Wireless has been slowly turning into the gold standard for years now. Keyboards, mice, speakers – pretty much all PC peripherals are going wireless and the same goes for headsets. However, as you probably already know, audio is one of the few things that gets expensive when you want to go wireless while keeping quality at the same level. That's one of the main reasons why people still look for the best wired gaming headset that they can get.

And that's also what we are here to talk about today. Here are our top 10, wired-only gaming headphones that you can get in 2020!

Wired Gaming Headset Reviews 2020:

1: HyperX Cloud 2 – Best Wired Gaming Headset Pc - Best Overall

It's no secret that we are big fans of the HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headphone with mic. We've previously reviewed it for both smartphones and consoles/gaming PCs with very high scores.

Make no mistake, though. There is no bias here. Cloud 2 is no doubt one of the best-wired gaming headsets that you can get regardless of how much you are willing to spend.

First things first, its sound signature is aiming for balanced sound. This means that if you are looking for super-strong kicking base to enjoy something like dubstep, this is not the headset for you. But, for those of you who prefer a more neutral audio experience that's suitable for both music and games, this is possibly the best wired gaming headset that you can get.

If there's one downside, then that's the fact that they are small. This means that if you have a large head, they can get very tight on your head. And that may or may not be an issue depending on how sensitive your temples are.

HyperX Cloud 2

Speaking of comfort, do keep in mind that it comes with a set of both leatherette and velour earpads. So, if you think leather is a bit too much, you can take it out and use velour or any other material you like – if 3rd party earpads strike your fancy.

Not only it offers great sound – but it's also very sturdy. With a mostly metal frame, very few headsets can compete with it in terms of build quality.

At this point, one thing to keep in mind is the fact that the microphone may be removable, but the audio cable isn't. So, you'll have to pay attention not to damage it. Cause if you do, it's not replaceable.


  • Great value/relatively cheap
  • Superb build quality
  • Balanced sound
  • One of the most comfortable headsets we’ve tried yet


  • Can be a bit too tight for people with larger or sensitive heads
  • Non-removable audio cable
  • Lack of strong base (Only a downside for bass lovers)

Check it out on Amazon

2: Sennheiser Game One – Best Open Back Wired Headset

The HyperX Cloud 2, just like most of the popular wired gaming headphone that are out there, is a closed-back gaming headset. This is what most people are used to, so, there's no reason to go through the pros and cons of that.

The Sennheiser Game One, on the other hand, is an open-back headset. This means that unlike conventional headphones/headsets, it allows air to freely pass in and out of its enclosure.

Sennheiser game one

This kind of design generally provides a wider soundstage and more natural sound. So, if you are after something a bit more "airy" that sounds wider than what most options can offer, the Sennheiser Game One is the best wired gaming headset that you can get.

But, of course, every option has its own downsides and Sennheiser's offering is not an exception. Open-back headphones generally don't offer any noise isolation, and, more often than not, there is very little base involved too. So, if you are a bass lover who loves bass, this is definitely not for you.

But, if you are looking for neutral sound with wide soundstage and a very comfortable build, we can hardly think of anything better. After all, the Sennheiser Game One is basically a copy of the legendary HD598 with a mic attached to it.

Another plus about it is that it comes with a detachable cable. This means that if something goes wrong with it as far as cables are concerned, you can fix the headset for less than $25 (Would be much cheaper if you didn't have to deal with 2.5mm).


  • Very wide soundstage compared to most headsets
  • Great sound
  • Neutral audio profile
  • One of the most comfortable headsets after the clamping force adjusts to your head (Unless you hate soft foam)
  • Superb value
  • Decent build


  • Zero noise isolation by design
  • Lackluster bass – even for a neutral audio profile
  • 2.5mm cable makes it much tougher to find a cheap replacement

Check it out on Amazon

3: Razer Kraken – Great Bass on the Cheap Wired Headset

The Razer Kraken is one of the most popular gaming headsets to come out and for a good reason. Several good reasons, actually.

It's sturdy, uses a retractable microphone, and provides great sound with satisfying bass. If you love bass-focused sound profiles, this is probably the best gaming headset that you can get. Then again, people who prefer more neutral-sounding headphones are more likely to prefer something like the Sennheiser Game One or the Cloud 2.

Razer kraken

These days, it generally retails at about $65 – which means that this is one of the cheapest headsets you can get that aren't bad. Speaking of bad, one of the few downsides this headset has is that both the cable and the microphone are non-removable. You can basically forget about using this outdoors. Unless, of course, you don't mind walking around with something flashy.

