Looking to improve your gaming experience on a budget with the best gaming headset under 50 dollars? Here’s our buying guide on what makes a pair of gaming headsets worth your money, and the best headset under 50 bucks you can get right now.The gaming industry stands today as a billion-dollar goose egg, that is teeming with mobile gamers, desktop PC master race, and console gaming champions as well. We have certainly come a long way from enjoying offline multiplayer gaming experience in our living rooms, all thanks to the widespread use of the internet. The World Wide Web has made it possible to connect with like-minded gamers from across the globe, creating an entire community of online gamers that take in on the high-flying action together.A large part of the gaming experience has to do with the audio sound quality you enjoy from it. From the silent footsteps of the enemy that is quickly approaching you, to the long bangs of flash grenades as you storm through the enemies’ camp – audio brings the entire gaming experience alive. There is a fair reason why audio equipment companies target a selective audience with the best gaming headset for Xbox and PlayStation too. Since gaming PCs and gaming consoles can be expensive enough by themselves, you might be strapped for cash and out looking for a pair of the best gaming headset under 50 bucks.

Best Gaming Headset Under 50 Dollars

In all honesty, $50 for a pair of gaming headphones is not a considerable amount to put aside for a surreal gaming audio experience. However, capitalism has worked in the consumer’s favor when it comes to finding the best Xbox One or the best PS4 headset under 50 bucks for that matter. You can find some of the top brands in the gaming world such as HyperX, Razer, and others jumping abroad the budget gaming headset trend and releasing their very own masterpieces for cash-strapped gamers to enjoy and appreciate.

HyperX Cloud Stinger – Overall Best Gaming Headset Under 50 Dollars

This headphone is a brilliant choice if you want something cheap but decent for your gaming adventures.

Build Quality:

The HyperX Could Stinger bags an all-plastic black design with a red brand logo on both sides of the ear cups. But you shouldn’t expect anything high quality as the plastic feels cheap. The ear cups on the file side live up to the promise with 50 mm audio drivers and soft foamy padding cushions, spacious enough for most users. The headband is also flexible for smooth movements.


Underneath the right ear cup, there’s a slider control, you can use it to adjust the volume. Although there’s no microphone mute button, when you flip it up, the mic automatically mutes. The headset cable and microphone are attached to the left cup. Now, the non-removable mic might be a bummer for many, but you can flip the rubber arm by 90 degrees in one direction.

Sound and Gaming:

The HyperX is an entry-level gaming headphone with decent bass and a negligible amount of lag. If you love gaming missions with your friends, go for these headphones. You can easily hear barked orders and communicate, even in loud environments. At maximum volume, the headphone does an excellent job at handling high and low frequencies.

Logitech G432 DTS – Best PC Headset Under 50 Bucks

Want a cheap headphone to get the job done? Look out for the Logitech G432 DTS.

Build Quality:

The Logitech G432 DTS inherits a lot from its predecessors. It’s black with an all-plastic body and feels sturdy to the touch. The headband is wrapped with foam padding on the underside. There are two stories to the pleather ear cups. They’re comfortable to wear but get hot after a few hours. The headphone comes with a 3.5 mm splitter for audio and mic ports and a USB adapter to help you take advantage of the Logitech G HUB software.


You can find the mic on the left ear cup, which also holds a volume dial on the back. You also get features like noise reduction and sound equalization that work flawlessly on modern gaming devices. Thanks to the 3.5 mm connector you can connect the headphone to any device with a headphone jack.

Sound and Gaming:

The 50 mm drivers produce decent sound. Gunfire, techno music, and multi-directional sounds are crisp and punchy. You can expect a balanced bass and accurate DTS effects to help you identify the position of the enemy.

ASTRO Gaming A10 – Best PS4 Headset Under 50 Dollars

One of the best budget gaming headphones out there that is console-oriented in terms of style and features.

Build Quality:

The Astro Gaming A10 is extremely well built and offers you a premium look. The entire outer body is made from grey and black durable plastic. Although the headband is covered with the same plastic, it is reinforced by steel making it flexible. The headphones are stable, which means you can enjoy long sessions playing games. The ear cups are well padded with a grille cloth that feels soft to the skin. The A10 comes in blue, green, and red color accents depending on the one you choose.


