If you are someone who loves using headphones outdoors or while traveling, getting the best noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones you can get will make a huge difference in your day to day life.

The only problem is finding the best pair. Cause as you’ve probably already seen, headphones are not linear – one is not necessarily always better than the other. That is why we decided to include 10 of them! So, without any further ado, let us get right into it!

1: Sony WH-1000XM3: Best Overall Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

If the only thing that concerns you is noise cancellation performance, we can hardly think of anything that’s better than the Sony WH-1000XM3! They are no doubt the best noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones that you can get on this list. Their successor, WH-1000XM4, may be equal or better as far as noise cancellation is concerned.

However, these are yet to be tested by trusted professionals in a controlled environment. So, the WH-1000XM3 still holds the crown for us.

With that said, even if these are the best noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones, don’t forget that all options have their own pros and cons – including Sony’s offering.

Sony WH1000XM3
  • Battery life: 30 hours
  • Wireless range: Up to 30 meters (Though your mileage may vary depending on the Bluetooth version and your device)
  • Wired connectivity: Yes (3.5mm)

For example, while it offers no doubt the best noise isolation properties, there are other competitors that surpass it in terms of bass delivery, microphone quality, or even comfort. And we are not saying that the XM3 are bad in terms of these categories. In fact, they are all-around great headphones. But they are also not the best in every single aspect except noise cancellation.

Sony WH1000XM3

Their sound is generally a bit bass-heavy but not the point where the bass overpowers everything else. Highs are also not over-emphasized. So, as a result, you get a pair of warm-sounding headphones. We wouldn’t say they are muddy. But they are also not the most detailed headphones out there.

Thankfully, if you prefer something a bit sharper, an equalizer is going to help a lot with that. Comfort is all-around great as well – mostly thanks to the soft ear-pads and the clamping force being just about right.  Just keep in mind that breathability could be better.

  • Very comfortable
  • The best noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones we’ve seen thus far
  • Superb battery life
  • Onboard controls are a welcome addition
  • May sound a bit muddy for some due to their emphasis on bass
  • Expensive

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2: Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II: Most Comfortable Headphones

The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II are no doubt one of the best Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones we’ve ever tried. And as far as comfort is concerned, they may very well be the most comfortable over-ear headphones, period.

  • Battery life: 20 hours
  • Wireless range: Close to 40 meters when in line of sight (Probably less than half in real-world usage)
  • Wired connectivity: Yes (2.5mm)

They are slightly inferior to the Sony XM3’s as far as noise cancellation is concerned. But they are also superior in other ways.

Quiet Comfort 35

For example, as we mentioned above, these are extremely comfortable. The only headphones that can compete with Bose’s offering are open-back variants that offer more breathability. But that would be an unfair comparison to begin with anyway since open-back headphones offer no noise isolation at all.

The reason that the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II are so comfortable is because they are extremely lightweight with plenty of padding, soft earpads, and very little clamping force too.

When it comes to sound, you once again get heavy bass and balanced highs. Though, it’s worth noting that this pair is less boomy than Sony’s offering and slightly more detailed out of the box.

Best Noise cancelling bluetooth headphones

While the headband consists of a metal frame, there is plenty of plastic all around the headphones. This is a bit disappointing considering the price of these headphones. But, then again, maybe that’s one of the main reasons why they are so lightweight. Not to mention that despite the plastic, they still feel sturdy and durable.

Last, but not least, there aren’t a lot of downsides to be reported here. As expected, breathability is subpar and pricing is higher than what most Bluetooth options ask for. But, that’s the only way to make one of the best Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones.

  • Probably the most comfortable Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones we’ve ever tried
  • Great battery life
  • One of the most balanced pairs as far as noise cancelling headphones are concerned


  • Expensive
  • 2.5mm cable is much tougher to find compared to the standard 3.5mm

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3: Sony WH-1000XM4: Best Runner Up

As we mentioned above, the Sony WH-1000XM3 are the best performers as far as noise cancelling is concerned. And the WH-1000XM4s are the successors to the leader, so, it goes without saying that we’ll include it as one of our top picks!

  • Battery life: 30 hours
  • Wireless range: About 30 meters
  • Wired connectivity: Yes (3.5mm)

This pair is supposed to be an upgrade in pretty much every single way. There is less clamping force, even better noise cancelling, and more balanced sound with AI quality upscaling as well. But just how much those things make a real-world difference when you upgrade from the XM3 to the XM4 is up to debate for each and every one of you.