Best wired gaming headset

Comfort is a bit of a hit or miss here. The clamping force isn't too much and the headset is not too heavy either. But the small, mediocre leatherette earpads can leave a lot to be desired for some – especially for people with larger ears.

Build quality is surprisingly good at this price point, though. Obviously not as good as what the Cloud 2 has to offer but you won't be afraid of breaking them or anything like that.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Strong bass (If you are into that)
  • Great build quality for the money
  • Decent comfort levels


  • Not good for people who prefer a more balanced audio profile
  • Microphone and cable are both non-removable (But the mic is at least retractable for when you don’t need it)

Check it out on Amazon

4: ASTRO A40 TR – Great Soundstage Wired Gaming Set 

As far as soundstage is concerned, this is quite possibly the good wired headset maily for gaming that you can get. Its open-back design along with its superb Dolby virtual surround configuration and wide earcups make it a great pick for this kind of thing.

But keep in mind that as we mentioned above, open-back headsets offer zero noise isolation. The A40 TR, though, offers a sort of mod that allows you to swap the enclosure to a closed-back variant – at least as long as you don't mind changing the sound signature a bit. After all, the enclosure makes quite a big difference as far as sound is concerned.

best wired gaming headset

Another interesting addition is the included audio mixer. It's a little tool that can be used not just for general volume, but also for balancing the audio mix between game audio and voice chat.

Despite the open-back enclosure, the A40 TR's audio signature is a bit bass-heavy and also a bit on the sharper side of things. It's not exactly neutral but there's also nothing overwhelming about it either.

When it comes to comfort, the clamping force is just about right, there's plenty of padding with soft earpads, and the earpads are quite spacious too. So, if you are willing to pay a bit of a premium for this headset, it's really hard to go wrong with it!

The build quality and microphone are both pretty good as well. Maybe not great for the money – but they generally strike above average.


  • Very wide soundstage
  • The audio mixer is a welcome addition
  • Removable/replaceable microphone and audio cable
  • Can be turned into a closed-back headset with a mod (Though you still get little noise isolation. Probably due to the soft foam earpads)


  • Zero noise isolation by design
  • A bit pricey

Check it out on Amazon

5: Logitech G Pro X – Good Value 

Despite being more or less a high-end headset, the Logitech G Pro X can be found at a budget to mid-range level of pricing – which makes it a superb value for money pick. There are tons of streamers and other pros who have been using this one as their daily driver, so, it's definitely hard to go wrong with it. If you want an all-around decent choice for not a whole lot of money, the Logitech G Pro X may be the best-wired gaming headset you can get.

best wired gaming headset

Its design is very similar to the Cloud 2. We are talking about a sturdy metal frame that should be able to stand its fair share of abuse. Not to mention that both the earpads and the microphone are replaceable – which is another bonus point as far as durability and build quality are concerned.

The microphone is just decent. Not great, not bad – just decent. But, at the very least, it handles background noise isolation extremely well. And that may be due to the Blue Voice technology that it comes with.

When it comes to comfort, this is definitely one of the most comfortable headsets we've tried yet. The earpads feel nice on the skin and the earcups are spacious. However, keep in mind that the clamping force is a little bit strong – which is something that may be an issue for people with large heads or sensitive temples.

Audio quality is great with the audio signature being more or less balanced. The highs are a tad bit underemphasized but that's something that can be easily fixed with an equalizer.


  • The microphone offers great noise cancellation
  • Superb build quality
  • Very comfortable


  • Can be a bit tight for people with larger heads or sensitive temples
  • Slightly underemphasized highs can result in muffled sound (But that’s easily fixable with the help of an EQ)

Check it out on Amazon

6: Logitech G430 – Very Wide Earcups Wired Headphones

Speaking of Logitech, while we are at it, it would be insane not to mention the Logitech G430! It's a budget headset that, in some ways, is equal to much more expensive picks out there. So, if you are on the lookout for a cheap headset with super wide earcups, this may be the best wired gaming headphone in 2020 that you can get your hands on!

best wired gaming headset

It's about as tight on the head as the Logitech G Pro X but the big earcups help a lot in spreading around the pressure evenly. And, of course, the well-padded, soft foam earpads help a lot with comfort too. Not to mention the padding on top.

Unfortunately, both the microphone and the cable are attached to the headset with no way of removing them. But that's to be expected at this price point.

When it comes to audio signature and quality, surprisingly enough, it's surprisingly close to what the Logitech Pro X offers. It even has the slightly underemphasized highs. So, for just about $70, this is a great bang for your buck.