You’ll find a flip-down boom mic on the left side of the headset. You can mute it by flipping it up again. There’s also a volume slider on the removable 6.5 foot-cable that comes in the box. This also means you enjoy gaming, even when you’ve some distance between your screen and your couch.

Sound and Gaming:

The audio performance on this wired headphone is impressive, but the bass drops at high volumes. The boom mic helps to communicate with teammates, even on loud missions. All the screams, bombing, weapon fires sound crisp and maintain a balanced force to them.

Razer Kraken X Lite – Branded Best Headset Under 50 Bucks

Enter the war zone with the Razer Kraken X Lite. Take a look at these budget-friendly headphones now.

Build Quality:

The Razer Kraken X Lite is stylish and ultra-comforting. Thanks to the robust plastic that provides a firm hold to the hand and maintains an eye-catching mix of black and grey colors.The headband is flexible and sturdy to the touch. You can adjust it smoothly with no problems. If you move your head a lot while gaming, the ear cups have got you covered. They sit tightly and are perfect for long sessions.


The retractable mic is great if you want to consume beverages in the middle of a battle. Another significant addition is the long cable. You don’t have to worry about the tangling of the wires or sticking your face in the screen. In the bag, you also get a spitter to give you more audio out options.

Sound and Gaming:

The gaming experience couldn’t be better given the low price point. The sound is sharp, and the bass is enough to make the bombings and fires seem real. The microphone picks voices smoothly and helps you clearly communicate with teammates. You can also download the app to use Razer’s 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound system.

Corsair HS35 – Best Xbox One Headset Under 50 Bucks

Quality headphones don’t come cheap, but this one does. Look out for the Corsair HS35 now.

Build Quality:

You’re going to love the sturdier feel of the Corsair HS35. Its entire body including the ear cups is made from matte black plastic, making it less prone to fingerprints. The headband uses metal under the memory foam wrapped in fabric.The ear cup paddings use breathable fabric and are a real treat for long sessions. They aren’t excessively tight but maintain a shape around the ears. If the out-of-the-box size doesn’t fit, you can always use the flex to make them comfortable.


The microphone is removable and mounted on a flexible uni-directional arm. You don’t have to flip the mic to turn it off because there’s a mute button on the back. You also have your volume dial. A 5.9-foot rubber cable and splitter are also included in the box.

Sound and Gaming:

50mm divers dominate the bass game and hit the standard 20-20,000Hz frequency response range. The in-game experience is decent. You can Cleary identify the gunfires and explosions. The mic also offers noise cancelation to help you focus on your missions and teammates.

Turtle Beach Recon Spark – Best Gaming Headset Under 50 Dollars for Comfort

With an all-around performance, the Turtle Beach Recon Spark offers a good deal in the gaming segment.

Build Quality:

The Turtle Beach Recon Spark is plastic-y with the slider, headband, mic arm, and ear cups designed from hard plastic. You can bend it easily, making it a little portable compare to its counterparts.The metal strap of the headband is light, and the sliders work smoothly. Although you’re going to notice some hard angles, they are fine during real-time usage.The ear cups are wide and spacious to fit. Memory foam pads are breathable and help achieve uniform pressure over the ears.If you wear glasses, the headphones are designed for you. Unlike headphones that concentrate pressure, the ear cushions on the Turtle Beach Recon Spark have a Prospecs design to disperse the pressure.


The Turtle Beach Recon Spark connects using a single TRRS plug. You’ll find the volume dial on the left ear cap and microphone that mutes when you flip it.The headphone is a multi-platform gaming headset, making it compatible with various gaming needs.

Sound and Gaming:

The ear cups support 40 mm drivers, which pump out the sounds. It makes the airstrikes, bombarding real, and flies easily with background sounds and mid-high vocals. The overall base is decent and punchy. You can expect a balanced performance.

BENGOO G9000 – Best Gaming Headphones Under 50 Bucks with LEDs

Place all your coins on the BENGOO G9000 because it’s worth the hype and does not burn a hole through your wallet.

Build Quality:

The BENGOO G9000 is sturdy, hard, and durable by a mile. You can’t go wrong with these headphones in terms of durability and long-lasting use. Thanks to the well-cushioned ear paddings you can wear them all day.Since the insides of the ear cups are covered with a soft cloth, you can expect sweat sticking in during long sessions. It is lightweight because of the absence of batteries and sits comfortably on the head without wobbling.