Most of the new additions are AI/smart related. Sony’s new headphones can now detect when you are not wearing them and they can disable themselves automatically. This is very useful for saving battery and having one less thing to worry about. So, as long as it works without any issues, we consider it to be a big plus.

And that’s only one of the many features that was added. That said, one of the most noteworthy ones is definitely the option of pairing the headphones with multiple devices at once. This comes in handy when you are using your headphones with more than one device at once – such as a laptop and a smartphone.

Best noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones

Overall, the Sony WH-1000XM4 is a small upgrade over its predecessor in pretty much every single way. So, if you don’t have the XM3, maybe go straight for the XM4 instead. While it hasn’t been thoroughly tested just yet, we can safely assume that a company as huge as Sony wouldn’t mess anything up.


  • Lots of smart features
  • Great battery life
  • 3.5mm connectivity is a welcome addition
  • Multipairing is a big plus


  • Expensive

Check it out on Amazon

4: Apple AirPods Pro: Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

It’s no secret that we at Updato are big fans of all things Samsung. However, when it comes to reviewing products, we need to set our personal feelings aside and rate with a neutral perspective. And, unfortunately for Samsung fans, Apple’s AirPods Pro are the best when it comes to noise cancellation.

  • Battery life: About 5 hours (Up to 32 if you include the charging case)
  • Wireless range: About 50 meters in real world usage (Theoretically speaking up to 243)
  • Wired connectivity: No

Before we say anything else, it’s worth noting that AirPods of any kind generally work better with iPhones. After all, they were designed by Apple for Apple devices. That said, you can still use it on an Android device with the same noise cancellation properties – even if you end up sacrificing a few features down the road.

Best noise cancelling bluetooth headphones

The Apple AirPods Pro also offer extremely balanced audio. Nothing feels particularly underemphasized or overemphasized – which is generally great for most people. Bass lovers may feel like they don’t kick hard enough but that’s something that you may be able to improve a little with the help of an equalizer.

One thing to keep in mind is that any in-ear headphones, including the AirPods Pro, don’t offer any soundstage at all. And that’s due to the fact that they are resting inside our ears, so there is zero pina activation – which is what gives us the impression that sounds are coming from certain distances.

Apple AirPods Pro

Comfort is a bit of a hit or miss depending on what you like. These are definitely one of the most comfortable earbuds we’ve tried. But, ultimately they are still earbuds and if you didn’t like having silicon resting inside your ears with other high-end earbuds, you probably won’t like it with Apple’s offering either.


  • Very balanced sound (Especially for earbuds)
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Quick pairing (Only applicable if you use an iPhone)


  • Zero soundstage by design
  • Relatively small battery life by design (In-ears generally suffer from this issue)
  • Some features don’t work on non-Apple devices (Such as Quick Pairing)

Check it out on Amazon

5: Mixcder E9: Best Budget Noise Cancelling Headphones

Good noise cancelling headphones cost so much that you could easily get a budget audiophile setup with the same money. But, thankfully, there are also tons of options out there that are also decent for a fraction of the cost. Such is the case with the Mixcder E9 and that’s also one of the main reasons that it’s one of the best Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones you can get!

  • Battery life: About 30 hours
  • Wireless range: About 10 meters
  • Wired connectivity: Yes (3.5mm)

It’s obviously not going to perform as well as our premium picks in neither audio or noise cancellation properties. But, hey, it still offers quite a bang for your buck.

Mixcder E9

To be more specific, they are quite decent at blocking low frequency noises that repeat like engine noise. But, in some cases, such as ambient chatter or the clicking of a mechanical keyboard, our premium picks do a remarkably better job at blocking outside noises.

When it comes to audio, the Mixcder E9 performs surprisingly well at the lower frequencies – which results in clear and strong bass that’s not overwhelming. However, the highs are definitely underemphasized under the box. And that’s one of the main reasons that these headphones don’t sound as detailed as some of our more expensive picks. But, that’s a problem that you can alleviate a little by using a good software EQ.

Best noise cancelling bluetooth headphones

Comfort is pretty decent for the money with plenty of padding and soft earpads. However, keep in mind that these headphones clamp quite strongly. If you have sensitive temples, we’d recommend trying them out first before buying to make sure they are not making your head go numb.


  • Cheap
  • Great battery life
  • Decent noise cancellation for the money


  • Underemphasized highs (Which is to be expected at this price point)
  • Bad wireless range compared to the rest of our picks

Check it out on Amazon

6: Beats Studio 3 Wireless: Great for Apple Devices

The Beats Studio 3 Wireless don't just use Bluetooth connectivity – but also the W1 chip. This means that they work particularly well with Apple devices in terms of pairing, battery life performance, and ease of use.