Of course, one of the first things you sacrifice for a cheaper headset is the build quality. The frame is still metal, but everything else is full of plastic that feels cheap and not very sturdy at all – especially the joints. And the fact that you can't remove the cable or the microphone means that you should be at least a little bit careful with it.

One last thing to keep in mind is that despite its closed-back enclosure, the noise isolation that it offers is mediocre at best. And that's most likely due to the soft foam earpads that are not good at all at blocking outside noises.


  • Fairly comfortable
  • Cheap
  • Great sound for the money


  • Mediocre build quality
  • A bit tight on the head

Check it out on Amazon

7: HyperX Cloud Alpha S – Best Wired Headphone with MIC

If you liked the HyperX Cloud 2, you are absolutely going to love the Alpha S, and chances are you'll find it to be the best wired gaming headset. After all, it's improved in pretty much every single way possible. Sound, build, comfort, features, everything.

Let's start with the bass sliders. Some complained about the lack of bass that the Cloud 2s came with. So, the Cloud Alpha S now has a bit of a stronger kick but it also gives you the option of physically reducing or increasing the bass by using the bass sliders on top. All they do is allow more or less air to pass between the enclosure which is what gives you more (or less) of a thump.

Hyperx cloud alpha s

When it comes to comfort, they are just as comfortable as the Cloud 2s but with less clamping force. The overall padding and the earpads don't differ all that much, though – which isn't necessarily a bad thing since we never had any complaints about that.

As you probably already noticed, both the cable and the microphone are now fully removable and replaceable. And that's a big plus as far as longevity is concerned.

best wired gaming headset

Speaking of build quality, the Cloud Alpha S is just as good as its predecessor. But also more lightweight thanks to these little holes in the metal frame.

Sound is more or less the same with just a bit more warmth and base into it. Last, but not least, the sound card now also includes audio mix controls for game audio and voice chat.

The only downside we can think of is that it's a bit more expensive than the previous Clouds – which is to be expected.


  • Great build quality
  • Great sound
  • One of the most comfortable headsets we’ve tried


  • Still not the best in terms of bass (Only concerns bass lovers)

Check it out on Amazon

8: Sennheiser GSP 600 – Good High-End Pick

If you are willing to venture into the $200 range, the Sennheiser GSP 600 is a solid choice. It offers a few more features than most of the other headsets that are out there. So, if you are into that, this may be the best wired gaming headset for you.

To be more specific, two of the things that we loved about it are the flip-to-mute mic along with the volume knob at the right part of it.

best wired gaming headset

In case you are not familiar with it, the "lift-to-mute" feature allows you to automatically mute the microphone when it's lifted up. Then there are also the clamping force adjustment sliders that can make the headset tighter or lighter on your head.

Speaking of weight, we probably don't have to mention that this is one of the bulkiest, if not the bulkiest headset on this list. It's heavier than most of the gaming headsets that we've tried and with such a "gamery" look, you are probably not taking it anywhere with you on the public.

best wired gaming headset

The good thing about its size, though, is that it also offers huge earcups. That's a big bonus when it comes to comfort. But, with that said, don't forget about its weight. Some people may be annoyed by that.

As you'd probably expect from Sennheiser, the sound is more or less neutral. It's a bit more heavy on the bass compared to your average Sennheiser headphones – but that's to be expected from the closed-back design.


  • Adjustable clamping force is a welcome addition
  • Volume control and mic-muting button without having to use a sound card
  • Huge earcups


  • A bit pricey
  • Bulky and a bit heavier than most headsets

Check it out on Amazon

9: SteelSeries Arctis 5 – RGB Goodness Wired Gaming Headphone

If you are after a good mid-range headset with RGB lighting, there's nothing better that we can think of other than the SteelSeries Arctis 5. It's the best wired gaming headset you can get in this category.

First things first, let us say that it has a surprisingly good microphone for the money. It's no doubt one of the best we've heard as far as mid-range headsets are concerned. Not just in audio quality – but also in terms of background noise cancellation.

Obviously, it's not like you are going to make a podcast with it or something. But there's no doubt that your team-mate is going to hear you loud and clear.

Best wired gaming headset

The bass can be a bit boomy at times – which is great for bass lovers. But, even if you prefer neutral sound, it's not like it blows your head off. We'd say it's just a tad bit stronger compared to what we consider neutral. It's also a bit sharp which is something that can help in competitive games and bringing out details.