Look around and you’ll find the volume button and blue LEDs that complement the color of the headset. The cord on the earcup supports an audio controller and a mic mute button. The best trait about the headset is its compatibility with various devices like the PS4, Xbox One, PCs, phones, etc. A 3.5 mm jack is all it takes to broaden its usability.

Sound and Gaming:

The 40mm drivers on this stereo headset won’t disappoint you even a little. There’s great noise cancelation, a fair amount of bass, and high sensitivity to faint sounds. The mic ensures excellent voice quality and picks your messages clearly. This makes it an incredible choice for gaming.

JBL Quantum 300 – Best Gaming Headset Under 50 Bucks for Clear Audio

The JBL Quantum 300 lives up to its name. Check it out if you’re looking for a quality headset.

Build Quality:

The JBL Quantum 300 is made from hard plastic. You won’t get the best frame out there, but it does the job. The headband is sturdy, and the adjustment sliders are clicky. There’s a thin cable running between the ear cups which feels cheap.You can raise the boom arm to mute the attached mic. The Quantum 300 offers a lightweight design with snug and sits securely on the head. Thanks to the soft memory foam ear cup and headband padding, the pressure is evenly distributed, making it suitable for long sessions.


The headset comes with a detachable cable, which you can connect with your PlayStation or Xbox controller. There’s an inline volume wheel on the back of the left ear cup. You can use the 3.5mm minijack for connecting to PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Sound and Gaming:

The JBL QuantumSURROUND offers surround sound with actual placement throughout the sound field. You have the options of noise isolation and surround sound customization using the QuantumENGINE software. Finally, the 50mm provide deep bass and deliver clear gaming sounds with hard-hitting effects.

SADES MPOWER (Angel Edition) – Best PC Headset Under 50 Dollars for Women

The angle edition of SADES MPOWER is a value for money gaming headphone.

Build Quality:

The SADES MPOWER (Angel Edition) sports a white and pink offset with the ear cups being violet. The entire frame is made from hard plastic but maintains a lightweight, making it portable.The padding on the cups is thin, and the headset is loose to the fit. This’s a bummer if you love long gaming sessions. There’s also a limited rotation to the cups, making it a tough choice for many.


Inside the box, you’ll find a Y-splitter cable for connecting to a PC with separate microphone and headphone ports. You can connect the headset with any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The cable has inline volume control and the microphone slides back into an opening in the ear cup.

Sound and Gaming:

The SADES MPOWER is a stereo headset with punchy bass and clearly defined trebles. You also have the noise isolating feature which is decent given its low price point. The game sounds are excellent and crisp to the ears. If you love team missions, make sure you’re in a quiet room because the microphone picks up a lot of ambient noise.

Redragon H510 Zeus – Best Gaming Headsets Under 50 Dollars with Memory Foam

The Redragon H510 Zeus is another budget-friendly headset to add to your gaming essentials.

Build Quality:

The Redragon H510 Zeus lives up to its price with a robust design on a par with some expensive players in the market. You’ll find two forks sticking out of the ear cups attached to the headband. The underside of the headband is bright red over a good amount of soft padding and the adjustment sliders have a click to them. The ear cups sit nicely and are wide enough to fit most users.


You have the 3.5mm to 3.5mm auxiliary cord for connecting to your mobile device and a splitter to connect to a PC with a separate microphone. The microphone is detachable and has a smooth tone to it.

Sound and Gaming:

The Redragon H510 Zeus has a balanced sound profile. There’s a dip in the lower mids and the bass is boomy. There are no problems with volume when plugged straight into a PC or mobile. You can hear your enemies walking near you or going away from you.Grenades, airstrikes, and explosion sounds maintain a force behind them and you’ll have no problem passing the message to your teammates. You can use the USB dongle for better sound quality.

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset – Best Sounding Gaming Headset Under 50 Dollars

The Onikuma gaming headset is a brilliant choice for gaming enthusiasts who have a low budget.

Build Quality:

The headset is a result of rugged plastic construction and makes a good impression out of the box. Both the ears cups and the headband are wrapped with a synthetic leather padding. You can expect a comfortable fit for your long sessions. The fabric mesh is breathable and doesn’t cause any sweat and irritation.


