Keeping the complex VPN terminologies and technologies aside, we must focus primarily on the best service providers that adhere to the hardware and software-centric requirements of your streaming device. Be it the Roku streaming device that doesn’t allow you to jailbreak the gadget or the Amazon Fire TV Stick that supports side-loading to the fullest, a VPN is a necessary resource to own.

Moreover, even if you do not want to root the device and simply looking to jailbreak the compatible streamer to gain access to a third-party application or torrenting resources, it is crucial to get hold of a reliable VPN client.

VPNs, if selected properly, can maximize your anonymity and improve device security. However, the nature of VPN might vary depending on your professional and personal preferences. For instance, if you want a VPN for work or professional anonymity, it is advisable to opt for the one with multi-device compatibility. However, running third-party apps on the streaming device and eventually on the television requires VPNs of a different breed, with a focus on logging, dynamic IP, customer support, security, and price.

What are the Important VPN Aspects to Consider?

The entire circuit can get slightly overwhelming if you do not know what to look for, especially when streaming devices are concerned. For starters, you can consider the following factors and make selections, accordingly:

  • Opt for paid services as free VPN providers can hardly match up to the performance levels that are usually required to protect anonymity. Moreover, free VPN services come with data-based restrictions, something that you cannot afford with streaming devices.
  • Consider VPN providers that guarantee no-log policies. This way, it becomes easier to surf through restricted content without having to worry about legal repercussions. While the no-log policy doesn’t guarantee anonymity, it might just take care of the authoritative restrictions, to a certain extent
  • Check out the warrant canaries and get insights into the past performances of your VPN provider. This way it becomes easier to understand whether the concerned service provider has been associated with any legal issues previously or not.
  • Refrain from US-based services as the Patriot Act is still pretty much in place and the recourse isn’t strong enough if feds ask for details regarding the search history. Therefore, it is necessary to check for the server spread of the concerned VPN and understand where the operational units are located.

What are the best options to consider?

Based on the mentioned aspects and relevant factors, here are some of the best VPN providers to invest in:

  1. Express VPN

Firstly, you can mask your IP efficiently with the Express VPN. While there are almost 30000 IP addresses to rely on, this VPN provider also allows you to move across 3000 servers, spread far and wide in 160 regions. What makes this a good VPN service provider is its widespread reach. This means you can carry the side-loaded Fire TV Stick even to different countries, without having to compromise on your daily dose of entertainment.

However, before you plan on exploring the diverse benefits of Express VPN, you first need to understand why it is important to invest in such a potent resource.

Once you efficiently jailbreak the Fire TV stick via the detailed process explained over here, you might need to protect your anonymity while accessing quite a few third-party applications. While the option to jailbreak the streaming device is at your discretion, it becomes necessary to maintain stealth-mode, if and when, something private or restricted is being accessed.

While you might not have to invest in a VPN if you are planning to restrict yourself to the stipulated content and resources offered with the TV stick, anything out of the ordinary requires something as powerful as the Express VPN. Not just that, the multi-device compatibility of Express VPN furthers the credibility of this provider as you can use it simultaneously on the streaming device, smartphone, and even three other devices.

  1. Surfshark

The next VPN provider on our list is Surfshark, featuring 3200 servers at close to 65 locations. Despite the smaller network and reach, Surfshark is one of the more powerful options to rely on. Besides, if you are into torrenting, this VPN provider is the best possible choice as it offers tracker-blocking and anti-malware support to the user followed by ad-blocking flexibility.

However, as per the speed tests, a majority of global Surfshark users experienced almost 17 percent speed drops, which is still better as compared to some of the bigger service providers. What impressed us the most about Surfshark is the multiple usage modes based on the requirements. For instance, if you only want the same to protect anonymity, the camouflage mode is a pretty good choice. Then again, you can also opt for the Multihop mode if you want the trail to be moved around between countries.

Besides, there is the NoBorders mode that makes it the best choice for the streaming devices like Roku and Fire TV Stick. This attribute allows you to access region-restricted content especially when it comes to using the streaming platforms like Netflix. Moreover, we even tested the same for diverse services and didn’t come across a single DNS leak, which further validates the potency of this VPN client.

  1. NordVPN

As far as the brand value is concerned, NordVPN comes forth as one of the premier VPN services in the existing arena. However, it is the 6-device support that makes it one of the better resources for your streaming devices. Not just that, this is probably the only service provider to offer the ‘Dedicated IP’ resource, especially for helping you scale beyond the region-centric restrictions.

Besides, there is also a dedicated kill switch to rely on, for users who want to convert the same to a Tor client instead of a traditional VPN. Moreover, the prices are also pretty competitive.

  1. ProtonVPN

In case you are more inclined towards VPN security, ProtonVPN comes forth as one of the best resources to invest in. While the streaming speeds associated with this VPN are at par with Express VPN, we were most impressed with its ability to pull through such amazing performances despite the smaller fleet of servers.

Besides, you can color us impressed with the accommodative transparency of this VPN. Moreover, ProtonVPN also takes pride in including the best set of encryption protocols, which can also weed off malware-centric threats.

In addition to the mentioned choices, you can also invest in the likes of IPVanish that supports unlimited simultaneous connections and offers close to 40,000+ IP address choices to work with. Regardless of the VPN you choose, always try to get one that is competitively priced and has the features aligned with the nature of streaming devices, its ability to offer root access, and the adherence to third-party applications.

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