You can obviously still use them with any Bluetooth-enabled device. But it's just that the W1 chip gives Apple devices a small advantage here.

  • Battery life: Up to 22 hours
  • Wireless range: Close to 90 meters
  • Wired connectivity: Yes (3.5mm)

Beats are very well known for being bass-heavy. And this seems to apply to the Beats Studio 3 as well.

Beats Studio 3

There is quite a bit of thump when the bass drops while the highs aren't really overemphasized. This results in a somewhat muddy sound profile that bass lovers are probably going to love. But, you may still want to consider using an equalizer to boost the high frequencies a little.

When it comes to comfort, while they are a bit tight on the head, there's plenty of padding and plenty of room on the ear cups. Pressure is applied evenly around the ears. Therefore, these should feel pretty comfortable for most people.

The battery life of up to 22 hours may not be the best there is on this list. But we imagine it's still going to be more than enough for most people.

Last, but not least, build quality is pretty good as well – mostly thanks to the dense plastic and metal frame.

Best noise cancelling bluetooth headphones

The only downside is the very high price tag which is something that we're used to seeing in Beats.


  • Good build quality
  • Work particularly well with Apple devices
  • Superb range
  • Strong bass


  • Relatively bad in terms of latency (Though your mileage may vary depending on if you are taking advantage of the W1 chip or not)
  • Highs could be sharper
  • Expensive

Check it out on Amazon

7: Bose 700: Superb Noise Cancelling Performance

The Bose 700 offer extremely good noise cancellation. In fact, they directly compete with some of our top picks and, in many cases, you may struggle to tell the difference.

And it's worth mentioning that they come with 11 different levels of noise cancellation. On that aspect, they are probably the best noise cancelling headphones you can get.

  • Battery life: Up to 20 hours
  • Wireless range: A bit more than 70 meters
  • Wired connectivity: Yes (3.5mm)

Furthermore, the Bose 700 are also compatible with both Google's and Amazon's voice assistants with a dedicated Alexa button.

Bose 700

Bass is great with a satisfying amount of thump/kick without overwhelming the other frequencies. But it's worth keeping in mind that some of the higher frequencies are a bit underemphasized. The good thing about this is that you are not going have any super piercing sounds – but you may also feel like there's not a lot of detail in certain songs.

Build quality is also extremely good thanks to the steel frame. The few parts that are made of plastic are pretty dense, therefore, the end result is a pair of headphones that are flexible yet very sturdy.

Comfort isn't as good as what the Quiet Comfort 35 II offer – mostly due to the stronger clamp. But the Bose 700 are still one of the most comfortable pairs on this list.

best noise cancelling bluetooth headphones

The only downside that we can think of is the very high price tag – which is to be expected when you look at what these headphones offer.

  • Very comfortable
  • Superb noise cancellation performance
  • Feature-rich
  • Great range
  • Decent sound
  • One of the most expensive picks on this list
  • Not as comfortable as the Quiet Comfort 35 II (But still far from being uncomfortable


Check it out on Amazon

8: Sony WF-1000XM3: Great Noise Cancelling Earbuds

While not as good as Apple's offering in terms of noise isolation, the Sony WF-1000XM3 are among the best noise-canceling earbuds we've ever tried. And as you've probably already guessed, they are the smaller sibling of the legendary Sony WH-1000XM3.

  • Battery life: Up to 7 hours (And up to 8 with ANC disabled)
  • Wireless range: Close to 90 meters
  • Wired connectivity: Νο

It's worth noting that despite being in-ear headphones, Sony's offering comes with one of the most balanced audio signatures we have on this list. And that's not completely unusual if you consider that both the Galaxy Buds+ from Samsung and the AirPods Pro from Apple also offer balanced sound. But, it's still impressive.

Best noise cancelling bluetooth earbuds

Bass is all around great if not a bit boomy without drowning the other frequencies while the highs are sharp enough to feel detailed but not to the point of being painful. Overall, no complaints here.

Raw noise cancellation performance isn't as good as Apple's offering. But it's still more than good enough to block engine noises – which is what most of us need them for.

Sony WF

At a bit more than $200, the Sony WF-1000XM3 are a bit expensive. But not the point where we can complain about it. So, let's just say that their long and complicated name is their only downside and call it a day.

  • Extremely portable by design
  • Great battery life for earbuds
  • Superb range for their size
  • Zero soundstage by design


Check it out on Amazon

9: Amazon Echo Buds: Zero Leakage

If you are particularly concerned about others hearing whatever you are listening to, then the Amazon Echo Buds are probably your best pick.