The boom mic is mounted on the left ear up and the volume control along with the mute button rests on the audio cable. Thanks to the 3.5 mm plug you can use the headset with all modern devices. The 6 feet cable provides you enough room for comfortable gaming set up. In the bag, you’ll find a splitter if you want to use the headset on devices with separate microphone inputs.

Sound and Gaming:

The sound performance is balanced with deep bass. The headset does a good job in reproducing the bass synth and the mid-lows. You can enjoy the punchy signature of the gun fires and explosions. Team missions are a treat to the ears because of the vibrations behind the sounds and help identify the enemy’s movements easily.

JLab Audio JBuddies – Best Cheap Gaming Headphones for Kids

The JLab Audio JBuddies are amazing and budget-friendly and built for wireless fun for kids.

Build Quality:

This headset is targeted toward kids. The headband and the ear cups have a significant amount of padding, making them comfortable for most users.They also have soft memory foam to help kids enjoy long sessions with no problems. You can fold the ear cups to touch the headband, which is an excellent addition if you travel a lot.


You’ll find a pinhole microphone and USB jack for charging, on the shell of the ear cup. There are the volume rocker and a power button which also supports play/pause, track skipping, calls, and double-tap redialling. JLab claims the battery life to be around 13 hours, but in real-time usage, it depends on various factors.

Sound and Gaming:

The 40 mm drivers deliver a crisp sound with a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz. You can explore the true potential of the headset using the Bluetooth connection, making it the only one on the list to support wireless connectivity.The JLab Audio JBuddies doesn’t come with a 3.5 mm headphone jack to connect to a PC. The bass doesn’t distort and boosts the sound, providing an immersive experience. You can use it for gaming thanks to the clear backgrounds and rich volume.

What are the Benefits of the Best Gaming Headset Under 50 Bucks?

An all-in-one solution

Traditional budget gaming headsets are designed for gamers who are looking to fit the style and glamor of gaming, and compact solution for their audio gaming demands, allowing them to hear and interact in-game without bothering too much about the technical aspects involved in installing multiple listening devices.

Adaptable and Attractive

The best budget gaming headsets are not built for casual use, and that's a good thing. They usually feature aesthetics from video games with flashy colors brought into play. Although they sell well among gamers due to their heavy gaming-inspired designs, it does make them less fashionable for outdoor use in comparison to traditional music headphones. Today's gaming headsets offer much classier and fashionable, slim designs and some also sport retractable microphones.


Since you don't have to buy a separate microphone, a budget gaming headset ends up being an even more affordable solution. Albeit the restricted usage due to a tethered USB or 3.5mm headphone jack does reduce your physical movements, you're hardly going to move away from the keyboard during the gameplay, so it isn't a big compromise. Additionally, the reason some of the best budget gaming headsets are great for consoles is due to their direct compatibility with the controllers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the most comfortable budget gaming headsets?

If you don’t mind going a bit overboard the $50 budget and want to enjoy the best of spatial surround sound through THX 7.1, then Razer has the right pair of headphones for you. The Razer BlackShark V2 is a beast of a wired headset that is designed for stealth, but where it truly excels is comfort. The headband fabric is soft and cushioned for next-level comfort, while the oval ear cups are backed with a cooling gel that keeps those ears sweat-free and delighted for hours at a stretch.

How much should a good pair of gaming headphones cost?

The price range of gaming headsets is pretty broad. The more advanced features that the gaming headphones offer, the higher the cost will be. You can easily find a decent pair of listening devices within the range of $50 - $100 for the wired option, but the rate can double to $150 - $250 for the wireless Bluetooth variant. Even for the $50+ price category, gaming headsets should offer features such as TeamSpeak or extended mic for Twitch conversation with a friend on the other side. If the price is a concern, and you are focused on getting yourself the best budget gaming headset, don’t miss out on our guide above. To save you time, we have handpicked the best gaming headsets for under 50 dollars.

Final Words

And there's the list of our comprehensive guide to the best gaming headset under 50 dollars you can grab right now. If you attempt to dive deep enough into the virtual shopping jungle of Amazon, you will end up finding enough budget headphones to stock up an entire store with just $50 headphones. We're here to save you the trouble with a list that covers it all, highlighting how the HyperX Cloud Stinger comes out on top with its excellent build quality, superior comfort, and attractive price. For less than $50 for these wired headsets, you'd be convinced that there isn't a better pair out there.

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