. No one buys a gaming console to offer just a few hours over the course of a week. Surprising if anyone does so. However, speaking of what's usual, prolonged gaming sessions with headsets on that hurt your ear isn't a pleasant situation to be in. It is crucial you do thorough research look for the headsets built with kind of materials that don't disturb the skin and ear over extended hours of use.

Battery (Wireless Options): If you tend to go for a wireless headset, it is vital you choose one that can offer a long-lasting battery. However, the most suitable options or Xbox One consoles are the ones that feature both wired and wireless functionality.

Final Words

With that, we're done walking you through the list of the best Xbox One headsets under 100. Considering every essential aspect that stretches from build quality to connectivity and compatibility. I've explored all the excellent options of wired and wireless headsets. Read all the way through and grab the best deal.


What is the best and cheapest headset for Xbox One?

Although the options can be many, the list of the cheapest headsets for Xbox One under the best tag is limited to only a few. To name them, we've got PDP Gaming LV50, ASTRO Gaming, Xbox Stereo, and more.

Is Turtle Beach a good headset?

The answer is a resounding yes, especially when the focus revolves around budget-friendly options. Amazingly though, the Turtle Beach headsets lock unique features that can aid gaming sessions in a fascinating manner.

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