In case you are not familiar with leakage, noise isolation and noise cancelling are terms we use when we don't want to hear noises from the outside world. Leakage, however, is when we don't want others to hear whatever it is that we are listening to on our headphones. And the Echo Buds perform remarkably well on that aspect.

Amazon echo buds
  • Battery life: A bit more than 5 hours
  • Wireless range: About 53 meters
  • Wired connectivity: Νο

Since they are true wireless earbuds, portability is another huge advantage that they come with. You can easily put them in your pocket and, when combined with their charging case, you'll basically never have to worry about running out of battery life while taking a trip.

Noise cancelling performance is also extremely good. You can hardly tell the difference between them and the Apple AirPods Pro.

Amazon echo buds

When it comes to sound, bass is no doubt not as strong as our other in-ear picks while the highs are a bit sharp. Therefore, this is an ideal pick for those who like sharp, detailed sound.

And as far as downsides are concerned, you'd probably want to keep an eye out for bugs. Ever since the Echo Buds came out, tons of people have been complaining about tons of bugs that range anywhere from pairing issues to app problems.

  • Best audio leakage prevention that we've ever seen
  • Extremely portable by design
  • Decent battery for earbuds
  • Detailed sound (But may be a bit too sharp for some)
  • Fully compatible with the Alexa voice assistant
  • Lots of bugs that you may experience compared to other earbuds
  • No soundstage by design
  • Microphone sounds a bit muffled


Check it out on Amazon

10: Razer Opus: One of the Top Performers

As far as raw noise cancelling performance is concerned, very few headphones can compete with the Razer Opus. Despite being known mostly a gaming brand, Razer's offering is seriously one of the best. Probably at least top 5. In most cases, you'll struggle to tell the difference between the Opus and some of our other top picks like the Quiet Comfort 35 II.

  • Battery life: More than 30 hours
  • Wireless range: Almost 60 meters
  • Wired connectivity: Yes (3.5mm)

They are a little bit tight on the head and that makes them a decent choice for jogging – especially when compared to most of our other picks. The only downside to that is that the relatively strong clamp can be a bit too much for people with very sensitive heads. But, most of you are going to find them fairly comfortable thanks to the very soft leatherette earpads and the padding on top.

Razer Opus

The sound is surprisngly balanced and good. While most Razer headsets are excessively bass-heavy/boomy, the Opus provides excellent, smooth bass without overwhelming the other frequencies. Mids are also remarkably good and while highs may be a bit sharp, they are nowhere near the point of hurting your ears.

When it comes to downsides, the microphone doesn't do a very good job at separating background noises from your voice when chatting. It's definitely not an ideal pick for people who tend to talk a lot out in the public with their headphones.

Best noise cancelling bluetooth headphones
  • Superb noise cancelling performance
  • Very good base that doens't overwhelm other frequencies in the slightest
  • Great battery life
  • Lightweight (For over-ear headphones)
  • Great build quality
  • Microphone is not good at blocking outside noises at all (Only for calls. Doesn't apply to ANC)
  • Not the most portable choice


Check it out on Amazon

Things to Look out For

Still having trouble finding your match? Then chances are you don’t exactly know what to look out for and what to prioritize.

Here are a few aspects that we consider important for noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones.

Overall Noise Cancellation

The first thing to obviously keep in mind is how well the headphones perform as far as noise cancellation is concerned. Especially if you need them for commuting or in any other environments with high levels of noise.

Unfortunately, all you can do in this case is take our word for each pick and also check out other reviews. Cause even if you get to try the headphones from a store before buying, it’s not going to be the same with using them in an environment with high levels of ambient, repeating noise – such as an airplane.

Battery Life and Range

When it comes to wireless headphones, battery life should be one of your bigger concerns. Nobody likes running out of juice midway through traveling.

In this case, one thing to keep in mind is that over-ear headphones generally come with much better battery life. Mostly due to the fact that their size easily allows them to fit a much bigger battery compared to true-wireless earbuds.

Then there’s also range. Most headphones nowadays can easily offer at least 10 meters/32 feet – which is more than enough for most people. But, still, it’s something worth keeping an eye out for.

Build Quality

Nobody likes having a pair that feels like a toy and that’s about to break at any given point. That’s why build quality is one of the basic things you should look out for.

Obviously, headphones with a metal frame tend to be sturdier. But, then again, metal also tends to be heavier than plastic. So, it’s all about finding a balance.