Comfort is generally as good as what most of our other picks offer. The earpad material is extremely soft and feels nice on your head. However, it's worth noting that it can be a bit too tight for some people. Something that's obviously not very pleasant.

Best wired gaming headset

The build quality is admittedly a bit plasticky. But that's to be expected at this price point and, at the very least, the headset doesn't feel fragile.

One thing to keep in mind before we end this review is that the noise isolation isn't that good – most likely due to the fabric earpads.


  • Good value
  • RGB is a welcome addition
  • Great microphone (particularly when it comes to background noise cancellation)


  • Can be a bit too tight for some people

Check it out on Amazon

10: Cooler Master MH630 – Cheap Gaming Wired Microphone

This is quite possibly the cheapest headset on this list. And, surprisingly enough, it offers the best microphone we've ever seen on a headset. So, if you are looking for a budget pick with a superb microphone, there is no doubt that this is the best wired gaming headset you can get!

As you'd probably expect, though, something so cheap with such a great microphone is bound to have other downsides. Let us start with arguably the most important aspect: sound.

best wired gaming headset

The Cooler Master MH630 is boomy and sharp. This is not a bad combo for those who prefer having an intense sound signature. But, if you want something closer to neutral, this is not ideal for you. And it's worth mentioning that such an intense sound can be tiresome after long periods of gaming for most people.

As expected, the build quality is plasticky and cheap – but not necessarily fragile. At least the microphone is detachable.

best wired gaming headset

Comfort is pretty good and more or less up to par with what most headsets on this list have to offer. There's plenty of padding and the soft foam earpads feel great. Not to mention that the clamping force is just about right.

Though, something to keep in mind is that memory foam earpads often don't do well with noise isolation and this right here is not an exception.

One thing we didn't expect to see on a budget offering such as this one is onboard controls. There is one button for muting the microphone along with a volume wheel. It's obviously nothing crazy, but, for the money, we'll take it.


  • Cheap
  • Superb microphone
  • Decent comfort


  • Boomy and sharp (Though, some people may like that)
  • Poor noise isolation

Check it out on Amazon


Are Wired Better Gaming Headsets Better for Gaming?

Not necessarily. The budget offerings are definitely better since they don't suffer in terms of audio quality loss. However, pricier wireless variants can be just as good in both audio quality and latency.

That said, even some premium headsets like the Arctis Pro Wireless do sound worse while on wireless mode compared to wired. So, finding a wireless headset that's just as good as a wired counterpart in terms of audio is not an easy task. Not to mention that you have to deal with batteries, charging, and range of connectivity too.

Then again, wireless headsets have their own advantages. You don't have to worry about breaking a cable and you can also freely move around without the fear of cable management or tangling something while getting up.

What Headset Do Pro Gamers Use?

The HyperX Cloud series is no doubt one of the most popular headsets we've ever seen in the pro scene. To be more precise, in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Here are some streamers that have been known to use a Cloud variant as their daily driver:

  • k0nfig: Cloud 2
  • HObbit: Cloud Revolver
  • rain: Cloud 2
  • AdreN: Cloud 2
  • kennyS: Cloud Alpha
  • s1mple: Cloud Revolver S
  • NiKo: Cloud 2

The Razer Kraken series is also very popular for pro gamers while many streamers seem to particularly love Logitech headsets (Pro X, G series, etc).

What is the Best Wired Gaming Headset?

There's no such thing as a universally superior headset. That's why we list so many every time. It all comes down to personal preference. You need to like at things such as noise isolation, audio signature, soundstage, bulkiness, and more.

For example, open-back headsets like the Sennheiser Game One offer superior soundstage. But, many people won't be able to use them due to their poor noise isolation capabilities.

What Headset Does Ninja Use?

Ninja doesn't actually use a headset. The Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO has been his daily driver for quite some time – which is a pair of studio headphones.

What is the Best Headset for Call of Duty?

Again, there is no one headset that's better than anything else no matter how you look at it. It comes down to personal preferences and needs.

We've picked out some of the best headsets for Call of Duty over here, though. So, that's a good place to start.

Top 10 Wired Gaming Headsets: Wrapping Up

These are our top picks for now. No doubt there are also a few more decent options out there. But, we have to restrict ourselves to 10 before this article to 10 before it turns into something even longer than it already is. That said, if you have any other recommendations, feel free to let us know about them in the comments.

That's all for now. Feel like we forgot to mention something important? Got anything wrong? Then let us and everyone else know about it in the comment section down below!

Like what you see? Then feel free to follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news, reviews, listicles, apps, games, devices, how-to guides, and more!

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