Portability in headphones is affected not only by their size, but also by their ability to fold and be carried. Not to mention their battery life and how much time it takes to charge them.

In this regard, wireless earbuds are no doubt superior as you can carry them in your pockets. And that’s without even taking into account the fact that they can be charged wirelessly on the road with their portable charger. And yes, pretty much every pair of wireless earbuds comes with a wireless charger as well.

Sound Signature

Contrary to popular belief, when you reach a certain point in headphones, there is no such thing as good or bad sound. Each pair of headphones sound different and whether you like that sound or not is up to personal preference.

Some headphones are bassy, others are sharp, while a relatively small minority sounds neutral and balanced. Audiophiles tend to prefer balanced headphones. But, if you prefer having bass that’s strong enough to blow your head, nobody can blame you for it. Again, it’s all a matter of taste.


Last, but not least, comfort is another important aspect to consider. And it’s a bit hard to tell whether something is going to feel comfortable for you or not due to the fact that different people have different sensitivity levels. But, there are still some things that you can look at to tell what is generally more comfortable.

For example, headphones with plenty of padding and less clamping force tend to be more comfortable than headphones that have a stronger clamp and less padding. Then again, keep in mind that the more clamping force you sacrifice, the less stable that the headphones become. And that’s very important for people who love working out with headphones as you need them to be stable on your head.


What is Noise Cancellation?

Noise cancellation is a feature that relies on your headsets’ microphone or microphones to capture outside noises then replay them out of phase to cancel them out. When you go into the details, it’s much more complicated than that. But that’s about the gist of it.

Mind you, noise cancellation is much different than passive noise isolation. Passive noise isolation is any isolation that you get thanks to the headphones’ build materials and air seal.

Certain headphones are naturally better at both passive noise isolation and noise cancellation. And this can happen thanks to more noise-proof build materials and better noise cancellation technology as well.

Is it Worth Buying Noise Cancelling Headphones?

If you are someone who commutes a lot or you generally like using headphones in noisy environments, getting the best noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones that you can get is a worthy investment for sure.

Then again, those of you who have a more introverted lifestyle are probably not going to need any sort of noise isolation at all. In fact, if you are willing to spend more than $200 on a pair of headphones and you don’t need any noise cancellation or noise isolation, you may as well just get a pair of audiophile-grade open-back headphones instead.

What Are the Most Comfortable Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Of all the noise cancelling headphones that we’ve reviewed; these are the best:

  1. Bose Quiet Comfort Series
  2. Sony WH-1000XM3 and WH-1000XM4
  3. Beats Studio 3 Wireless

And it’s not like the rest of the pack is not comfortable at all. But these ones particularly stand out thanks to the light clamping force, light weight, plenty of padding, and also thanks to their soft earpads as well.

Despite their overall comfiness, breathability is still not their strong suit. But that’s to be expected from the best noise cancellation wireless headphones. After all, an air-tight seal is a necessity to achieve great noise isolation.

What Are the Best Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones in 2020? Wrapping Up

To wrap things up, our top picks for 2020 are:

  1. Sony WH-1000XM3: Best overall when it comes to noise cancellation. Its brand successor is supposed to be better in every way but we think that this is the safest bet
  2. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II: Probably the most comfortable headphones we’ve ever tried with superb noise cancellation too. Their only downside is their high price-tag
  3. Sony WH-1000XM4: The successor to our top pick. It’s an improved version with new features. But, since it’s brand new, you may come across a few bugs software-wise
  4. Apple AirPods Pro: Best Earbuds as far as noise cancellation is concerned. But they still have all the downsides that earbuds are known for, such as offering no soundstage at all
  5. Mixcder E9: A great budget option for those who want noise cancellation on the cheap
  6. Beats Studio 3 Wireless: A particulalry good choice for those of you who use an Apple device (iPhones, Macs, etc)
  7. Bose 700: One of the best noise cancelling headphones to ever come out with the only downside that it's one of the most expensive pairs on this list
  8. Sony WF-1000XM3: Good choice if you prefer earbuds and don't like the AirPods Pro
  9. Amazon Echo Buds: Probably the best headphones we've ever seen in terms of audio leakage prevention. However, don't forget that they've got quite a lot of bugs
  10. Razer Opus: All-around one of the best as far as noice cancelling is concerned. The only downside is its microphone that doens't block outside noises well while voice calling (Doesn't affect ANC performance)

That's all for now. Feel like we forgot something important? Got anything wrong? Or perhaps you just want to make another recommendation? Then feel free to let us and everyone else know about it in the comments section down below!

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